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YouthLink. A Tutorial for Case Management Entities.

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A Tutorial for Case Management Entities

YouthLink is an electronic file created and maintained by the CSA. YouthLink identifies children, youth and young adults referred for Out of Home Treatment Services; it allows for appropriate placement by accurately matching the Intensity of Service (IOS) needs, the Provider Information and program capacity.


cyber login
  • Enter your login name and password into the CYBER Login screen below:


The browser cache is the internet explorer browsing history.

cyber welcome screen
CYBER Welcome Screen
  • Once at the Welcome Screen, select the Youth/Child Search button on the button bar on the left;


case management contact information
Case Management Contact Information
  • Prior to submitting the OOH Referral Request, the CM should review/update their contact information (especially the telephone number) in the Systems Functions/Manage Access section.
  • This information is populated in the OOH Referral Request’s Demographics Page.

First Select

Then Select

Verify/Update Contact Information and Select Save

out of home ooh referral request1
Out of Home (OOH) Referral Request
  • From the main search screen, enter the child’s record and then select the Treatment Plans Assessments button.
  • From the Treatment Plans Assessments screen, select the “Add New OOH” button.


complete the ooh referral request
Complete the OOH Referral Request

Upon completing the OOH Referral Request, select save and submit;

Case Management has the ability to print the OOH Referral Request document for their records;

The print function should be selected prior to submission.


submission hierarchy1
Submission Hierarchy
  • Upon submission, the OOH Referral Request is

received at the CSA.

  • The Referral Request is reviewed within 1 business

day by a clinical Care Coordinator;

  • If approved, an IOS determination is made by CSA;
  • The “Send to YouthLink” process will auto-assign the Referral Request to providers with an exact match IOS and Provider Information criteria. The referral will appear as ‘Assigned’ in the Provider Queue.


submission hierarchy2
Submission Hierarchy
  • If the OOH Referral Request is not approved, the CSA returns the request to the referring CM entity requesting additional/updated information.
  • The returned OOH Referral Request will appear in the Approve Treatment Plans box of the person who submitted it.
  • The CM entity will add/update the requested information and resubmit to the CSA.
navigating youthlink
Navigating YouthLink

To enter YouthLink, select the “OOH Treatment” button from the button bar on the left side of the CYBER Welcome Screen;

Once you have selected this button, YouthLink will open;

The names that appear in the grid are user-specific (i.e., only the children assigned to your CM entity);


youth link
Youth Link

YouthLink displays all active open OOH Referral Requests in a grid format which includes the following items:

Referral # - The unique number assigned to each submitted OOH Referral Request

Status of Referral (Open, Assign, Review, etc.);

Youth/Child ID – Cyber ID #

Youth/Child Name – First and Last Name

Gender – Male or Female


Case Management Entity – The CM entity who submitted the OOH Referral Request

Intensity of Service

Days on YouthLink

Created Date – The date the OOH Referral was sent to YouthLink

Specifiers (14)

Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column heading;


youthlink status
YouthLink - Status

Open – Youth is open and available for OOH placement. This status indicates that this referral has not been forwarded to any provider for review or action.

Assign – Youth is assigned to an OOH provider that matches the Intensity of Services need.

Review – The OOH provider is reviewing the OOH Referral Information.

Awaiting Information (AwInfo) – An OOH provider is requesting additional information from the CM entity.

Meet and Greet (MeetGr) – The youth has been scheduled for a Meet and Greet interview with an OOH provider.

Accept – Youth has been accepted for admission by an OOH provider.

Not Accept – The OOH Referral has been reviewed and the youth has not been accepted for admission by an OOH provider.



Referral Requests on Youth Link that are exact matches to a Out of Home Providers PIF will be auto assigned to their Provider Queue and the Out of Home Treatment provider will have the ability to review the OOH Referral Request and contact the CM entity for further information;

If a referral was auto assigned by the CSA, there will be an indication under the Auto Assigned Heading in the Provider Queue. (The provider queue can only be viewed by the provider, not the CM entity);


viewing providers assigned
Viewing Providers Assigned

In YouthLink view, when a user selects a child's referral by single clicking on the referral number, a grid listing of OOH providers that are currently assigned to that child will appear at the bottom of the screen. This section is called Provider Status.

Providers also have the ability to manually assign themselves to a child’s referral.

