diy male organ rings for diy fun n.
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DIY Male organ Rings for DIY Fun PowerPoint Presentation
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DIY Male organ Rings for DIY Fun

DIY Male organ Rings for DIY Fun

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DIY Male organ Rings for DIY Fun

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  1. DIY Male organ Rings for DIY Fun By John Dugan

  2. In the world of adult toys for men, the male organ ring may well be the most popular and widely used. Even though dozens of manufactured rings are available, some men prefer to go with a homemade version. As long as attention is paid to ensure proper use and continued good male organ health, homemade cock rings can be a fun DIY experience.

  3. Why homemade? There are a number of reasons why a man might prefer a DIY male organ ring to one that can be purchased at an adult toy shop or online. Some of these reasons include: Cost. There can be a wide variation in the cost for these special rings; a basic rubber model may be only a few dollars, but a more deluxe version with vibrating capability can easily go $20 or higher. Frugal shoppers may prefer a DIY method to save a few bucks to spend on a special date (or to stock up on protection). Embarrassment. Some men just don't feel comfortable going into a store, standing in the adult toy aisles and then paying for a choice at the cashier. Even ordering online may be embarrassing for some men – or they may just not want to have it show up on their shared credit card statement.

  4. Creativity. We are living in an increasingly DIY world; more and more, people like to individualize everything from their cell phone covers to their wardrobe choices, so why not their toys? A homemade ring gives a man the opportunity to let the toy say something special about him. Trial run. It's not a bad idea for a man to try out a ring with an inexpensive homemade version to see what he thinks before taking the plunge with the "pro" models.

  5. What can one use? A male organ ring is a circular device typically slipped over the male organ or (more usually) the male organ and balls. It restricts the flow of blood into and out of the male organ; this can often increase both the firmness and the duration of a man's woody. • Any object that can fit around the privates and provide some tightness can be used. Some popular DIY options include: • Shoelaces or other strings. This is one of the easiest options. Simply tie up the goods in the appropriate manner. Because it is tied, this option is easy to loosen or tighten as desired and usually easy to remove.

  6. Rubber bands. These are also popular, although it's usually a good idea to use a good lubricant when applying; otherwise, the rubber bands can be a bit painful when removing. There also is the risk that the rubber band may snap or become too tight. Rubber bracelets. Many of the popular rubber bracelets found on the street are a perfect size for use as a male organ ring. Again, proper lubrication is required. Plumber’s rings. Many plumbing supply stores sell rubber or metal rings for various plumbing uses that are an appropriate size for manhood rings. (Lubrication, of course, is a must.)

  7. Use with care As with any toy, appropriate care must be taken when using a male organ ring. Sufficient lubrication is always a good idea. Other things to remember are: Use only for a limited amount of time. Some men want to walk around with a stiffy for hours at a time, but this can cause damage to the male organ. It's best to use a ring when embarking on a sensual experience (solo or with a partner) and then to remove it as soon as the experience is over. If there is any pain, discomfort or numbness that occurs with the ring, loosen or remove it altogether.

  8. Consult a doctor before using with medications intended to treat male dysfunction. A homemade male organ ring can be an excellent introduction to this form of play; for some men, the ensuing sensual activity may result in a sore (if very happy) male organ, so always use a high quality male organ health cream(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) for after-care. The soreness of an overworked male organ will respond readily to the benefits of a high end emollient such as shea butter and a natural hydrator like vitamin E. But make sure the cream also includes L-arginine, an important ingredient in helping to maintain proper male organ blood flow.