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Advanced Traveler Information System

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Advanced Traveler Information System. Advanced Traveler Information for Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach Counties. PALM BEACH. BROWARD. MIAMI-DADE. Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS). Use ITS technologies to minimize urban congestion problems in South Florida.

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advanced traveler information system
Advanced TravelerInformation System

Advanced Traveler Information for Broward,

Miami-Dade, Monroe

and Palm Beach Counties




advanced traveler information systems atis
Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS)
  • Use ITS technologies to minimize urban congestion problems in South Florida.
  • Public partners are FDOT and MDX along with SmartRoute Systems as the ISP
  • Partners on the CIN Project include: Miami-Dade Transit, Broward County Transit, Palm Beach County Transit and South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
cin rto consumer information network regional transit organization

Consumer Information Network

Regional Transit Organization


What is CIN RTO?

An integrated regional public transportation database and system.

Incorporates routing, scheduling, fare information and transportation modality for Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Better enhances and coordinates public transportation for the consumer.


The FDOT 511 and CIN Connection

The CIN transit information system will be available through the 511 IVR as well through the FDOT Smart Traveler web site.

Combining traffic and public transit information better facilitates the goals of both organizations and provides the consumer with centralized traffic and transit information.


System Features

A centralized database for Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties as well as the Tri-Rail commuter rail system.

Regional and local trip planning by live operators using the INFO application.

Complaints and Lost and Found information managed by live operators using the COM application.

Regional and local trip planning by the consumer using a fully integrated web module.

Stops and Fares available to the consumer via IVR.


Integrated Data

Integrated regional public transportation database that contains routes, schedules and fares for all four Transit organizations.

Allows for sharing of data for regional trip planning and fares between the transit agencies.

Provides the consumer with a centralized point to fully and accurately plan trips across counties.


INFO Trip Planning Module

Allows agents to schedule, trip plan and provide service policy inquiries.

Includes features to ensure agents have the ability to replicate the way in which they search for and provide information to the riders without the assistance of computerized tools.

Capitalizes on the data contained within the agency's computerized scheduling system to enable call takers to deliver accurate and useful information to riders in a time efficient manner.


Complaints and Lost and Found

Complaint and recommendation system that will provide the consumer with a means for providing feedback on travel issues.

Discourteous behavior or exceptionally helpful behavior by transit employees, vehicle stop requests, and the failure of scheduled vehicles to show up at a scheduled location can all be reported and tracked.

Provides a means of recording, tracking, and responding to lost and/or found articles.


Trip Planning via the Internet

Consumer has direct access to trip and fare planning via the internet at the CIN RTO website.

Utilizes the same precise algorithms and integrated data as the INFO application.

Consumers have the same tools available to plan trips that live transit agents do.



Integrated into the regional 511 Traffic System IVR

Consumers can plan trips among the three counties participating in the CIN project .

Provides stop locations and times as well as fare information and the ability to be transferred to a live operator at any of the regional transit agencies.


Lessons Learned

Integration of data from multiple data formats.

Regional testing / lack of people with experience planning trips that cross multiple counties.

Algorithm complexity

Data Updates in rapidly changing transit environments.

Institutional issues


Future Plans

Go – Live Summer 2005

Availability of complaints module on the web

Full trip planning for the IVR

Merging of traffic data to provide schedule updates for transit customers based on traffic conditions.


Jesus A. Martinez, P.E.

Florida Department of Transportation

ITS Administrator, District 6

(305) 499-2446, SC429-2446, (305) 470-5832 Fax