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Trigonometric Graphs in Nature Photo Project. Maria Juarez Period 3. Sine Graph. Sine Graph. Y=sinx. In the image you can see sine graph on the reflection of the mountain through the lake. Cosine Graph. Y=cosx.

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Sine graph

Sine Graph

Sine Graph


In the image you can see sine graph on the reflection of the mountain through the lake.

Cosine graph
Cosine Graph

  • Y=cosx

The reflection of the building with triangle roof through the water shows us the cosine graph.

Tangent graph


In the first image the side walk is shaped as a tangent.

The second image you can see the boy body shape as a tangent.

Tangent Graph

Cosecant graph
Cosecant graph


The road sign shows the consecant graph

Second image is a garden and one of the walking path it’s the shape of a cosecant.

Secant graph
Secant Graph


The image of the sad face shows secant through the faces eyes and the frown.

Contangent graph


Contangent graph

The girls curve show contangent on the left side of her hip.

Amplitude shift
Amplitude shift

The heart monitor shows the amplitude shift.

Period change
Period change

The mountain shows period change. The form in it goes up like a hill then comes down doing the same pattern over.

Vertical shift
Vertical Shift

The image shown on the right are lined up cupcakes and you could see vertical.