male organ injury potential be careful with a pump n.
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Male Organ Injury Potential: Be Careful with a Pump PowerPoint Presentation
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Male Organ Injury Potential: Be Careful with a Pump

Male Organ Injury Potential: Be Careful with a Pump

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Male Organ Injury Potential: Be Careful with a Pump

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  1. Male Organ Injury Potential: Be Careful with a Pump By John Dugan

  2. Generally, a male organ pump is used for one of two reasons: either because there exists a male organ health concern that makes the use of a male organ pump necessary in order for a man to achieve tumescence or because he enjoys the cosmetic and visual appeal of “pumping up” his member (and sometimes his sacks) to a larger size. For whichever reason a man may use a pump, he should be aware that the potential for male organ injury exists and that he should take steps to minimize any possible injury (for obvious reasons).

  3. How it works First, let’s be clear that this article is discussing vacuum male organ pumping. This is not about “pumping” silicone or other matter into the manhood to make it larger, which is incredibly dangerous and should never be done. Basically, with vacuum pumping, a cylinder is placed around the manhood and tightly sealed. A second cylinder on the end of the member then pumps the air out of the first cylinder; this creates a vacuum, which in turn draws blood into the member. As the manhood fills with blood, it becomes tumescent, and a constricting device helps keep the blood trapped in the male organ. When used by men who have tumescence difficulties, they are then in a tumescent state for a variable amount of time and can hopefully engage in sensual activity.

  4. When used for non-medicinal purposes, many men may “overpump,” causing the member to grow significantly larger than in its normal tumescent state. The bulk of this expansion tends to come in girth rather than length. As mentioned, sometimes men also apply the pump to the sacks for a swollen balls effect.

  5. Male organ injury There is always a risk of male organ injury when pumping, although the risk is minimized when following the directions carefully. Many doctors believe that only those with legitimate tumescence issues should use the pump and that utilizing it for cosmetic or non-essential uses greatly increases the risk of injury. Among the possible forms of male organ injury which may result from pump use are: - Bruises and blisters, especially on the glans, which is generally more sensitive than other parts of the manhood. In addition to being painful, bruises and blisters generally require that a man refrain from coupling and self-pleasuring (which aggravate them) until they are healed.

  6. - Color change, tissue damage. Use of a male organ pump for an extended period of time can cause the male organ skin color to darken due to lack of oxygen. Because blood is typically trapped in the member until the constricting device is removed, new oxygen cannot get in as the old oxygen is used up, causing a color change. If the lack of oxygen goes on for too long, it can cause severe damage to manhood tissue. - Blood vessel damage. With blood being forced into the member at a high rate, there is the potential for a blood vessel to rupture, which can in turn have an impact on tumescence ability.

  7. - Fracture. In rare cases, a male organ fracture can result if overinflation of the manhood causes tissue to stretch beyond its capability. To prevent such injuries, it is crucial to follow instructions carefully. Going slow, taking his time and not overdoing things are essential – especially among men who are using the pump for non-medially-prescribed purposes.

  8. Pain and soreness is a relatively minor male organ injury that can result from use of a pump, as is superficial damage to member skin. Regular use of a top drawer male organ health crème(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can be of use with these problems. Keeping the member well moisturized will both help heal the skin and reduce many forms of soreness. Therefore, select a crème that includes both Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (one of nature’s best hydrators). For even better results, make sure the crème also includes alpha lipoic acid. This potent antioxidant battles the free radicals that can result in oxidative damage to delicate male organ skin.