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Santa Fe School District Facility Master Plan

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Santa Fe School District Facility Master Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Santa Fe School District Facility Master Plan. Atalaya Elementary School Workshop June 4, 2008. Agenda 1 st hour: Review of Findings 2 nd hour: Open Discussion and Prioritization of Projects. Overview School Programs and Change in Programs K-6 Configuration Current Enrollment 254.

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santa fe school district facility master plan

Santa Fe School DistrictFacility Master Plan

Atalaya Elementary School Workshop

June 4, 2008

agenda 1 st hour review of findings 2 nd hour open discussion and prioritization of projects

1st hour: Review of Findings

2nd hour: Open Discussion and Prioritization of Projects

overview school programs and change in programs k 6 configuration current enrollment 254

School Programs and Change in Programs

K-6 Configuration

Current Enrollment 254


School Location

Atalaya Elementary School is located at the west end of the attendance area

The school is within the city limits



School Context

The site is surrounded by low and medium-density residential development

A joint-use park, shared with the City of Santa Fe borders the south end of the site

Fire and police protection are more 1 mile from the school

Demographic Analysis

ARC Study Summary

Projected 2016-2017 enrollment at 252 without re-alignment

Peak of 282 in 2001-2011 school year


Demographic Analysis

ARC Study Summary

Design capacity with portables is 374; without portables is 374

Program capacity with portables 330; without portables is 330

Source:SFPS Property Assessment by ARC

Facility Overview

Historic Development and Facility Inventory

38,859 Total GSF; Space for 2 portables on site

facility overview current projects no new projects identified by harris consultants llc
Facility Overview

Current Projects

No new projects identified by Harris Consultants, LLC

facility overview maintenance history
Facility Overview

Maintenance History

facility assessment school site issues
Facility Assessment

School Site Issues


Facility Assessment

Pedestrian Access- Off-site

Paved sidewalks are located on the east side of Camino Cabra

There is no crossing guard at Camino Cabra – Only 2 students walk to school

Camino Cabra is very congested, especially in the morning, and generally unsafe for walking to school


Facility Assessment

Pedestrian Access - On-site

Pedestrian walkways to permanent buildings, portables area, and parking are paved

The accessible route from the parking lot is hampered by rough asphalt and damaged curb cuts

Handicap access to the park playground is limited by

Small landings

Narrow paths

Non code-compliant stairs

Paving between the main building and new wings is beginning to fail

Sand used to control ice creates slipping hazard when dry

Repairs are needed at trench drain cover


Facility Assessment

Vehicular Access

Both drives off Camino Cabra are in poor condition

The pick-up/drop-off lane needs to be resurfaced

Bus loading occurs at the same roadway used by all vehicles to exit the site

Vehicles drive over the shallow curb at the median, creating congestion

Better signage is needed to direct traffic

Pedestrians cross two lanes of traffic from the parking lot

The mailbox can easily be hit by a vehicle


Facility Assessment


Given the number of faculty and staff, there is enough parking

At 1.5 parking spaces per FTE 51 spaces are required. There are 87 standard spaces on site

Per the NM Building Code, 4 need to be accessible with 1 van space. There are 4 accessible spaces and 1 for vans

During special events vehicles park along the main roadway

There are 2 bicycle racks on site

There is no parking along Camino Cabra


Facility Assessment

Portable Buildings, Access and Condition

There are 2 spaces designated for portables north of the main building

During the evaluation there were no portables on site


Facility Assessment

Landscaping and Irrigation

The school is surrounded by naturally occurring Pinon trees and native grass

Shrubs are concentrated between the main building and classroom additions

Deciduous trees border the public park

Shrubs need pruning and shaping

Mulch needs to be replenished

Bubblers are used to irrigate trees and shrubs, district guidelines state drip irrigation is preferred


Facility Assessment


Drainage improvements are needed across the main playground to reduce mud

The retention pond looks deep enough to hold enough water to drown someone and should be protected

Trench drains need to be cleaned out to promote drainage


Facility Assessment

Hardscape, Student Seating, Exterior Stairs, Plazas, Retaining Walls

Coating on steel benches is failing

Bench tops are missing fasteners (I almost flipped backwards!)

