self pleasuring materials for a firm male organ n.
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Self-Pleasuring Materials for a Firm Male Organ

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Self-Pleasuring Materials for a Firm Male Organ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Even if self-pleasuring is an activity in which a man engages only occasionally, he may still want to experiment with methods beyond the bare hand in order to obtain a happy male organ during this personal playtime. There’s no doubt that the hand provides great pleasure, but opting for a texture beyond bare skin can be invigorating. Assuming the man in question has been regularly practicing appropriate male organ care and therefore is not experiencing a high degree of member de-sensitization, there are a number of options he might wish to consider beyond the tight grip of his fist.


The old reliable

  • Often a man decides he wants to try something different after he has already begun stroking with his palm. If he is lying in his bed, the easiest option is to go with something right at hand: the bedsheets. It’s quite simple to just reach over and wrap a portion of the sheet around the firm male organ and continue stimulating away. Alternatively, one can turn face down on the bed and buck the hips back and forth, simulating lovemaking on top of the sheet. Either method provides an enjoyable change of pace.


The other old reliable

  • Socks are a popular option for wiping off male seed, especially when one self-gratifies just before going to sleep. But if the sock is properly soft, it can provide solo-sensual pleasure when a man wraps it around his tumescent member for some stroking variation. Of course, the sock needs to be clean – and men with athlete’s foot should avoid this method.


One’s underwear

  • Another fine alternative to bare hand stroking is to use one’s own underwear. Boxers, briefs or boxer briefs – it doesn’t matter. Many men enjoy the sensation of releasing seed in their underwear and many decide to keep wearing it after the self-pleasuring session is over. While this is an option, those who do this should still put on clean underwear soon and should clean the member as well; otherwise, it may create an unwanted degree of manhood odor.


Silk scarves

  • Few things feel as sensual or as soft as silk. A silk scarf can be a bit expensive for a self-pleasuring tool, but many find the highly stimulating sensations it produces well worth the expense. If silk is too pricey, cheaper synthetic materials can be used that also provide a worthwhile experience.
  • Women’s leggings
  • The tight leggings that are very popular among women can also be used for a nice change-of-pace self-pleasuring session. Buying a pair for this purpose is more acceptable than using those of one’s girlfriend – unless she knows one is doing this and gives permission.


Women’s panties

  • Using women’s panties for self-gratifying purposes is a popular fetish, but some men enjoy just trying it once or twice. Again, it’s more proper to either buy a pair for this purpose or consult with a girlfriend for permission if one wishes to use hers.

Self-pleasuring is one way to maintain a happy male organ; so is making sure it is healthy for those self-pleasuring sessions. To help maintain that health, regular use of a first-class male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is advisable. Many men who self-pleasure experience a loss of sensation in the manhood, especially if they use a grip that is too tight. This can cause peripheral nerve damage, which “deadens” the feeling in the organ. A crème that includes neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine is definitely needed to help protect the natural sensitivity of the manhood. Men who are not as careful as they need to be with post-release clean-up – and even many who do pay close attention to this detail – may find that an unpleasant odor forms on the manhood.