spiritual formation in congregations n.
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Spiritual Formation in Congregations

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Spiritual Formation in Congregations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spiritual Formation in Congregations. CS 654 Houston Graduate School of Theology. Christian Spirituality. Spiritual Formation. Foundations. Spiritual Formation Defined. Dallas Willard says that spiritual formation is . . . Spiritual formation is . . .

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spiritual formation in congregations

Spiritual Formation in Congregations

CS 654

Houston Graduate School of Theology

how is spirituality distinguished from spiritual formation

Christian spiritual formation is a God-ordained process that shapes our entire person so that we take on the character and being of Christ himself.

How is spirituality distinguished from spiritual formation?

Spiritual formation is concerned with the hidden dimension of every human life, the space God has given us to become the person we choose to be. (Richard Foster)

  • Spirituality informs the choices. When we are open and responsive to the process, our outer life becomes an expression of this inner formation.
Christian formation is real life. If we wall off our Christian formation from real life, we only pretend
Jot down a summary of words and ideas to describe spiritual formation in your own words as a reflection on the definitions we have just discussed.Exercise
spiritual formation1
Spiritual Formation

Biblical and Theoretical Foundations

theoretical foundations1


  • Relinquishing control to God
  • Being compliant and obedient
  • Takes place at points of “unlikeness” to Christ
Theoretical Foundations