Stairs to park playground area are not code compliant

There are cracks and displacement of timbers at the park playground short retention walls


Facility Assessment

Site Recreational Amenities

Play equipment at the park playground is close to kindergarten classrooms, however it is not

Protected (fenced)


Lacks equipment for younger students

Bark fall protection thinning

Damaged play equipment

Bolts missing at teeter-totter

Handle missing at monkey bar

Court needs to be resurfaced, remarked, and needs additional basketball goals


Facility Assessment

Site Safety and Security, Hazards, Fencing, Signage

Site access

Vehicular congestion

Commingled vehicular and pedestrian traffic

Students crossing in front of vehicles at the pick-up/drop-off area

Fence repairs needed

Steel pipe guard rail and cable at park

Chain link fence at tennis court

Gate to garden area

Gates at perimeter need closers and locks to keep wild animals away from playground



Facility Assessment

Site Safety and Security, Hazards, Fencing, Signage Continued

Railroad tie retaining wall at park is shifting out of position

Site signage missing or unclear

Snow and icicles buildup at covered walkway and can fall on someone walking between buildings


Facility Assessment

Site Safety and Security, Security Lighting, Sight Lines, Cameras

Line-of-sight supervision

Not available from Principal’s office

Doors to classroom wings can’t be monitored from administration area in main building

Not available to public park

Not available to area beyond large earth mound at arroyo

Public park not separated from school grounds


Facility Assessment

Site Utilities (Water, Sewer, Fire Hydrants, Garbage Collection, Electrical, Gas, Phone and Data)

Atalaya has access to city utilities

Dumpsters and recycling bins are too far from kitchen

Gas meters are not protected

Pad-mounted transformers are not protected


Facility Assessment

Structure: Foundations, Floors

Cracks across concrete wainscot along foundation at main building

Floor issues

Carpet replacement in 5 classrooms, administration area, and auditorium

Damaged linoleum at west wing

Repair bubbling at gym floor

Miscellaneous repairs


Facility Assessment

Structure: Exterior Envelop, Walls, Sound TransmissionExterior Main Building

Clogged and damaged conductor heads and downspouts

Chalking and fading paint at exterior metals

Cracking across concrete bond beam

Lifting fascia panels and separating seams

Efflorescence and other signs of water damage at masonry veneer

Classroom Wing

Failing sealant at slanted windows

EFIS damage from woodpeckers and poorly executed patching

Water vapor at full height windows


Facility Assessment

Structure: Exterior Envelop, Walls, Sound Transmission ContinuedWalls and Sound

Water damage at auditorium passage from gym

The gym opens to the main corridor without a physical barrier to control sound

Other Interiors Issues

Stained acoustic panels at gym

Minor repainting

Minor ceiling tile damage

Addition of kick plates and bumpers at doors

Quarry tile repair in kitchen


Facility Assessment

Structure: Roofs, Ceilings

Roof - Main Building

Proprietary flat seam metal roof system, currently under warranty

A roofing evaluation conducted by the Armstrong Group in 2006 recommends replacement in 2025

Issues observed

Oil-canning and buckling

Standing water

Ice buildup

Blocked downspouts

Unsupported pipe


Facility Assessment

Structure: Roofs, Ceilings Continued

Roof – Classroom Wings

EPDM rubber roof with large river rock ballast

A roofing evaluation conducted by the Armstrong Group in 2006 recommends replacement in 2006

Issues observed

Scuppers without extensions at battered walls and windows

Poorly adhered rubber sheeting at parapet

Pipe canals separating at parapet

Unsupported conduit

EFIS damage at parapets



Facility Assessment

Structure: Roofs, Ceilings Continued


Minor damage or tiles out of place in main building classrooms

Water damage at auditorium passage from gym

Mold at room 208

Repaint ceilings at restrooms and building support spaces


Facility Assessment

Accessibility/Safety: Doors, Corridors, Egress, Stairs, Glass

Classroom Wings

Exit signs not visible at curved corridors

Fire extinguishers not in recessed

Damaged linoleum at tall windows and exterior doors

Main Building

Kick plates and bumpers needed at several locations

Low lighting levels

Narrow corridor width (6 ft. Vs. 8 ft)

