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Australian Virtual Observatory. International Astronomical Union GA 2003 Joint Discussion 08 17th-18th July 2003 Sydney David Barnes The University of Melbourne. Our take on virtual observatories. bring legacy astronomy archives on-line and ensure future project compliance

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Australian virtual observatory

Australian Virtual Observatory

International Astronomical Union GA 2003

Joint Discussion 08

17th-18th July 2003 Sydney

David Barnes

The University of Melbourne

Our take on virtual observatories
Our take on virtual observatories

  • bring legacy astronomy archives on-line and ensure future project compliance

  • provide access to archived realisations of simulations and to resources for computing against new parameter sets

  • describe data fully, and support a small and well-chosen set of interoperability protocols

  • develop toolsand interfaces to find, acquire, process and visualise data

  • build national and international grids to host the data, tools and interfaces

Why we re involved
Why we’re involved…

  • Australian data archives are under-utilised, internationally and nationally.

  • Common format data enables common tools: “learn once, use many”. Tools can be cross-wavelength, cross-paradigm (observed, simulated, …)

  • It is a fair bet that VOs of some sort will be with us for some time, so we need to start learning about VO techniques in Australia.

  • It is simply a Good Thing to do things The Same Way, where possible.

  • We have expertise to offer in niche areas, eg. WCS, visualisation, spectral line surveys, …

Aus vo structure 2003
Aus-VO structure 2003

  • Phase A funded AUD 260K by a 2003 Australian Research Council grant:

    • The University of Melbourne

    • The University of Sydney

    • CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility

    • Anglo-Australian Observatory

  • Additional institutes participating w/o direct funding from the ARC grant:

    • ANU, Mount Stromlo Observatory & APAC

    • CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences

    • University of Queensland

    • VPAC & GridBus (Melb)

  • Lead investigator Rachel Webster (Melb)

  • Project scientist David Barnes (Melb)

Aus vo projects 2003
Aus-VO projects 2003

  • Common format on-line archive projects:

    • HIPASS catalog: HI Parkes All Sky Survey: neutral Hydrogen spectral line survey, 4,300 sources with ~30 parameters and 1024-channel spectra

    • SUMSS catalog: Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey: radio continuum survey at 843 MHz, 107,000 sources with ~15 parameters

    • 2dFGRS QSO catalog: 2-degree Field Galaxy Redshift Survey: optical spectra of >20,000 southern quasi-stellar objects

    • ATCA archive: Australia Telescope Compact Array archive: all observations since 1988, circa 1.5 TB of more than 1,000 separate observing projects! Substantial exercise in describing data with metadata.

    • MACHO archive: Massive Compact Halo Objects archive: 8yr lightcurves for >18M stars

Aus vo projects 20031
Aus-VO projects 2003

  • Server-based visualisation tools:

    • client canvas for legacy software package AIPS++ to display to from a remote server (ATNF)

    • grid-service implementation of distributed volume rendering - remote data transferred to remote cluster, with display and control applet supplied by coordinating portal

  • Pipelines to enable on-line reprocessing of archived raw or pre-processed telescope data:

    • Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope

    • ATCA archive thumbnail generator

Niche role visualisation
Niche role: visualisation

  • ATNF will build a web-based PixelCanvas so that AIPS++ visualisation apps can be deployed as Web-Service and Grid- Service Java Applets

  • AIPS++ is modern, OpenSource software for reducing (radio) astronomy data, 1.6M lines of code.

Collaborative role grid based volume rendering
Collaborative role: grid-based volume rendering

  • With AstroGrid we have developed our existing distributed-data volume rendering code into a fully-fledged Grid-Service. [see the interactive demo at the IVOA stand of the Expo]

  • render lines of sight through the entire volume - this is volume rendering and may offer new insights to complex data collections, images and catalogs.

Team effort
Team effort!

  • Collaborating groups now include

    • Melbourne (Physics & CSSE Gridbus)

    • AstroGrid (Cambridge, Leicester)

    • VPAC, APAC, CSIRO CMIS, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Univ QLD, as data centres and rendering clusters

  • Why?

    • Saves you from fetching large data files

    • Enables use of distributed computing resources

    • Demonstrator of grid technologies for VOs

General future challenges opportunities
General future challenges & opportunities

  • Data grid: replica catalogs done properly, bandwidth (esp. regional), certificate authority, virtual data grids?, …

  • Services for uploading user codes: is a sandbox needed?, compiler and library versions, is a cluster needed?

  • Grid management - synchronising Globus, Tomcat, … versions, legacy software, account names, geographical location, firewalls, … - use MDS?

2004 arc lief grant
2004 ARC LIEF grant

  • 10 partners!

  • more data archives on-line

  • theory realisations and codes on-line

  • more tools developed with special focus on server-based visualisation

  • construction of the Australian Astronomy Grid…