sen reform the new send code of practice and early years settings n.
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SEN Reform The new SEND Code of Practice and Early Years Settings PowerPoint Presentation
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SEN Reform The new SEND Code of Practice and Early Years Settings

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SEN Reform The new SEND Code of Practice and Early Years Settings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEN Reform The new SEND Code of Practice and Early Years Settings. June 2014 Conference. SEND Code of Practice 2014 (effective September). It is STATUTORY guidance that must be followed by: All educational settings Local Authorities Health bodies

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SEN Reform The new SEND Code of Practice and Early Years Settings

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. SEN Reform Worcestershire SEN ReformThe new SEND Code of Practice and Early Years Settings June 2014 Conference

    2. SEN Reform Worcestershire SEND Code of Practice 2014(effective September) It is STATUTORY guidance that must be followed by: • All educational settings • Local Authorities • Health bodies Settings must have regard to the code from 1st September 2014

    3. SEN Reform Worcestershire What is it trying to achieve? • To ensure SEN is picked up at the earliest opportunity • To support staff to have the knowledge, understanding and skills to identify early and intervene appropriately • To ensure parents know what to expect from a service, and also what services are available • High aspirations for all children

    4. SEN Reform Worcestershire What is different? • New age range 0-25 • Greater focus on the views of children and young people and their role in decision-making. • Guidance on joint planning and commissioning of services across the agencies. • Statements for complex children to be replaced with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) • Personal Budgets • New guidance on the support that children should receive within settings. • Local Offer

    5. SEN Reform Worcestershire Greater focus on…… • EY Settings to support the LA in identifying children with SEN • Greater focus on all agencies (including EY’s) working together to support children and families • High quality provision and high expectations • SEND Tribunals

    6. SEN Reform Worcestershire Personal budgets “An amount of money identified by the LA to deliver part of the OUTCOMES set out in EHC plan”. • Must have an EHC plan to request personal budget • Must meet LA criteria and support the outcomes listed

    7. SEN Reform Worcestershire Where do the Personal Budgets come from? Health Education (High Needs Block) Social Care

    8. SEN Reform Worcestershire How will it be administered? Personalised to each individual family • EHC plan will look at what is needed and what is available in the county • Facilitator or Lead Professional will support parents • Panel of professionals to agree requests meet criteria and allocate resources • Different delivery methods depending on individual family circumstances

    9. SEN Reform Worcestershire Specific to Early Years Chapter 5 of the Code All settings required to support early identification, through 2 sets of developmental checks: • Check at age 2 – advise Early Support Tracking • Check at age 5 – EYFS Profile Should monitor and review progress regularly 6-8 weeks in Early Years.

    10. SEN Reform Worcestershire Specific to maintained early years provision MUST • Use their best endeavours to ensure that the necessary provision is made for any child with SEN • Co-operate with the LA in developing the Local offer • Designate a NAMED SENCo who has a teacher and SENCo qualification • Ensure children participate fully in all activities as far as possible • Publish info on a SEN policy and access for disabled children

    11. SEN Reform Worcestershire Specific to non-maintained… To have and implement policies on promoting equality of opportunity. To abide by Equality Act 2010: • must make reasonable adjustments to include children with SEND • must not discriminate against or harass children with SEND To involve parents and child as fully as possible in decisions that affect them.

    12. SEN Reform Worcestershire Non-maintained… • Named SENCorequired as part of EYFS framework (but no minimum qualification required in PVI.) • Best practice dictates a SENCo should be an experienced and confident member of staff.

    13. SEN Reform Worcestershire Role of SENCo • “ensuring all practitioners in the setting understand their responsibilities to children with SEN and the settings approach to identifying and meeting SEN” • “advising and supporting colleagues” • “ensuring parents are closely involved throughout and that their insights inform action taken by the setting” • “liaising with professionals from beyond the setting.”

    14. SEN Reform Worcestershire Change in terminology.. • EYA/EYA+ has been replaced with the Graduated Response. • Terminology around ‘behaviour’ has been removed and replaced with Social, Emotional and Mental Health • Policies will need to be updated to reflect the changes

    15. SEN Reform Worcestershire Graduated Response Activity 4 x paper titled: • Assess • Plan • Do • Review Case study – 3 year old with S&L delay of 6-8 months in expressive language. SaLT involved.