Lack of fire extinguishers

Motion detectors above doors

Fire alarm pulls not close to exits

Handrail at ramp not secure


Facility Assessment

Mechanical Systems Issues

Poor ventilation

50% of the classrooms in the classroom addition

Boy’s restrooms

Difficult to control temperature


Teacher lounge/art room

Administration area

Restroom in main building

Hazardous conditions

Wall heater at kitchen restroom

Wall heaters in restrooms, disconnected but not removed

Lack of exhaust system and shut-offs for kiln, also limited clearance

Ducts blowout black dust in gym


Facility Assessment

Electrical Systems

Fire Alarm System

Proprietary fire alarm system is no longer supported locally, and costly to maintain

Security Alarm System

Additional motion detectors needed at classroom addition

Lighting Systems

Several light fixtures in building support spaces do not have covers or wire guards

Lighting levels dim at main building corridors

Art room does not have full-spectrum lighting


Facility Assessment


Counters, backsplash, and sink replacement needed at most classrooms in main building

Fixtures at the kitchen restroom need replacement

Availability of hot water is inconsistent in the main building

Scald protection needed at teacher lounge/art room


Facility Assessment


3 sq. ft. per student, and a minimum of 700 net sq. ft. is required

The media classroom totals 638 sq. ft. and is too small for the population served


Facility Assessment


Janitorial storage spaces should be used only for cleaning supplies and equipment. General storage items should be removed

A fire-rated storage cabinet is needed for flammables

Tools and supplies for landscape maintenance was not observed

Several storage rooms and janitor closets need wire guards at light fixtures

Most general storage rooms are filled with unorganized items. Smaller items should be stored on shelves


Facility Assessment

Site and Building Organization

The main entrance is obvious and marked with building signage

The location of spaces from the commons in the main building is somewhat confusing

Core areas are co-located in the main building

Most core spaces can be expanded

The library can not expand without impacting interior space


Facility Assessment

Ability to Support After School and Community Use

~6,000 sq. ft., or 15% of the school is used for after school activities

After activities are located in the gym, library, and classroom 203

Occasionally the school is used for community meetings


Facility Assessment

Classrooms: Size

Kindergarten (1000 s.f. w/ aide for 20 students and 750 w/o aide for 15 students; 40 s.f. dedicated storage)

Question: How many students are in each of the kindergarten classrooms?

One doesn’t have enough dedicated storage

1st – 3rd Grade (704 s.f. for 22 students with 44 s.f. dedicated storage)

Classrooms used for 1st – 3rd grade exceed the state minimum requirements

3 do not have enough dedicated storage


Facility Assessment

Classrooms: Size Continued

4th – 5th Grade (768 s.f. for 24 students with 48 s.f. dedicated storage)

Classrooms used for 4th – 5th exceed the state minimum requirements

Classrooms do not have enough dedicated storage

6th Grade (672 s.f. for 24 students with 48 s.f. dedicated storage)

Classrooms use for 6th grade exceed the state minimum requirements

Classrooms do not have enough dedicated storage



Facility Assessment

Classrooms: Condition

High windows typically need blinds

No power or data at the ceiling to support computer-driven projector

Not enough power receptacles

Additional data needed for student computers

Counters and backsplash panels need to be replaced (main building)

Carpet needs deep cleaning or replacement

Lack of built-in storage, cubbies, and coat hooks (classroom wing)

Mice (particularly at classroom wing)


Facility Assessment

Classrooms: Condition Continued

Classroom 205 and 208

Rooms tested positive for mold in 2007

It appears damage has been addressed


Facility Assessment

Classrooms: Teaching Aids

Classrooms typically need

Additional storage furniture

Counter replacement

Additional power and data

TVs and DVDs




Facility Assessment

Special Education: Classroom Size, Characteristics

There is no Special Ed. Office, testing room, or conference space


Space is less than 450 sq. ft.

