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Technology. How it Impacts Student Achievement By, Jens Jacobsen. School Vision.

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How it Impacts Student Achievement

By, Jens Jacobsen

school vision
School Vision

Our vision is to “utilize all of our combined talents and abilities, along with the best practices from colleagues and sources everywhere, to provide an effective, safe and supportive learning organization where all students will graduate, meeting all standards necessary to achieve academic, personal and social success.”

first puzzle piece studentacademic achievement
First Puzzle Piece: StudentAcademic Achievement

Kulik’s Study on Academic Achievement

Passing Percentile

(Kulik, 2003)

third puzzle piece staff development
Third Puzzle Piece: Staff Development
  • “Technology is and will be increasingly used to collect critical student data and program information needed for both instructional planning and analysis of learning outcomes”(Cradler, 2002).
fourth puzzle piece preparation for the real world
Fourth Puzzle Piece: Preparation for the "Real World"
  • We now live in a world where work is not a 9 to 5 job, but more so a 24 to 7 job because of technology.
  • Instruction in the classroom demands higher-level thinking, problem solving, practice, cooperative learning and many other things. Technology could and should be incorporated in every area possible.
in conclusion
In Conclusion…

The School’s






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