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VII. PREPARATION FOR SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY. General Principles. Maintain a Spirit-filled life—not just speaking in tongues, but receiving the power of God for signs, wonders, healings, miracles as needed in ministry Receive fillings regularly Receive fresh anointings

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general principles
General Principles
  • Maintain a Spirit-filled life—not just speaking in tongues, but receiving the power of God for signs, wonders, healings, miracles as needed in ministry
    • Receive fillings regularly
    • Receive fresh anointings
    • Be totally surrendered to Lordship of Christ
    • Consecrate yourself daily
Recognize hindrances to God’s power
    • Spiritual laziness, lethargy, lukewarmness
    • Doubt and unbelief
    • The SIN of prayerlessness
how to work the works of god
How to Work the Works of God
  • Sobering Thought: False religions, using occult powers, are showing more supernatural power than the average present-day church.
Exciting Fact: Jesus said His followers will do the same works that He did—and greater (in number) because there are many of us (Jn 14:12)
the answer
The Answer
  • Be honest
    • Admit your need of God’s power, strength, and anointing
    • Repent of lukewarmness, prayerlessness, doubt
Commit to do what the New Testament says we can and will do.
  • Ask for the supernatural gift of faith to believe that God’s power and authority will work through you.
  • Pray for boldness, anointing, and gifting
5 characteristics of early church
5 Characteristics of Early Church
  • Full of Holy Spirit, controlled by and dependent on Him
  • Strong prayer life
  • Bonded together in love and unity
  • Supernatural boldness – from being with Jesus
  • Ministered supernaturally to needs of people
    • Healed sick; delivered oppressed
    • Operated in all the gifts
we must contend for supernatural ministry
We must contend for supernatural ministry
  • Become dissatisfied with where we are today
  • Advance into new areas of spiritual growth and victory
  • Persist, pursue, press in—and break through into new levels of authority and power
daniel 11 32
Daniel 11:32

“But the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

practical guidelines for supernatural ministry
Practical GuidelinesforSupernatural Ministry
  • Practice righteousness – 2 Chron. 7:14
  • Pray and fast
  • “Live” in the Word to become full of faith
  • Get into the spirit of Worship—not just an event
  • Promote Koinonia – fellowship and bonding
Live with eternity’s values in view
  • Pay the price for miracle faith – more than mental assent, but absolute certainty that NO situation is beyond God’s power to change
  • Recognize God’s sovereignty – trust His perfect knowledge and love – He does not owe us

any explanation

  • Get involved in evangelism – promise of supernatural signs accompanies the Great Commission
causes of demonization
Causes of Demonization
  • Personal Invitation – deliberate involvement
  • Habitual Sin – Rebellion
  • Victimization – negative reactions to being harmed
  • Invitation of Others – children dedicated to gods or spirits
  • Inheritance/Environment
  • Curses – limited powers
symptoms of demonization
Symptoms of Demonization
  • Anesthetic – cannot feel pain
  • Blasphemy
  • Clouding of consciousness
  • Convulsions – thrown to ground/shaking
  • Terrifying dreams
  • Eyes cloudy, rolling back in head
  • Falling during prayer
  • Foaming at mouth
Fits of rage, violence, screaming
  • Knowledge
  • Languages
  • Personality changes – toward evil
  • Physical impairments
  • Reaction to Christians during exorcism – spit, scratch, stick out tongue
  • Unusual strength
  • Voice alteration

NOTE: Not always are these signs of demonization, so

be led by Spirit in diagnosing

general observations
General Observations
  • Deliverance is not always fast and easy.
  • Miracle faith is essential.
  • Ministry should be done by teams of mature believers.
  • Focus more on the garbage than on the rats!
  • Person must desire deliverance.
  • Minister in love – you are working with a person!
  • Be open to God working in different ways.
preparation for deliverance
Preparation for Deliverance
  • Personal prayer, fasting, cleansing
  • Team – select mature, gifted, prayerful people
  • Pre-counseling – look for entry points, anything that gives Satan “legal rights”
deliverance session
Deliverance Session
  • Opening Prayer of Authority
  • Confession, Repentance, Renouncement
  • Forgiveness of Others
  • Allegiance and Commitment to God
  • Commanding of Demons
  • Prayer for Filling of Spirit
  • Prayer Sealing Deliverance
deliverance follow up
Deliverance Follow-Up
  • Further prayer sessions
  • Commitment to Discipleship
  • Counseling
  • Support Group