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INTRODUCTION TO THE SIXTH YEAR. Academic year 201 2 /201 3 August 0 6 , 201 2 – May 1 2 , 201 3. PREREQUISITES FOR ENROLMENT. Having completed all the obligatory courses of years 1-5.

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  1. INTRODUCTION TO THE SIXTH YEAR Academic year 2012/2013 August 06, 2012 – May 12, 2013

  2. PREREQUISITES FOR ENROLMENT • Having completed all the obligatory courses of years 1-5 • Having completed 34 credit points from elective courses and 18 credit points from optional courses • Having completed all the criterion requirements: 4 semesters of Physical Education, 4 summer practices, Final Exam(s) in Medical Hungarian, and First Aid • Submitting gradebook to RO • Submission of the consultant’s statement on the thesis topic (thesis declaration) by June29, 2012 • Payment of the BASIC tuition fee for the first semester (3550 USD/4140 USD/4600 USD/5032 USD) in September 2012


  4. THESIS • THESIS TITLE DECLARATION: by June29, 2012 (end of the exam period) • Form downloadable from the website • Place of submission of the thesis: the consultant’s department, 2 bound copies • Recommended deadline of submission: February 15, 2013 • Deadline of defence: May 01, 2013 – no extension!

  5. ENROLMENT • In the ETR: • activation and course registration for the 1st semester • only activation for the 2nd semester • Registration week: July 02-07, 2012 • Course registration: 8 obligatories

  6. TUITION FEE SCHEMES 1. • Based on Dean’s order no. 1/2012: basic fee is 46% of the yearly fee, each extra week is 1.5% of the yearly fee • Basic fee covers 0-4 weeks of practice (0-120 hours) to be spent in Pécs, to be paid by early September 2012 • Extra tuition fee to be paid only if you spend more than 120 hours of practice in Pécs, to be paid in May 2013

  7. TUITION FEE SCHEMES 2. • 4 possible tuition fee schemes • 7720 USD / year 3550 USD • 9000 USD / year 4140 USD • 10000 USD / year 4600 USD • 10900 USD / year 5032 USD • Scholarship (reduction based on academic achievements): deducted from the basic fee only, not from the extra tuition fee



  10. ACCEPTANCE LETTER • = notifying and asking for permission from the dept. that you could complete a practice abroad • Downloadable from the website, different form for each, different forms since last year’s • For each practice to be completed abroad, before you start the practice! • Section A: your data • Section B: practice details - with checklist and course descript., to be completed by the host institution • Section C: approval section of the respective institution in Pécs • Section D: approval of the Registrar’s Office

  11. ACCREDITED DEPARTMENTS OF HOSPITALS • Accreditation: • by a central organization (state-accredited), e.g. HAC • by medical faculties of universities • Only accredited departments of hospitals are accepted: • Clinics and teaching hospitals of UPMS • Clinics and teaching hospitals of other Hungarian medical universities • Accredited departments of university (teaching) hospitals of the EU, and Norway, Switzerland and USA • Hospitals abroad accredited by the HAC (MAB)

  12. STARTING THE YEAR EARLIER • First practice abroad: only the approved acceptance letter is enough before the practice • First practice in Pécs: letter of permission from the head of dept. in Pécs attached to a letter of permission to Prof. Dr. Csernus, Vice-Dean of Education (official letter format - with all the data of the practice: your name and signature, which dept., exact period, professor’s name and signature, date…)

  13. WEBSITE • All the forms and information materials are to be downloaded from the website at www.aok.pte.hu under ’Students’  ‘Registrar’s Office’  ‘Downloadable forms’  ‘For 6th year students’ section • Programme booklet (only online version, no printed version), certification forms, exam dates, department contact info, etc.

  14. BOOK OF CLINICAL SKILLS • Deadline for submission of the completed booklet: end of the 6th year (May 10, 2013) • If you get signatures into the booklet from abroad, the ‘Foreign signatures form’ must also be completed to accept the doctor/signature here in Pécs.

  15. BOOK OF CLINICAL SKILLS – SIGNATURES 1. • Excerpts from the letter of Prof. Dr. Csernus to students on March 17, 2011: • 3. The lecturer has to verify the accomplishment IMMEDIATELY, on the spot (with date and signature). As only few students can do the practice at a given time, thus it might not be a problem for the lecturer to give the signature. He might not remember all the students later thus signing it later seems not to be serious. Students are therefore asked to keep their Books of Clinical Skills at their hands during the practice. • 4. If the acquisition of a skill is required to be fulfilled several times then the students have to perform it at different times, otherwise the acquisition is not efficient. That is the reason why different dates and signatures are needed in the book. • 5. In case, the signature of the same lecturer can be found on a page of the Book of Clinical Skills several times (since he/she signed it at different times), it’s sufficient to seal once per page. The seal shall clearly identify the lecturer.

  16. BOOK OF CLINICAL SKILLS – SIGNATURES 2. • In order to fulfil the requirements, the lecturers will be informed and made to cooperate– besides, we make the following one-time exceptions: • For students graduating in 2013, proper verifying is required for at least two thirds of the skills. Therules applicable for the other one third of the book are the same as in the case of students graduatingin 2012 (that is: it is overlooked if dates are missing in case of some skills, but anindividual signature at each skill is required, and at least there shall be (at least) a seal per page fromeach lecturer.)

  17. EXAMS • After the practice is completed • 6 final exams and 2 mid-semester grades • Usually 2-4 dates are offered per month • Submit completion form to the department before the exam and to the RO at the end • NO ETR REGISTRATION FOR EXAMS! • Exam registration at the secretary / contact person of the department, well before the planned date! • Negotiation is also possible with some dept.s • List of contact info of dept.s on website

  18. FINAL CLOSING EXAMINATION(=STATE EXAM) • Only if everything is completed by May 10, 2013: • thesis defended by May 01, 2013 • all practices and exams passed, all forms and gradebook submitted to RO • Book of Clinical Skills and accompanying Foreign signatures forms submitted to RO • if necessary: extra tuition fee paid and proof submitted to RO

  19. FINAL CLOSING EXAMINATION(=STATE EXAM) • 3 exam periods per year: June, August, November • Planned date of the written test (centrally organized): usually the first or secondTuesday of June, 3 hours (to be decided later) • Oral and practical exams on the following week (Monday-Thursday), students distributed evenly for 4 days in alphabetical order • Failure of test  oral exam is still possible, test has to be repeated in August

  20. GRADUATION • Average of the diploma: everything counts with weight! (electives, optionals, thesis: 20 credits, state exam parts; complicated calculation…) • All exams passed successfully • Usually the first Saturday of July • Hungarian, English and German Program students all together in alphabetical order OR Hungarian and foreign students separately – to be fixed later • Diploma in 3 languages (Hungarian and English/German free, Latin version costs fee)


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