firm male organ exposure rules for unclothed snapchat pics n.
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Firm Male Organ Exposure: Rules for Unclothed Snapchat Pics PowerPoint Presentation
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Firm Male Organ Exposure: Rules for Unclothed Snapchat Pics

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Firm Male Organ Exposure: Rules for Unclothed Snapchat Pics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Snapchat has become enormously popular in recent years as a means of sharing photos with friends and acquaintances – and not surprisingly, a number of those photos feature a firm male organ. Because Snapchat is supposed to be ephemeral in nature, with photos visible to the recipient only and for a limited amount of time, many feel that unclothed Snapchat photos are safe, but that’s not always the case. And even if a man’s careful attention to male organ care means that his firm manhood is a thing of beauty, it may still not be something that he wants shared with the world.

  • With that in mind, here are a few rules for unclothed Snapchat pics.


1. When not to do it. If a person is concerned about the possibility that an unclothed photo of him- or herself might become embarrassing, he or she needs to simply resist the temptation to take that snap. And yes, that does apply to Snapchat, in spite of its temporary nature.

  • Why? Photos are deleted from Snapchat rather quickly, but that doesn’t mean that the recipient can’t turn to his or her nearby friend and share a pic or two. Also, it’s easy to take a screenshot of the photo or to use another camera to take a photo of the photo.
  • So the best course of action for privacy is simply not to do it. However, many people will decide that the enjoyment outweighs the risk of unwanted exposure and so should definitely continue reading the following rules.


2. Think before sending. The world today is exceptionally fast-paced. The internet has made instantaneous communication across vast distances possible. As a result, people tend to make snap decisions and send off emails, texts, tweets and posts without a moment’s hesitation. When dealing with an unclothed Snapchat, it pays to take a moment to mull over whether this is appropriate. One should consider how well one knows recipients, how trustworthy they are, how respectful of one’s wishes, etc. The internet is filled with pictures of people fondling themselves, posted by lovers whom they would have sworn would never do such a thing.


3. Be careful when sending. Another problem with the fast pace of today’s society is that more mistakes get made. When a person rushes, it simply increases the likelihood of error. And one of the most common errors is sending a text, email, etc. to an unintended recipient. This is why it’s absolutely crucial that a person double- and triple-checks before sending that unclothed Snapchat; if one’s mother receives what was intended for one’s girlfriend, she may not be proud of how big her boy has become. And if one’s boss receives it, the unemployment line may be in the future.


4. Ask before sending. Guys tend to be very proud of their members – and why not? But that doesn’t mean that every woman they go out with wants a manhood shot. Indeed, many would consider an unsolicited unclothed photo to be harassment. A guy needs to be very sure that a woman would want a reminder of his firm male organ before even asking, let alone sending.

  • 5. Never share without permission. When one receives an unclothed photo, it is essential that one does NOT violate the implied trust by sharing this with another person unless it has explicitly been stated that this is alright – and that both parties are clear about who else gets to see it. Unauthorized sharing is a violation of another person’s rights and can be seriously damaging.


Now, if one is in the appropriate position to send a Snapchat of his firm male organ, he wants it to look its very best – and so should be using a quality male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). No member looks good with dry, flaky skin, rashes, splotches, etc. Fortunately, a crème with natural moisturizers such as Shea butter and vitamin E can help keep manhood skin nice and supple. And vitamin C makes that firm male organ appear even more radiant, thanks to that vitamin’s role in collagen production and manhood tissue firmness. If one must snap, make sure the manhood is worth snapping.