Not enough dedicated storage

The space needs filing cabinets, hand wash sink, secure storage, equipment storage, and a ceiling hook for swing


Resource rooms are in three full sized classrooms

The District endorses inclusion in the classrooms; the general classrooms are sized for full inclusion

Some pull-out space is recommended


There is no kitchenette or accessible unisex restroom


Facility Assessment

Fine Arts: Classroom Size, Characteristics – Music (Auditorium)

The passage from the gym has no heating, cooling, or adequate ventilation

There is concern about mold growth at the water damaged carpet

There are not enough power receptacles at the perimeter walls

There is no power or data for ceiling-mounted computer-driven projection

A portable projection screen is set up on stage

Carpet at seating risers needs replacement. The addition of contrasting material is needed at aisle ways


Facility Assessment

Fine Arts: Classroom Size, Characteristics – Music (Auditorium) Continued

Flood lights are used to illuminate the stage

Dedicated storage is needed for instruments, music stands, and instruction materials

Movable stairs that provide access to the stage need handrails



Facility Assessment

Fine Arts: Classroom Size, Characteristics – Visual Arts

The teacher’s lounge is used for art instruction

As an art space the room lacks

North day lighting and full spectrum lighting for detail work

Utility sink with clay trap

Supplies and project storage

Workspace for students and instructors

The kiln is located is a small storage closet that lacks

Appropriate exhaust

Emergency shut-off

Drying racks

Adequate clearance


Facility Assessment

Library: Size and Characteristics

The library area totals 1789 square feet (1000 s.f. is required for the student population)

The library is well equipped and functional

The story area is very small

Issues include

Low light levels

Lack of natural light

Media projection system

No staff development area

Lack of cabinets and counter space for book repair


Facility Assessment

Physical Education: Size and Characteristics

The gymnasium totals 3321 square feet, 2750 square feet is required

The gym doubles as dining space for the cafeteria

The gym lacks the following spaces

Instructor office

Equipment storage

Separate entry vestibule

The space lacks the following

Network connection

Public address system

Power at all 4 walls

Protective padding behind goals

2 additional basketball goals and cross-court markings


Bleachers limit full use of the court area

Controls are not protected from tampering

The ceiling height is < 20 feet


Facility Assessment

Food Services: Size and Characteristics

The gym provides 3321 square feet for dining

The kitchen and serving area totals 1457 square feet which is adequate for the population served

The kitchen is very clean, well organized, and has good circulation patterns


There is no thermostat in the area

Staff can not hear each other when the fan is on

Several light fixtures need covers


Facility Assessment

Food Services: Size and Characteristics Continued

Natural light is limited to a door lite

The warmer and refrigerator are not located behind the serving line

There is no grease trap

The valve on the steam kettle is broken

Interior doors need kick plates and wall bumpers

The serving line is not accessible


Facility Assessment

Administration: Size and Characteristics

Required administration space, for a student population of 254, totals 531 sq.ft., plus 254 sq.ft. for student health and 254 sq.ft. for faculty work space

Administration space totals 245 sq.ft., student health, counseling, and ancillary space totals 441 sq.ft., and the teacher workroom totals 742 sq.ft.

Administrative spaces are not co-located, are not positioned to maximize administrative supervision, and are in fair condition


Facility Assessment

Administration: Size and Characteristics Continued

Issue include:

The Principal’s office is located in a classroom and isolated from the administration area

No reception/waiting area

No conference room

No records storage

No parent room

Dim light levels

Finishes that need to be replaced

The counselor office is very small and lacks natural light

The small restroom off the counselor’s office is not accessible and is in fair condition



Facility Assessment

School Image and Environment

Atalaya Elementary School is nestled in a low-density residential area in the foothills at the east end of Santa Fe

The school buildings are setback from the street and screened with natural occurring trees and shrubs

The architectural design of the main building and classroom wing are complimentary

The exterior of the main building has sustained water damage, primarily from roof drain components that do not work properly

The joint use park appears to be part of the school