The grid listing includes the following information:

Referral number


Reason Description

Site Name

Contact Name

Contact Phone Number

Contact Email

Member Name

Days in Provider Queue

IOS Determination Date

Date to Provider Queue

Status Date

Specifiers (15)


provider status not accept
Provider Status (Not Accept)
  • Once an OOH provider has reviewed the OOH Referral request and decided to ‘Not Accept’ the youth, a denial reason must be selected.
  • There are a list of 12 denial reason codes; the provider will select the most appropriate and enter a mandatory 50-character minimum open text denial reason comment.
  • The denial reason description code will appear to the CM entity in the Provider Status section of the YouthLink grid.
  • The Provider status page is printable by selecting the print button.
  • The printability is available as a CYBER generated report or can be exported to Excel or Acrobat (PDF).
scheduled and admit status
Scheduled and Admit Status
  • Once the youth has been accepted to a program and an admission date is scheduled, the YouthLink status will be changed to Scheduled;
  • Once the youth is officially admitted, the status will be changed to Admit;
  • Both Scheduled and Admit statuses remove the youth and the OOH referral request from the YouthLink view; the CM entity will be able to view these statuses in the status filter.
viewing the ooh referral request
Viewing the OOH Referral Request

The CM entity has the ability to view the OOH Referral Request by double clicking on the referral number in the grid.

CM entity now has the ability to access the youth’s facesheet and CYBER record from the Youth Link screen.


canceling ooh referral request ycm cmo ucm
Canceling OOH Referral Request (YCM, CMO, UCM)

To cancel the request for an OOH placement, first select the referral on YouthLink;

Next, select the CANCEL REFERRAL REQUEST button;

A window will open prompting you to select a reason for cancellation from the drop down list and enter an explanation in the text box. Open-text is only mandatory when “other” is selected from the dropdown selections.


canceling ooh referral requests ycm cmo ucm
Canceling OOH Referral Requests (YCM, CMO, UCM)

Cancellation Reasons:

Child no longer needs OOH Treatment

Child will remain at current placement

Child moved out of state

Child already placed in DCBHS OOH treatment

Child placed in Non DCBHS placement


Upon completion of the cancellation request, the OOH referral is removed from YouthLink and the status is changed to CANCEL.

The status of CANCEL is viewable to the CM, CSA and DCBHS by clicking status filter on the YouthLink Screen. Once cancelled, the referral will be automatically removed from all provider queue’s and YouthLink view.

Once the cancellation reason is submitted, a progress note will be auto-generated in the youth’s record reflecting this information.


canceling ooh referral requests dyfs only cases
Canceling OOH Referral Requests (DYFS only cases)
  • If DYFS would like to cancel an OOH referral request, they shall e-mail PerformCare at [email protected];
  • This e-mail should include the youth’s ID# and reason for OOH cancellation (child no longer needs OOH treatment, child will remain at current placement, child moved out-of-state, child already placed in DCBHS treatment, child placed at a non-DCBHS placement, other);
  • PerformCare shall check this e-mail twice per day;
  • Upon receipt of e-mail, PerformCare shall document confirmation of the OOH referral cancellation in the youth’s progress notes and manually cancel the youth’s OOH referral on Youth Link;
continued need for ooh treatment ycm cmo ucm
Continued Need for OOH Treatment (YCM, CMO, UCM)

If a child is on YouthLink for more than 45 days, you will be required to enter a progress note confirming that OOH treatment is still being sought:

The Continued Need Progress Note must include the following:

1) Child’s current location;

2) Presenting barriers toward securing

OOH treatment;

An automated process will check for the Continued Need Progress Note every 45 days that a child is active on YouthLink. The Continued Need progress note must be entered at minimum every 45 days, the CM entity can enter this note more often, if desired.

If the Continued Need Progress Note is not found within the 45 day time range the referral request will be removed from YouthLink.


reposting to youthlink ycm cmo ucm
Reposting to YouthLink (YCM, CMO, UCM)

If a child is auto-removed from Youth Link, the CM entity may request that the referral be reposted to YouthLink.

To request a repost, the CM entity should enter a Continued Need for OOH treatment progress note.

The reposted OOH Referral Request will retain the original referral # and YouthLink create date;

If the OOH Referral Request was completed more than 90 days prior to the request to repost, the CM entity must submit a new OOH Referral Request to the CSA. Once the new OOH Referral request is reviewed and approved by the CSA, the referral will be posted to Youthlink with a new referral number and date.


