sensual tips for guys giving oral stimulation to a woman n.
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Sensual tips for Guys: Giving Oral stimulation to a Woman PowerPoint Presentation
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Sensual tips for Guys: Giving Oral stimulation to a Woman

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Sensual tips for Guys: Giving Oral stimulation to a Woman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sensual tips for Guys: Giving Oral stimulation to a Woman

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  1. Sensual tips for Guys: Giving Oral stimulation to a Woman By John Dugan

  2. Many women enjoy being on the receiving end of oral stimulation just as much as men do, and there are numerous sensual tips available to help them enjoy this route to sensual satisfaction. But often, those sensual tips are really geared toward the men who are administering the oral action, and they may be ignorant of some of the basics that can lead to greater enjoyment. And when a woman has benefited from careful oral attention from her partner, she may be more inclined to return the favor and administer oral manhood care on her favorite male in return. • With the goal of creating a more satisfying experience for all, the following sensual tips are cheerfully and freely offered for consideration.

  3. Watch your breath. This may seem an odd one, since during oral stimulation a man’s mouth is nowhere near his partner’s. However, rarely does a session begin without first some cuddling and kissing. If a man’s breath is foul, the woman may feel uncomfortable with his mouth moving to her more delicate areas, worried about whatever may be causing the odor transferring to her privates. • Work up to it. As mentioned above, it’s better not to just immediately rush into oral stimulation. As with many sensual experiences, it’s best to start slowly and build up to it. Hugging, kissing, caressing, running hands and lips over other body parts – all of this can make the experience more satisfying.

  4. Keep working up to it. Once a guy has arrived at the moment where his tongue is meeting her skin, he shouldn’t just plunge in full force. The area is very receptive to sensation, so it is usually better to gently ease one’s way into contact. • Listen up. Before starting, it helps if a man asks the woman to please tell him what she likes and to guide him along. If he’s manipulating his tongue and lips in a particular area and she says it would feel better a little lower, he should move. Many men also assume that a woman is going to like very fast or very powerful movements, when in fact she may prefer that the moves be slower or include greater variation of speed and force. It’s essential for a man to follow any tips he is given.

  5. But also make “suggestions.” Sometimes, of course, a woman may not know she likes something until she experiences it. A man may want to try something, such as licking very rapidly for a minute then slowing down and then repeating this action, to see if his partner enjoys it. He should, of course, stop if asked not to do that or if she would like him to try something else. • Change directions. Sometimes men think that during oral stimulation the tongue works in only one direction, such as up and down. In fact, the tongue can move in many different directions and follow many different paths (circular, straight lines, half-moons, triangles, etc.) Experimenting with this can produce new sensations for the woman. • Use hands. Many women enjoy having manual stimulation, but even those who don’t may like to feel a partner’s hands elsewhere on their bodies while the oral stimulation is in play.

  6. Following these sensual tips can help to improve the oral stimulation experience for a partner – and if she wants to return the favor, a guy needs to be sure his own equipment is “oral ready” for her. Using a superior manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps give the manhood an attractive, healthy appearance. Manhood skin will look more inviting if it is not dry and scaly, so a crème that includes potent moisturizers, such as shea butter and vitamin E, is absolutely essential. That skin will look even better if the crème also contains alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that helps rejuvenate manhood skin and prevent nasty cellular damage. Keeping his manhood healthy will make the oral stimulation experience more enticing for his mate.