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Studio gallery Spring 2011

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Studio gallery Spring 2011. Part two.

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When I create art, I am usually drawing something that I am interested in. I will usually use Google images to look up a topic until I find something that I like and think that I am capable of drawing. I use a variety of mediums, but usually stick to using one per piece of art that I create. Michael O’Brien


“Reflections”This painting was my first abstract watercolor piece. I like allowing the watercolor to form textures and create patterns in the colors. I used many colors and kept my brush strokes in unison for a more harmonious look.“Fireworks”This piece is an abstract version of a firework show over a lake. In this pastel, I used cool colors for the sky and body of water, and then I used warmer colors to depict the fireworks. Chelsea Knox


“Now that I have seen, I am responsible.Faith without deeds is dead.”-Brooke FraserThis quote best puts into words my passion for Africa. I wanted to create something that would embody my heart for Africa, as well as raise awareness to others. I used an old votive and painted a soft black acryllic around the once gold rims. Next, I coated the outside of the votive in mod podge. I then stuck a watercolored, red paper cut in the shape of Africa on the mod podge and again added a coat of mod podge. Elizabeth Tuegel


My creative process starts with getting in the zone, either by listening to music or flipping through a magazine until something colorful or interesting catches my eye. Once I find something interesting, I draw up a sketch and little by little add to what I want to create. As I am drawing I feel as though I am creating a puzzle, fitting in pieces to the design in order to complement the whole. Whenever I draw I almost always use a fine point sharpie pen, which provides me with the control I need in order to add detail to my drawings.

Orry Medina


I like to use materials that are interesting to me, and just different and random. I also like to reuse old materials I find to create something new. I chose to make an altered book for this project because I think it seemed like a great way to turn a beautiful old book into a new story. I learned of people making altered books for therapeutic reasons in the creative therapies class I took at OU. I decided I would attempt to make sort of a scrap book that tells about the story of my relationship with my boyfriend of seven years. It seemed like it could be almost a healing process for me because we have been going through a bit of a rough patch. I think it will be good to reflect on all the experiences we have been through together. I also used pictures, old ticket stubs, souvenirs, old match boxes, sea shells that we collected, an exacto knife, and a whole lot of glue stick. I am really enjoying finding all of the ways that I can alter this book to tell our story.

Amanda Walker


Being a classics major, I would naturally be interested in creating art through the mediums used by the ancients. After a suggestion from my instructor, I decided to work with plaster of Paris, a cement-like material that is easy to work with, cheap, and can look similar to marble. I chose to copy a fresco that I found riveting while taking a classical archaeology class. Before taking that class, I thought that ancient art looked dull, lackluster, very unattractive. But in one photo of a theatre mask, taken with proper lighting techniques, showed the true colors of the paint, which were vibrant and vivid, and it has since changed my opinion of the beauty of ancient art. Due to my inexperience with sculpting, I decided to only focus on the face of the mask, which depicts a powerful look of shock, fit for a tragic play.

Chris Hains


My artistic process consists of being inspired by someone, since I prefer to paint or draw portraits. I usually chose oil paint or chalk pastels because they seem to blend well. I have, however, experimented with other mediums, in Studio Art Therapy, such as plaster of Paris. I am currently attempting a small replica of a relief of the Greek muse Urania.

Vickie Thompson