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Male Organ Rash from the Hot Tub

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Male Organ Rash from the Hot Tub - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sometimes a guy will sink down into a nice, soothing hot tub to relax after a hard day – and end up with a male organ rash. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help prevent this.

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nothing feels quite so good after a physical

Nothing feels quite so good after a physical workout – or even just after a hard day at the office – than sinking into a nice hot tub and feeling those jet sprays pulsing against the skin. Whether it’s a hot tub in the privacy of his backyard or bathroom or a communal hot tub at a gym or spa, the feeling of relaxation and pleasure can’t be beat. But, while hot tubs are definitely enjoyable, sometimes a guy leaves a hot tub with his member health impacted – even if he’s not aware of it right away. For example, there are times when a male organ rash is directly related to having spent time soaking in the spa tub.


According to one 2015 study, more than five and a half million American homes had a hot tub. Perhaps not surprisingly, they are most commonly found in states where the weather tends to be warm. Texas homeowners owned almost 500,000, people in Florida accounted for more than 300,000 and the state of California led them all with almost 1,200,000.

Of course, there also are “public” hot tubs, which are often found at places like gyms or spa resorts. Some of these can be quite large and accommodate an impressive amount of people.

Privately owned hot tubs are often associated with sensual activity. When alone, many couples enjoy using the tubs while completely bare, and the pulsating jets of water can easily lead to excitement and sensual play. (The same can be true of public tubs, but acting on desires in a public situation can often lead to legal trouble.)

hot tub rash
Hot tub rash

Whether bare or not, people need to know that the hot tub they are entering is properly cleaned. Heat and water can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and heat can also deplete the skin of the natural oils it requires to stay hydrated (even when the source of that heat is water). With the skin dry and unprotected, the bacteria are more likely to gain ground.

One male organ rash (which can also be found elsewhere on the body) that can develop in a hot tub that is not properly clean is called hot tub rash (aka pseudomonas folliculitis). This is an infection of hair follicles; although it is moist commonly caught from an unclean hot tub, it can also occur from an unclean swimming pool, using a loofah sponge that contains the bacteria or wearing a diving suit or swim clothes that are infected.

the male organ rash develops near hair follicles

The male organ rash develops near hair follicles and is small in size, red or pink in color, and often has pus-filled bumps. In addition to the manhood, they may show up almost anywhere else on the body, though rarely on the face. Sometimes the rash is accompanied by a slight fever, tiredness, a headache and a sore throat.

The rash generally appears 1 to 4 days after exposure and usually resolves on its own in 1-2 weeks.

tub maintenance
Tub maintenance

To prevent hot tub rash, the tub needs to be regularly and adequately cleaned. The proper amount of chlorine needs to be used to effectively kill harmful bacteria. If a tub has a bad smell or exhibits signs of plant growth, it likely is not receiving proper maintenance.

a male organ rash from the hot tub may sometimes

A male organ rash from the hot tub may sometimes require an antibiotic crème from a doctor. The itchiness accompanying it is often alleviated through use of a first rate member health crème(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil,which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The ideal crème will contain both a natural hydrator (vitamin E is an excellent choice) and a high-end emollient (soothing Shea butter is desirable). In addition, check that the crème also contains vitamin A. This vitamin has anti-bacterial properties that may help dampen the effects of a hot tub rash.