male organ shape and prime coupling positions n.
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Male Organ Shape and Prime Coupling Positions PowerPoint Presentation
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Male Organ Shape and Prime Coupling Positions

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Male Organ Shape and Prime Coupling Positions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring coupling positions can be an exhilarating experience for a couple, as well as an excellent way to determine what position is most appropriate for a man's particular male organ shape.

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Finding the right coupling positions can be great fun for partners – or it can be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. There are many factors that need to be considered when trying to determine coupling positions that are the right fit for partners; male organ shape is one such factor (and not forgetting that male organ health also may have an impact on the ultimate choice).


Shape, Not Size

  • Manhood size is a subject about which there is endless discussion; male organ shape, not so much. It's generally assumed that although male members come in many different sizes, they are almost all the same shape: cylindrical. Of course, even a cursory examination of this issue debunks the myth. It's the rare member that is a perfect cylinder. The head tends to interrupt that perfect line; there may be bends or curves in the manhood; thickness can vary significantly from one part of the tool to another.


Individual Shapes

  • Just as every person is different from another, so every male organ shape is different from another – at least slightly. For example, two men may both have members that are thick at the base and significantly thinner near the end of the shaft, but the exact thickness and thinness will vary. Still, there are several basic shape categories into which most members will fall. These are listed below, along with a coupling position suggestion for each.


Straight-edged: The straight-edged male organ has what might be considered a "classical" look: it is essentially a straight cylinder with little or no bend or curvature in it and is roughly the same thickness from beginning to end (although there will be a slight indentation at the base of the glans). The "Standing Doggy" is a good bet for many straight-edged members. In this position, both partners are standing; the man enters the woman from behind. The woman may wish to have a bed or chair nearby to lean on for support. Using this position, the woman is able to undulate her hips more freely around the straight-edged member.


Bulging: The bulging manhood tends to be thicker in the middle and thinner at the base and the glans end. The "Shoulder-Straddle" works well here. The woman lies on her back with the man on top. The woman then bends her legs and hooks them over the man's shoulders. This position allows easier access for the "big-in-the-middle" manhood.

Thick-thin: This category of male organ is substantially thicker at the base and narrows as it goes on so that the end of the shaft is thinner. Traditional "Doggy Style” is a favorite for "thick-thin" members, mainly because it allows for more controllable entry; thus, the thicker end can more comfortably be accommodated.


Thickened: The thickened manhood grows "girthier" towards the end of the shaft, often sporting a very noticeable knob at the end. The "Standing Shoulder Straddle" positions the man standing while the woman lies on the bed, but with her legs thrown up on the man's shoulders. This increases the spread of the female organ opening, allowing the thicker head to enter more easily.

Downward curved: As might be implied, organs in this category tend to curve downward when firm. The "Doggy Style” position is also very good for this type of manhood shape, especially as it allows for greater stimulation of her G-spot from the downward curve.


These coupling positions can serve as a guide; however, remember that male organ shape is only one factor to consider. A man should also take steps to maintain manhood health, such as using a top-notch male organ health cream(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). The best cream will include L-arginine, which might help in the production of nitric oxide and therefore the process by which member blood flow is encouraged. In addition, men should make sure the cream includes vitamin C (for collagen production) and vitamin A (to fight unwanted manhood odors).