the excited male organ guide to simultaneous releases n.
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The Excited Male Organ Guide to Simultaneous Releases PowerPoint Presentation
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The Excited Male Organ Guide to Simultaneous Releases

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The Excited Male Organ Guide to Simultaneous Releases - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A man seeking to achieve simultaneous releases with his partner is going to make his excited male organ a very happy one; however, the attainment of the goal can take time and practice.

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Couples are enthralled by the idea of simultaneous releases, but sometimes a guy's excited male organ doesn't want to cooperate in the pursuit of this goal. Of course, almost any sensual activity is enjoyable and worthwhile, especially when a man is taking appropriate steps to ensure good male organ health. However, for those who are interested in pursuing simultaneous releases, the following tips may prove beneficial.


Tip #1: Be in the right frame of mind.

Many men approach the pursuit of a simultaneous release in the wrong frame of mind. They may be fearful or feel guilty because they think they tend to finish too fast, or they may feel resentment because they think their partner takes too long to finish. Either (or both) of these attitudes adds unnecessary pressure. Couples will be more successful if they approach the pursuit as a fun activity, like a game. If they achieve the goal, that's great; if they don't – hey, a pleasurable release is still a pleasurable release, no matter how it's timed. And sensual activity with a partner is an excellent way to bond.


Tip #2: Be mutual for a while.

Many couples find it is helpful to spend a few sessions engaging in mutual manual stimulation before attempting a coupling-driven simultaneous release. The goal here is for each partner to play with him/herself, communicating how close they each are to finishing and trying to achieve a simultaneous release through manual stimulation before moving on to penetration.

Tip #3: Take time with pre-play.

In most couples, the male finishes before the female. The average time between penetration and release for the male is five to six minutes; for the female, it is usually twelve to twenty. There are exceptions, of course, but in the typical relationship, a man needs to take plenty of time to manually stimulate his lady friend.


Tip #4: Go oral.

  • A man should definitely include oral pleasuring as one of his pre-play techniques. This can be especially effective if he fingers the woman while performing orally. The "double stimulation" can help add to the level of pleasure she experiences.
  • Tip #5: Vibrate.
  • The use of a vibrating device should also be considered during the pre-play stages. A woman may wish to apply the vibrating device herself during penetration as well; however, care must be taken that the device does not overstimulate the male organ.


Tip #6: Double up.

  • Some men are able to maintain firmness after releasing and continue on for another round; “going for two” may be a good way to achieve simultaneous satisfaction with a partner (while getting a second finish out of it as well).
  • Tip #7: Be well positioned.
  • Couples should explore positions and see which one(s) are most conducive to achieving their goal. For many, a woman-on-top position is preferable.


Tip #8: Interrupt if necessary.

  • Whatever position is chosen, partners should communicate about how close they are to releasing. If they are far apart on this journey, the coupling should be interrupted and the partner closer to finishing should pay some manual or oral attention to the other partner.
  • Tip #9: Practice makes perfect.
  • Above all, partners shouldn't be discouraged if they don't reach a synchronized release right away; trying should be part of the fun, while success is the icing on the cake.


All the sensual activity in pursuit of simultaneous releases may turn that excited male organ into a sore (if very happy) one. Regularly using a quality male organ health cream(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with a combination of moisturizers can help; a cream that includes both Shea butter and vitamin E is an excellent choice. It's also helpful if the cream contains vitamin C, which aids in collagen production and tissue elasticity. Look for L-arginine on the ingredient list, too; this substance is involved in the production of nitric oxide, which in turns help keep manhood blood vessels relaxed and open. Maintaining a healthier tool is a goal all men can achieve.