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Book Study 3/1/2014. What is the book about?. The ‘Beauty’ of Mathematics How Mathematics illuminates our lives and minds. Appreciating the fact that mathematics is the foundation of our lives. Take away points.

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Book study 3 1 2014

Book Study


What is the book about
What is the book about?

  • The ‘Beauty’ of Mathematics

  • How Mathematics illuminates our lives and minds

  • Appreciating the fact that mathematics is the foundation of our lives

Take away points
Take away points

  • Mathematics is a unique science that should be used to appreciate/understand life as a whole.

  • When teaching mathematics, self-discovery of concepts is extremely important.

  • When you truly understand the meaning of numbers, your feelings about them change.

  • Mathematics is more than just memorization.

Math topics
Math Topics

  • Counting

  • Time

  • Measurement

  • Multiplication

Math topics1
Math Topics

  • Algebra

  • Calculus

  • Prime Numbers

  • Statistics

  • Infinity

  • Pi

Interesting points
Interesting Points

  • Mathematics is considered as a form of art by various people.

  • Some cultures base time on what you do while some measure time as a thing of its own.

  • New York City was named for Mathematicians.

  • Words beginning with the letter “G” are usually associated with large numbers/things (i.e. grand, great, gross)

  • There has not been a program created to demonstrate all of the possible moves that could be made in a game of chess.

  • Multiplying the number 6 by even numbers will result in the last digit being the number that you multiplied. (i.e. 6x2=12, 6x4=24, 6x8=48, 6x20=120, etc)

Author support
Author Support

  • The author uses several personal experiences to support the information provided in the book. In addition, the author references the work of several mathematicians and scientists to support his experiences in mathematics.

  • For example, in an effort to support the idea of infinity, Tammet discusses how Archimedes used grains of sands to promote infinity.