mahayaha buddhism 1 3 kamakura buddhism 4 pure land jodo shu shin pure land jodo shin shu n.
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Masayo Urasaki 13 September 201 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Masayo Urasaki 13 September 201 2

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Masayo Urasaki 13 September 201 2
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  1. Mahayaha Buddhism #13Kamakura Buddhism 4(Pure Land/ Jodo-ShuShin-Pure Land/ Jodo Shin-Shu ) Masayo Urasaki 13 September 2012

  2. Today’s schedule 1) Brief history of Pure Land and Shin Pure Land 2) DVD about Shinran "The white path"  3) Feedback

  3. Keywords ・Honen/ Pure Land (Jodo Shu) ・Shinran/Shin Pure Land (Jodo Shin Shu) ・Nen butsu / Nam amida butsu ・The moset wicked are the true object of salvation ・The White Path ・The Primal Vow of other Power

  4. Pure Land (= Buddha Field) Cosmology Space • Originally the concept of "Buddha Field(Buddhaksetra)" • There are many, many universes or world systems which are devoid of a Buddha, for Buddhas are very rare. • a Buddha (Amitabha) who lives for a very long time (eternity), there are many Boddhisattvas in that realm. • The evil (Mara) cannot work their bad way. • There are located to the "West"

  5. Main teaching The Three Pure Land Sutras • Key concept The vow on which true and real "Faith (Shinjin信心)" → Sincere mind and trust The teaching of rebirth in the Pure Land(浄土)of Amitabha through reciting the Buddha's Name, Nembutsu(念仏)   → Everyboday can salvage from suffering in daily life. 1) the the Sutra of Immeasurable Life 2) the Meditation Sutra 3) the Amida Sutra

  6. Honen 法然 (1133-1212) • Born at Okayama Pref. • Father was a police, but was killed in the line of duty. As his father's last will, he gave up to vengeance. • He became a Tendai monk on Mt Hiei at the age of 9. • He concentrated to practice Nem butsu. • In 1175, came down from Mt.Hiei to propagate ordinary people.But attack from Old sect (Tendai, Nara) • In 1207, arrested including his disciples and forced back to secular life.

  7. Shinran 親鸞 (1173-1262)Shin Pure Land Founder • Born at suberb in Kyoto • Parents died before he was age of 9. • He became novice at Mt.Hiei, practiced 20 years, but not satidfied the situation of Tendai sect. • He mett Honen and become his deciples, dedicated to his teachings. • He had a dream of Prince Shotoku, he decided to get marry still remain he was an monk.

  8. Honen 's strong faith with "Nenbutsu" • Honen exiled to Shikoku as layperson, when he was 75 years old. • He said "I would not quit "Nenbutsu"even if I have to death penalty. It is lucky to exile to the countryside, because I have a chance to propagate to the suffeing people in local area" • Even the virtuous can attain rebirth in the Pure Land, and how much more so the wicked(悪人正機説)  → emphasised Amitabha's Compassion

  9. 南無阿弥陀仏Namu Amida Butsu • Namu (devotion) Amida Butsu (Amitabha) • Three Meanings 1) Mind the Buddha who written by Old Sutra 2) Looking the image of Buddha 3) Recite the Buddha's Name (Amitabha)

  10. The White Path 1 • Shandao (613-681,Chinese Pure Land Buddhist) explain the parable of the white path. a man travelling to the west when before him stretch two rivers.On the of left side is a river of fire. On the right, is water. Between the two is a white path 'barely four or five inches wide'. From east to west is 100 steps.

  11. The White Path 2 • The fire scorches one side of the path. The waves ceaselessly wash the other. • In the east where our traveller stands is a band of hooligans and wild animals, seeking to kill him • At that very moment, he hears a voice from his own behind, "Friend, just follow the path resolutey,and there will be no danger of death.To stay here is to die" • On the west bank there is someone calling out "Come straight ahead,single- mindedly and with fixed purpose. I can protect you. Never fear falling into the fire or water"

  12. What is Shinran's Teaching? • He wrote 教行 信証 (Kyo Gyo Shin Sho) On the teaching, Pracitice, Faith and Ralization of Pure Land Way • In Jodo Shu, Nenbutsu is one of the practice that we have to do (consider how frequency recite) • Shinran assume that Nenbutsu is not practice.People don't need to act, just "Entrust"Amitabha Buddha. It is enough to recite once sincerely in our heart. →The Primal Vow of other Power • Not priest, not layperson (非僧非俗)