    16. SEN Reform Worcestershire ASSESS Observations, tracking, info from parents, Red Book etc (Passports, all about me, registration documents, development matters tracking, Early Support Family File, ABC charts for behaviour) PLAN Strategies and activities to support development, look at the next steps in development with SENCo, parents and key person. (Provision maps, IEP’s, Early Support EYFS tracking, targets from outside agencies)

    17. SEN Reform Worcestershire DO Carry out activities set out in IEP etc, observe throughout to record successes/difficulties, track progress (Early Support Tracking – are skills emerging, secure etc, what goals have been achieved?) REVIEW Meet with parents, SENCo and Key person, have targets been met, next steps agreed (IPM/IEP review form, EYFS Early Support Tracking for next steps, new IEP’s produced)

    18. SEN Reform Worcestershire Graduated Approach WHOLE SETTING APPROACH All children – EYFS Development Matters Some children – EYFS Early Support Tracking in 1 area Few children – WYFS Early Support Tracking in ALL areas The Graduated Response may look different for each child – it should be individualised support.

    19. SEN Reform Worcestershire Ordinarily Available • That which is available for ALL children to access • EYSFF Inclusion Supplement Guidance is the Ordinarily Available offer within Early Years settings. • Set’s baseline of best practice and demonstrates the graduated response to meeting children’s needs.

    20. SEN Reform Worcestershire Worcestershire Changes • EYSFF Inclusion Supplement Guidance has been amended. - Graduated Response 1,2,3,4 • Inclusion Supplement included in personal budgets

    21. SEN Reform Worcestershire Code of Practice Categories for Inclusion Supplement

    22. SEN Reform Worcestershire New Exceptional Early Years Funding Level For handful of very complex children who meet criteria: • Deferred or delayed entry into school for matters of SEN • Parents turn down specialist provision in favour of mainstream • EHCP/Statement in place MUST BE SUPPORTED BY CHAIR OF PRE-SCHOOL FORUM

    23. SEN Reform Worcestershire Process…..

    24. SEN Reform Worcestershire Descriptors of needs and provision activity Use the descriptors to categorise the children for funding purposes.

    25. SEN Reform Worcestershire

    26. SEN Reform Worcestershire Other changes: MONITORING: • No requirement to upload evidence every term • Included in 30% NEF Audits • If supported by team, they will monitor evidence and impact during general visits. • Provision map for all children on Graduated Response1 FUNDING PANEL: • Applications can be uploaded to Edulink to save on special delivery postage costs.

    27. SEN Reform Worcestershire More changes…. PAYMENTS: • Will be paid with ‘actual’ NEF payments or adjusted in next term. • 0-3 non NEF payments will also be made via the provider portal. • Contracts required for non NEF and OOS funding only. • OOS payments will be made separately.

    28. SEN Reform Worcestershire Support for settings • Flowchart with embedded documents to be included with guidance. • Inclusion Supplement Calculator. • Expansion of web based resources to support practitioners.

    29. SEN Reform Worcestershire SEND Code of Practice Sessions All FREE and 19:00 - 21:00 • Worcester 01/07/2014 • Bromsgrove 02/07/2014 • Wychavon 03/07/2014 • Redditch 08/07/2014 • Malvern 09/07/2014 • Wyre Forest 10/07/2014

    30. SEN Reform Worcestershire Further dates……… September 2014 Bromsgrove Thursday 25th Friday 26th Venue tbc and Worcester Race Course Saturday morning 26th Half day events FREE OF CHARGE

    31. SEN Reform Worcestershire Comments about document…. Please email Becky White directly: Or call 01905 822685

    32. SEN Reform Worcestershire Next Steps for settings……. • Update policies to reflect new terminology • Combine existing policies into ‘Equality of Opportunity’ policy. • Discuss with staff team and agree the graduated response cycle within your setting • Disseminate info to team on main changes to SEND Code of Practice • Understand the changes to funding terminology and process READY FOR 1st SEPTEMBER