sore male organ caused by bed stimulation
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Sore Male Organ Caused by Bed Stimulation

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Sore Male Organ Caused by Bed Stimulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many a man delights in bed stimulation as a means of satisfying an insistent tumescence. It may cause a sore male organ, so men who so indulge should take steps to address this.

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Men self-pleasure in a wide variety of ways, often with nary a thought for whether it might cause a sore male organ. Bed stimulation – also known as prone self-pleasuring – is a favored form of gratification for many men, but is it more likely to cause soreness or even damage to the manhood than other forms of self-stimulation? Proper male organ care includes making sure that a man’s self-stimulating indulgences don't endanger the health of his favorite tool.

bed stimulation how to
Bed Stimulation: How To

Bed stimulation is essentially just what it sounds like. In its classic form, a man lies face down on his bed. He may be naked or not, but if he is clothed, his member is usually exposed and bare, although this is not a requirement; many men enjoy bed stimulation while the manhood is clad in underwear, pants or sweats.

Once prone, the dude begins grinding and gyrating his hips, pressing his male organ (often already firm) into the mattress and simulating the sensation of partner coupling. Sometimes a guy may place a pillow or other object on the top of his member, so that the object stimulates the top and/or sides of the tool as the mattress stimulates the underside. The grinding may continue until emission, or a man may stop before releasing and then use his hands to bring forth the seed. Of course, some men also prefer to engage in bed stimulation without releasing.

Alternate Version

There are variations on bed stimulation. One of the most common is to kneel beside the bed and place the manhood in between the mattress and the box spring, simulating partner coupling in this manner.


It's true that absolutely any form of self-pleasuring can conceivably cause a damaged or at least sore male organ; even the "traditional" fist-pumping version can leave the member raw or, if engaged in with too much enthusiasm, cause male organ trauma. But there is probably somewhat more risk associated with the bed stimulation form of self-gratification.

For example, if the sheet is not sufficiently soft, or if one wraps the male organ in a blanket or cloth that is insufficiently soft, a sore male organ can definitely result. Also, many men become so excited about the simulated coupling that they lift their hips high and lower themselves with a great deal of force while thrusting; it is possible in such instances to misjudge and to come down on the member at the wrong angle, causing considerable trauma.

Men who place the member between the mattress and the box spring need to take extra care; some sort of soft padding needs to be used to keep the manhood skin safe. Also, the weight of the mattress may be more than is appropriate for the male organ to withstand; this can cause pain and potential trauma.

That said, most men who engage in prone self-pleasuring do so safely. Yes, a sore male organ is not uncommon – but many men find their tools in this state from any form of self-gratification. One potentially useful way to deal with member soreness from self-pleasuring is to regularly use a high-quality male organ health cream(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with a combination of moisturizers, such as natural Shea butter and vitamin E. Beyond soreness, overaggressive or rough self-stimulation can sometimes cause peripheral nerve damage in the organ, which can lead to a diminution or loss of sensation in the manhood. This risk can be decreased by making sure that the chosen cream includes a proven neuroprotective ingredient, such as acetyl L-carnitine. Finally, choosing a cream with alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant, may help protect a man's favorite organ from damaging oxidative processes in male organ cells.