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  1. Seven 875 North Michigan Avenue Streeterville, Chicago, IL 60611

  2. The Key Moment “Five’s steel-plated fist shoots forward with a force I’ve never seen from him before, hitting Six with an uppercut… He’s drowned out by Nine’s scream. Five’s body has taken on the consistency of rubber and his arm stretches like a tentacle, wrapping twice around Nine’s throat. Nine struggles, but Five lifts him off his feet with ease. His arm stretches further, hanging Nine ten feet off the swamp, and then plunges downward. He dunks Nine in the swamp and holds him there. Drowning him.” (Lore 305) “‘You know what’s happening in Chicago right now? Your fancy suite is getting raided by Mogadorians. I want you to die knowing your bullsh** palace is burning to the ground, Nine.’” (Lore 324)

  3. Dear Sam, We're in the middle of a battle right now, Five has revealed that he is working for the Mogs. Big shocker… he already knocked out Six and is currently drowning Nine. He says that Eight and I are still alive only because we were nice to him, and that unlike Six and Nine, we weren’t brainwashed into believing that resistance was the only way forward. Fat chance of Eight and I working for him... must find a way to get Nine out of the water, subdue Five, and bring him back to the penthouse to see what the hell has happened to him. WAIT!!! Five has just said that he’s revealed our location to the Mogs... QUICKLY- GET ALL DEFENSES PREPARED, SEE IF YOU CAN WAKE JOHN. YOU'LL NEED HIM. CRAPPPP… Good Luck, Seven

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