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The Sore Manhood: Tips for Male organ Relief PowerPoint Presentation
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The Sore Manhood: Tips for Male organ Relief

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The Sore Manhood: Tips for Male organ Relief - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Sore Manhood: Tips for Male organ Relief

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  1. The Sore Manhood: Tips for Male organ Relief By John Dugan

  2. Ahh, the sweet dilemma: an evening of glorious, long-lasting, uninhibited play is often followed by a morning marked by an exceptionally sore manhood. And, of course, sometimes that sore manhood is the result of a less enjoyable cause, such as going commando while wearing pants made of a rough, irritating fabric; one gets all the soreness with none of the pleasure. Whatever the cause, obtaining prompt male organ relief is necessary. Following proper manhood care suggestions is one excellent way to get that relief.

  3. Check the pain first • Most of the time, a guy gets a sore manhood because the ol’ manhood has been put in a position in which it encounters too much friction (whether in a pleasurable manner or a painful one). But sometimes the soreness is due to other reasons, such as an infection. If the manhood is red and swollen or displays signs other signs of infection, a quick check-in with the doctor may be necessary. • However, assuming that the soreness is due to a more utilitarian reason, such as overuse, following are some simple male organ relief approaches that can help alleviate the soreness.

  4. Hold off on solo play. It seems to make sense, no? If the manhood is really sore, a guy needs to take a break from spanking the monkey for a day or two. That’s especially true if it was the reason for the soreness in the first place. Sometimes it feels so good to pull off that a guy may indulge himself for several hours, ending up with a very raw member. Or he may be so intensely involved in his activity that he grips his manhood way too tightly, creating a death grip that guarantees soreness after he stops. So no matter how excited he may feel, a guy needs to keep his hands off himself until the soreness goes away.

  5. Hold off on other stimulation as well. And for the same reason as he needs to waylay his self-pleasure temporarily. Penetration with a sore manhood usually leads to further soreness. So does being stroked by another person. Surprisingly, oral is also a no-no; it may seem that having a mouth on the manhood would not create further irritation, but the fact is that friction is still involved – and while it may feel glorious in the moment, it ultimately just sets back the healing time. • Go bare. When around the privacy of one’s own home, a man should spend some time in the buff. This keeps the manhood from rubbing up against fabric and feeling irritated.

  6. Though not outside. But when going out in public, wearing snug-fitting underwear is a must; going without underwear is a must not. A sore manhood rubbing against denim, wool, tweed or other rough fabrics will make life miserable. • Go hot and cold – that is, warm and cool. Sitting in a nice, cool (not icy) bath can provide some much needed relief to sore tissue. Following it up with a nice warm (not fiery) compress also helps the healing.

  7. Crème it. Be sure to liberally apply a top quality manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) regularly to help provide male organ relief from a sore manhood. Keeping manhood skin properly hydrated helps the overall healing process, so use a crème that contains a combination of established and effective moisturizers: shea butter and vitamin E are perhaps the ideal combination for effective dermatological healing. This will make the skin more supple and pliable, and keep it looking great as well. For extra relief, be sure the crème also contains vitamin C. This popular vitamin is a key component of collagen, a tissue that gives tone and elasticity to male organ skin. As a bonus, vitamin C is also helpful in maintaining cardiovascular health as well as male function.