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Pepsi Live for Now

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Pepsi Live for Now - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pepsi Live for Now
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  1. Pepsi Live for Now By LanieFunaro, Shahla Khan, Ashley Grantand Emily Herr

  2. Background • First global campaign launched in the United States on May 7, 2012. • Research was done 9 months before they decided to launch the campaign. • Target audience: 18 to 35 year olds. • Pepsi collaborated with Twitter to launch the Live for Now campaign.

  3. Purpose and Objectives • Pepsi launched this campaign to establish and regain brand and cultural relevance. • Create excitement and a more youthful edge by partnering with fans, celebrities and innovators. • Deliver entertainment based on trending and popular choices. • Connect with fans on a personal level through music, pop culture, sports, and entertainment. • Incorporate the idea of summer and music to represent fun and excitement for the youth. • Coke and Pepsi both are sold in 200 markets globally. Coke has 25 percent share and Pepsi has 10 percent. They wanted to connect with consumers in order to drive sales.

  4. Celebrity Endorsements • • Pepsi chose pop culture icon, Nicki Minaj, to endorse their campaign in order to reach their youth. Her song, “Moment for Life,” was featured on the commercial. • Other celebrity endorsements includeKaty Perry, Beyonce and Joe Jonas.

  5. Strategy • Promote 50 events and activities in markets all across the country throughout the summer. • Shape brands social agenda with exclusive entertainment available nowhere else. • Create interaction with consumers via social media. • Connect consumers with celebrities to appeal to younger audiences’ desire to capture the excitement of now.

  6. Tactics • Social Media. • Twitter: #livefornow#PepsiMusicNOW Fans can follow @Pepsi for free download codes every week. • Facebook: Used to share information and hold contests. • YouTube: Pepsi music episodes. Pepsi Pulse: An interactive website that was designed to update people on pop-culture news and allow them to interact with celebrity visitors.

  7. Tactics • Had a series of exclusive “pop-up concerts,” streamed live to Twitter followers over the summer, featured major music artists. • Pepsi offered incentives to consumers for sharing their live for now moments with the brand. • Incentives included mp3 players, reward points, ticket giveaways. • Held events throughout the world to encourage people to “Live for Now.”

  8. Evaluation • Gained over 8 million likes on Facebook • Over the first 30 days, Pepsi increased website activity by 114 percent. • They reached 46 million users • Pepsi has almost twice the ratio of fans that have engaged more than once. • Pepsi’s return on investment reached triple digits.

  9. Discussion • Do you think Nicki Minaj was a good celebrity endorsement? • Do you think Pepsi did a good job appealing to youth? • What do you envision when you think of Pepsi as a brand?

  10. Activity • Tweet your favorite summer song to #NOWPUR3000