continued need for ooh treatment dyfs only cases
Continued Need for OOH Treatment (DYFS only cases)
  • DYFS shall e-mail PerformCare confirming that there is a continued need for OOH treatment at minimum every 45 days at [email protected];
  • This e-mail should include the following information, 1) youth’s physical location at the time of the progress note, and 2) presenting barriers toward securing OOH placement.
  • The CSA shall check this e-mail twice daily.
  • PerformCare shall document the e-mail contents in the youth’s progress notes and enable the referral to remain on Youth Link until the next 45-day continued need for OOH treatment notification.
reposting to youthlink dyfs only cases
Reposting to YouthLink (DYFS only cases)
  • If DYFS does not submit this e-mail within the 45-day window, they will have the ability to “repost” the referral between days 46-90 via e-mail;
  • After day 90, DYFS must complete a new telephonic review;
  • If case is dually involved, it is the responsibility of the DCBHS case management entity (YCM, CMO, UCM) to maintain the youth’s referral on YouthLink;
provider geo mapping
Provider Geo Mapping

To view an Interactive NJ State Map of OOH providers, select the Map button next to the referral.

The map displays OOH provider locations and the current location of the child.

Different types of OOH treatment settings can be displayed by checking or unchecking the facility type options.

Select a provider location on the map to view the name, address location, contact information, # of beds and the # of admitted children.

The map can calculate the distance between the child’s location and the explored facility, by placing the cursor over the flag that maps the facility.


joint care reviews jcr s
Joint Care Reviews (JCR’s)

Once a child has been admitted to an OOH program, the OOH provider is required to submit a Joint Care Review (JCR) that is developed in collaboration with the CM and CFT for continued OOH treatment. The initial JCR is due 120 days after the admission date (60 days for IRTS);

The JCR and the associated Strength and Needs (S&N) will be submitted to the CM entity. The S&N must be written within the last 30 days;

CM will have view only access to the JCR and S&N;

CM will have the ability to approve the JCR or select No and add a comment note reflecting why CM is not in agreement and what is missing or inaccurate.


joint care reviews continued
Joint Care Reviews (continued)
  • CM will then submit the JCR to the CSA for review;
  • If CM does not submit the JCR to the CSA within 72 calendar hours of receipt, it will automatically route to the CSA;
  • The approval history will reflect auto-route;
  • The CSA will make an authorization determination within 5 calendar days of receipt of the JCR;
  • If the JCR is not approved, it will be returned back to the OOH provider for requested amendments and submission back to the CSA through the organization submission hierarchy.
transitional joint care review tjcr
Transitional Joint Care Review (TJCR)

When the Child Family Team agrees that a transition from one OOH provider to another will best meet the needs of the child, a Transition JCR is created;

The TJCR and the associated Strength and Needs (S&N) will be submitted to the CM entity for review and approval;

CM will have view only access to the TJCR and S&N;

CM will have the ability to approve the TJCR or select No and add a comment note reflecting why CM is not in agreement and what is missing or inaccurate.


transition joint care review continued
Transition Joint Care Review (continued)
  • CM will then submit the TJCR to the CSA for review.
  • If the CM entity does not submit the TJCR to the CSA within 72 calendar hours of receipt, it will automatically route to the CSA.
  • If the TJCR is approved by the CSA it will be processed as an OOH Referral Request and posted on to YouthLink.
  • A Transition Progress Note must be entered by the CM confirming that they are in agreement with the transitional placement plan. TJCR will not be approved by the CSA unless this note is entered.
  • If the TJCR is not approved, it will be returned back to the OOH provider for requested amendments then submitted back to the CSA through the organization submission hierarchy.
discharge joint care review djcr
Discharge Joint Care Review (DJCR)

A Discharge JCR must be created and submitted when a child is discharged from an OOH treatment setting:

The DJCR and associated Strengths and Needs Assessment (done within the last 30 days) is submitted to the CM entity for review.

CM will have view only access to the DJCR;

CM will have the ability to approve the DJCR or select “No” and add a comment note reflecting they are not in agreement.

CM will then submit the DJCR to the CSA for review.

*If the CM entity does not submit the DJCR to the CSA within 72 calendar hours of receipt, it will automatically route to the CSA.

Within the DJCR, the OOH provider indicates an Actual Discharge in the Target Behaviors/Discharge Section of the DJCR. This date will be automatically entered in the Admissions Tab and will update Tracking Elements.


tips for case management
Tips for Case Management

In order to maintain a smooth Youth Link process, case management should practice the following:

  • CM’s are encouraged to “clean-up” their OOH Youth Link caseload on a regular basis by utilizing the “cancel referral” feature;
  • CM’s should update their contact information (ie-phone #) in CYBER as this info is shown in the demographics page of the OOH Referral Request (OOH providers use this to contact CM’s);
  • Upon Youth Link roll-out, CM’s should enter their 45-day “Continued Need for Placement” progress note on all OOH referral cases;
csa contact information
CSA Contact Information

For questions regarding YouthLink, please

contact the CSA: