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“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”. Pamela Doyle, Spokesperson, Director Fujitsu Computer Products of America AIIM Board of Directors and Chair, The TWAIN Working Group. Trends and Business Drivers. Costs Customer Continuity (Risks) Compliance (Governance).

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“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

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  1. “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” Pamela Doyle, Spokesperson, Director Fujitsu Computer Products of America AIIM Board of Directors and Chair, The TWAIN Working Group

  2. Trends and Business Drivers • Costs • Customer • Continuity (Risks) • Compliance (Governance)

  3. “Quarttrone Guilty on All 3 Counts” • “Martha Behind Bars” • “Ignorance is not Bliss for Execs On Trial” • “Enron: Portrait of Greed” • “CEO of a Public Pharmaceutical Co. Sentenced to 7 Years in Jail and Ordered to Pay $3M for Ordering Destruction of Documents”

  4. March, 2007 Former Lason Executives Get Time • Plead guilty to filing fraudulent quarterly reports • Former Chairman and CEO • 15 months in prison • 20 million in restitution • Former President and COO • 1 year in prison • 20 million in restitution

  5. Risk and Governance U.S. Guidelines • Government Paper Elimination Act • HIPAA • Gramm-Leich-Bliley • Sarbanes-Oxley • SEC 17a3-4 • Check 21 • Patriot Act • The Health Care Quality and Modernization, Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement Act • Data Protection Act • eDiscovery

  6. Defining Best Practices for Data Management and Security • Central to these regulations are: • Accessibility, • Privacy, and • Protection of Data

  7. The Solution • Enterprise Content Management, including document imaging, the capture component, as it provides real world solutions that enable organizations to manage information more efficiently, to secure confidential information and to ensure the physical protection of their data.

  8. Enterprise Content Management “The strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and documents related to key organizational processes.” AIIM International, 2006

  9. ECM – E = Enterprise ECM • Think like an environmentalist • Think globally, act locally • Think strategically, implement tactically

  10. ECM – C = Content ECM • All content, not just text documents, not just emails without attachments • How widely do you need to search & retrieve • Users inside & outside the organization

  11. ECM – M = Management ECM • Not just collecting & holding content, but actively managing it

  12. Content Exists in Numerous Formats • Graphics • Electronic • Sound • Video • Web Content • Email • FAX • Paper

  13. Facts about Electronic MailAIIM Industry Watch • Users spend 30% of their time in email • 70% of users use email to negotiate contracts and agreements • 84% use email to discuss operational or product strategies • 63% use email to discuss sensitive HR issues • Only 45% of user have a formal policy for email retention

  14. Facts about FAX and Paper • Manually faxing document takes an avg. of 8 min. • The avg. US Office Worker users over 10,000 sheets of paper per year • Paper Consumption has increased six-fold over the past 50 yrs. (YourSITE.com) • Typical office worker spends 40% of time looking for information • Professionals spend 150 looking for incorrectly filed documents (Enterprise Storage Group) • Avg. Organization loses 1 out of every 20 docs. • Avg. organization spends 25 hrs. recreating each lost document (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

  15. Software • Archive and Retrieval • Production Capture • OCR • ICR/OMR/Barcode • Forms Processing • FAX Management • Document Distribution • Key from Image • File to Image • eMail Management • Business Process Management (Workflow) • Image Enable • Enterprise Report Mgmt. • Information Management Compliance • Information Lifecycle Management

  16. Aidingwith Information Management • Convert Paper to Electronic Format • OCR/ICR/Barcode • Metadata • Full Text Search and Retrieval • Forms Processing • Author • Check-In/Out Privileges • Version Control • Audit Trail • Designated Privacy Administrator for Access Control • Remote Access • Simultaneous Access • IDR • BPM (Workflow) • Redundant Off Site Storage

  17. ECM Applications • Horizontal Applications: • Disaster recovery • Customer records management • Human resource records management • Processing forms • Document distribution • Document publication • Automating business processes

  18. ECM Applications • Education: • Student Records • HealthCare: • Patient Records • Claim Processing • Order Entry (Lab, etc.) • Clinical Data Repositories • Transportation: • Proof of Delivery • Legal: • Client Records • Case Reports • Government: • Historical Records • Parking Tickets • Compliance Documents • Police Department Records

  19. ECM Applications • Banking/Financial Services: • Proof of Deposit • Check Truncation • Signature Verification • New Account ID • Transaction Processing • Safe Deposit Contracts • Wire Transfer Documentation • Insurance: • Applications • Claims • Damage Inspections • Hospitality: • Charge Authorizations • Reservations • Retail/Manufacturing: • Contracts • Buyer Files • Sales Agreements • ISO Procedures

  20. Implementation Recommendations Identify An Information Intensive Business Problem Board Commitment Leverage Infrastructure RFP Training Get Educated Installation Retain Services Of VAR/SI (Demand P of H)

  21. Considerations • Backfile versus day forward implementation • Internal implementation versus using a third party (clear understanding of charge model) • Centralized versus decentralized • File formats • Shred versus off-site storage

  22. Return on Investment • Cut costs • Streamline business operations • Improved customer service • Ensure regulatory compliance • Guarantee business continuity

  23. Abbot Labs • Major pharmaceutical company that researches, develops, manufactures and markets drugs for prevalent medical conditions • Business problem: • Inundated with files and the paper intensive process required by the FDA to track a drug from research to market • Subject to unexpected inspections (must produce on demand) • Needed business continuity plan

  24. Abbot Labs • Solution: • Archive and Retrieval • Production Capture • OCR/ICR • LVP scanners (6) • MVP scanners (2) • ROI: • Increased efficiency by 18% • Cost savings ($.10 to copy/$.06 to image) • Decreased staff by 2 people (40K+) • Ensure protection of data

  25. City of San Diego • Local government’s data processing department is a non-profit public benefit corporation • Metropolitan Wastewater Department • Dept. deals with taking wastewater and discharging in the ocean after treatment (heavily regulated) • Problem: • Documentation regarding city’s adherence to state and federal standards must be instantly available for review

  26. City of San Diego • Solution: • Capture Software and MVP series scanners used to capture 88K pages per month • ROI: • Ability to capture wide range of documents (sizes and color) • Immediate access to documents • Ensures they are in regulatory compliance

  27. Self Memorial Hospital • Referral hospital (421 beds; 1,600 staff) • Problem: • Turnaround time for trauma patients was too long due to inability to find files quickly (250 boxes in hall with 3,000 documents) • HIPAA • Solution: • Scan to CD • 4 MVP scanners

  28. Self Memorial Hospital • ROI: • Faster patient response (10 min. vs. < 3 min.) • Reduced storage (elim. storing 150,000 docs. monthly) • Cost savings ($500K per year) • Faster retrieval and processing for HIPAA compliance

  29. Property Management Plus, Inc. • Company Overview: • San Jose, CA • 4 Person Property Mgmt. & Real Estate Co. • Serves clientele in greater SF Bay & international clientele in Australia, China, Israel, Japan, Philippines, & UK • Business Problem: • Highly paper intensive (agreements, photos, inspection reports, disclosures, etc.) • For regulatory purposes, physical file must be archived for up to 4 yrs. • Receive an avg. of 70 calls per day requiring immediate access to files

  30. Property Management Plus, Inc. • Relying on traditional information sharing (FAX, Postal & Courier Services) • Solution: • ScanSnap to digitize files to PDF for archiving and sharing via email • ROI: • Eliminate costs of faxing (1 doc. to Philippines $27 / Korea $36) (Saved thousands) • Eliminated courier minimum 7 day staggering value-add • PDF provide for vast ability to collaborate • Execute contracts faster resulting in company growth

  31. Universal Forest Products, Inc. • Company Overview: • Grand Rapid, MI • Fortune 1000 Manufacturer & Distributor of Wood & Wood Alternatives • 96 Facilities and 9,000 employees • Business Problem: • Much of their growth as a result of acquisitions • Result of growth was an increased need to store massive amounts of documents • Storing docs. consuming office space & they were paying for additional storage • Legal dept. needed a way to easily retrieve docs. that might be relevant to a case

  32. Universal Forest Products, Inc. • Solution: • Hyland’s Integrated Doc. Mgmt. & BPM Solution • Fujitsu fi-4120C Workgroup & fi-4530C Departmental scanners • Benefits: • Reduce time to access documents in legal from weeks to hours • Quickly reached minimum ROI to prove concept

  33. Universal Forest Products, Inc. • Business Problem in Payroll: • Needed to manage docs. For 9,000 employees in 100 locations • 40 different documents they needed to store, track and access frequently for employee files • Time to locate paper document about 15 minutes • 21 employees accessing 10 documents per day (est. cost $4,000 per wk. or $200,000 per yr.)

  34. Universal Forest Products, Inc. • Solution: • Kofax Ascent Capture and Fujitsu fi-4120 and fi-4350 scanners • ROI: • Cost slashed to zero by converting documents to electronic format giving employees instant access to documents

  35. Universal Forest Products, Inc. • Leverage Solution to Another Operational Issue -A Decentralized Accounts Payable Process: • 71 locations • Invoices lost or misplaced resulting overpayments or late fees • Invoice must be retain for 7 yrs. (previously stored in on-remise trailer – note fire in Canadian facility) • Solution: • Kofax distributed capture using separator sheets and barcode with vendor ID • Images sent via internet to central AP repository

  36. Universal Forest Products, Inc. ROI: • No more lost or misplaced invoices • Improved visibility for management regarding the AP process • Paper storage costs eliminated • Ensured physical protection of data • Substantial labor costs savings (71 AP employees freed for other tasks) • Still Gaining ROI: • “We have really just scratched the surface of this solution” • Contract management application is on the drawing boards

  37. DHL Americas • Company Overview: • Airborne Express (Acquired by DHL in 2003) • 50 years served business customers around the world • Time sensitive delivery letters, packages and freight to U.S. and more than 200 countries • Business Problem: • Processes invoices and related documents for over 30,000 suppliers • Manual process was slow and labor intensive • Manual processing often resulted in duplicate payments, fraudulent billing attempts and overpayments

  38. DHL Americas • Partner: • Sought knowledgeable VAR (ImageSource) to automate Accounts Payables process • Solution: • Capture – Kofax Ascent Capture • LOB – Stellent Application to image enable Oracle Financial System • Manage – Stellent for content storage, retrieval and workflow

  39. DHL Americas • ROI: • Streamlined AP processes (enhanced processing, accelerated cycle times, & increased user productivity) resulting in reduced operating costs • Workforce reduction • Eliminated cost and reliance on an outsourced microfilm service • Return on investment in 18 months

  40. Ruby Tuesday • Company Overview: • Headquarters in Maryville, TN • Founded over 30 years ago • Founded by Sandy Beall and four buddies with a vision for a restaurant with: • Quality, • Passion, and • Pride • Today: • Publicly owned • Traded on NYSE • 850+ co-owned and franchised restaurants • More than 38,000 team members • Operations throughout U.S. and Worldwide

  41. Ruby Tuesday • Business Problem: • Fast-growing company with distributed operations • Needed to eliminate costly and in-efficient paper-based processes • Weekly restaurants would ship week’s worth of paperwork to corporate for processing (HR documents, payroll forms & invoices) • 800 packages received on a given day • “FedExp boxes stacked to the rafters”

  42. Ruby Tuesday • Business Problem: • Accounts payable frequently took as long as six days to process • Typical AP issues: • Lost or misplaced documents resulting in duplicate payments or late fees • Average cost of processing manually $24 (.22 to $350) • Invoice volumes increasing

  43. Ruby Tuesday • Solution: • Forms Processing Solution with Web Capture Option (captures, classifies & accurately extracts the data from the 1500+ invoices each day) • Fujitsu fi-5120C scanners (800+ units) • ROI: • Accelerated AP process by 5 days • Reduced annual shipping costs • Reassign 50% of employees • ROI achieved in 18 months

  44. More Information • Case Studies and White Papers: • Fujitsu at www.fcpa.fujitsu.com • Industry Associations: • AIIM at www.aiim.org • Annual trade show • Local chapters • Certifications (ECM and ERM) • MarketPlace • Periodicals (DIR; eDoc; DOC1; & Business Solutions) • Channel Programs (Distributors)

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