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Alphabetic Filing Procedures

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Alphabetic Filing Procedures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alphabetic Filing Procedures. OT 122 Chapter Three. Objectives. Perform the 6 steps involved in processing correspondence and other documents Index records for key words Process requests to charge out records Color-code names in an alphabetic file.

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alphabetic filing procedures

Alphabetic Filing Procedures

OT 122

Chapter Three

  • Perform the 6 steps involved in processing correspondence and other documents
  • Index records for key words
  • Process requests to charge out records
  • Color-code names in an alphabetic file
alphabetic correspondence filing procedures
Alphabetic CorrespondenceFiling Procedures
  • Step 1 – Inspecting
    • Making sure the record has been released for filing
      • Is everyone done with the record?
      • Release mark?
        • Symbol placed on a record indicating that the record is ready to be filed
        • Often initials
        • Tickler, Pending, Follow-up, etc., means that the record can be filed, but needs to be pulled again on a certain date
        • Form Letter Sent or Reply Sent indicate that action was taken
      • Date stamp of date it was filed
alphabetic correspondence filing procedures1
Alphabetic CorrespondenceFiling Procedures
  • Step 2 – Indexing
    • Decide which name to use to file record and the order of the units
    • Depends on whether the record is incoming or outgoing
    • Get to read everything!
    • For records that have come IN to the company (incoming)
      • Use most important name
      • Usually letterhead, or signature line
      • If both, use company name
      • Make sure the letterhead is related to the correspondence (business vs. personal)
alphabetic correspondence filing procedures2
Alphabetic CorrespondenceFiling Procedures
  • For records that are LEAVING the company (outgoing)
    • Hard copies are filed when not saved electronically or in addition to
    • Records must be identified as copies (since originals were…sent!)
    • Indexed by company or person sent TO
      • Same rule as incoming – if both a company and person name, use company
    • No need for release marks
alphabetic correspondence filing procedures3
Alphabetic CorrespondenceFiling Procedures
  • Step 3 – Cross-Referencing
    • If the BODY of the letter contains an important name, cross-reference it
  • Step 4 – Coding
    • Marking the units in the name or subject under which a record will be filed
    • Huh?
    • Just different marks…
      • Underline and number as we did on the cards
alphabetic correspondence filing procedures4
Alphabetic CorrespondenceFiling Procedures
      • Place a wavy line under the key unit and number other units in the cross-referenced name, if any
      • Place an ‘X’ in the right margin of the record as a reminder to cross-reference, if there are any
      • Complete a cross-reference sheet
      • If the cross-referenced name does not appear anywhere on the document, rewrite it near the letterhead, code it, and place an ‘X’ in the right margin
  • Step 5 – Sorting
    • Sort items into alphabetic piles
alphabetic correspondence filing procedures5
Alphabetic CorrespondenceFiling Procedures
  • Step 6 – Filing
    • File according to 10 alphabetic rules from last chapter
    • Papers should be in ‘reading’ position
    • Staple instead of paper clip
    • File in Individual or General folders
      • Individual folders are used for 3 or more pieces of correspondence that pertain to the same person or business
        • (Create a folder for that person or business!)
alphabetic correspondence filing procedures6
Alphabetic CorrespondenceFiling Procedures
    • General folders are filed behind the individual folders, and contain documents for each letter that don’t have more than 2 pieces relating to a specific name or company
      • (All of the random As, Bs, etc.)
  • With both Individual and General, file the most recent document on top, or toward the front of the file
scanning paper records
Scanning Paper Records
  • Wave of the future
  • Converts paper records to digital format
  • Initial conversion is often done by outside firm
  • Questions must be answered to decide if this is the right move!
using pdf technology
Using PDF Technology
  • Portable Document Format
  • Adobe Acrobat is popular reader, and is FREE
  • Compatible with Macs and PCs
  • Cheap way to get things on the Web
  • Reduces the size of large documents
  • Highly resistant to viruses
  • Can be made secure from content being changed or edited
filing forms alphabetically
Filing Forms Alphabetically
  • Most documents will be filed alphabetically, not just correspondence
    • Application forms
      • filed by applicant’s name
    • Faxes
    • Invoices
      • Often filed by sender ONCE PAID
    • Minutes
      • Filed under the name of the board chairperson
    • Resumes
      • Filed under candidate’s name
    • Spreadsheets
      • Filed under accounting firm
    • Microfiche
      • Filed according to caption at top in special file
  • Check Your Understanding
    • 10 minutes
    • Turn in
  • Practical Application 3B
indexing records for key words
Indexing Records for Key Words
  • Key Word Indexing
    • An alternative way to locate records
    • Sometimes a feature of records management software
    • Otherwise, key word has to be selected by user
    • Is 1-5 words that captures subject or content
    • Can be a name or proper noun
  • Practical Application 3C
  • Parts 1 and 2
handling requests to charge out records and follow up
Handling Requests to Charge Out Records and Follow Up
  • When people want to borrow files…
    • What record is leaving?
    • Who is taking it?
    • When is it being taken?
    • When will it be back
    • Sometimes…WHY does this person need it?
  • Practical Application 3D
color coding alphabetic files
Color-Coding Alphabetic Files
  • Easy to spot misfiles
  • Check Your Understanding, page 53
    • New sheet of paper
    • Write in correct order, then two colors
    • 10 minutes
    • ON YOUR OWN!!!
    • To be turned in