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Better Sensual Activity Through Music - Setting the Mood

Can what's playing in the background influence whether one has better sensual activity? Mood music can facilitate a seduction or help increase the intensity of a sensual encounter.

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Better Sensual Activity Through Music - Setting the Mood

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  1. Better Sensual Activity Through Music: Setting the Mood By John Dugan

  2. “Music hath charms to soothe,” as the saying goes; it also has charms to spark and inspire better sensual activity, so a well-considered sensual tune stack should be in every man's home. Music alone won't do the trick; proper male organ care, personality, seductiveness and skill, for example, are also important. But many men find that the entire coupling experience can be enhanced by the use of appropriate music. Determine the mood. Not just any music will do in every situation, of course. The first thing a man should do is determine what kind of mood he wants to set with his selection of music. www.man1health.com

  3. Does the given situation call for something seductive, especially if this is his first time with this particular partner? Would a more playful or frisky sonic background be better suited? Is a selection that demonstrates the romance in his soul the way to a more titillating bedroom encounter? Will she be more likely to enjoy the experience if the aural landscape is mystical or ethereal? Or is music that calls forth a raucous bacchanalia more in keeping with this particular evening? Knowing the right mood to aim for is crucial in determining the best selection. www.man1health.com

  4. Take the partner's taste into account. Music can most definitely be used to bring one's self-pleasuring experiences to a new level; a man is free to choose whatever music he desires when settling in for a good fondle. However, when a partner is involved, it's important to keep her or his taste in mind when picking the music. This makes sense: The man choosing music to induce or enhance a romantic escapade is clearly already in the mood. The music, therefore, needs to appeal to the partner. Clearly it would be self-defeating to choose music which thrusts a man OUT of the mood, so finding something that stimulates her while not annoying him is essential. www.man1health.com

  5. In most cases, a man has been around his partner long enough to know along what lines her musical tastes run; perhaps he even knows her favorite musical artists. If not, he may want to take a look at her iPod or CD collection. It goes without saying that if his partner has at any point exclaimed, "That's my favorite band!" or, even better, "God, that song makes me feel so frisky," then the man needs to have made a mental note about this fact. Think about length. How much music is going to be necessary to accomplish the goal one lays out? Should the music cover the entire period, from one's opening move on the couch to the final release in bed? Will just a few minutes to cover the initial seduction be sufficient? Or would the man prefer to start the music only when the bedcovers are turned down? www.man1health.com

  6. In some instances, simply playing "Unchained Melody" and dancing close may be all that is required. Others may want to have Ravel's "Bolero" on repeat for an evening-long ride into ecstasy. One thing a man wants to avoid: running out of music at a crucial time. It's best to prepare a playlist that's approximately fifteen minutes longer than what a man thinks is appropriate – and to make sure it doesn't rely too heavily on one song, no matter how effective that song may be. www.man1health.com

  7. Careful selection of music can help bring about better sensual activity, but a man wants to make sure his equipment is in proper health to enjoy it. Regular use of a top-drawer male organ health cream(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. Select one that includes L-arginine, which aids in the healthy oxygenation of manhood cells. Another ingredient to look for is vitamin D, the "miracle" vitamin that fights disease and enables cell functionality. A cream with these and other nutrients plays a big part in keeping the tool in good health. www.man1health.com

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