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Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services Pre - case study Name: Burtea Surna PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services Pre - case study Name: Burtea Surna

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Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services Pre - case study Name: Burtea Surna - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services Pre - case study Name: Burtea Surname: Leonard-Adynel Country: Romania. Best Western Bucovina - Club de Munte. General information. Name of the enterprise: Best Western Bucovina - Club de MunteS.A .

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Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services Pre - case study Name: Burtea Surna

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Innovation in Nature Based Tourism Services

Pre - case study

Name: Burtea

Surname: Leonard-Adynel

Country: Romania

general information
General information

Name of the enterprise: Best Western Bucovina - Club de MunteS.A.

Business address: P-ta. Republicii 18, GuraHumorului, Suceava County

CIF: RO 10376500

Registration Nr. O.R.C.: J33/718/1998

Year established: 09.03.1998

Activity duration: undetermined

Present activity of the company is directly connected to Best Western Bucovina - Club de Muntehotel, from GuraHumorului resort, Suceava county.

According to the association, the enterprise carries out the following activities :

CAEN code Activity name

5510 Hotels

5521 Youth camps and mountain refuges

5530 Restaurants

5522 Camping sites, including caravan parks

5523 Other means of accommodation

5540 Bars

5551 Canteens

5552 Other food preparation units

6021 Other land transport of passengers, graphics based

The constitutive act contains a number of other objects of activity, but contributes a less significant turnover of the company. From a logistics standpoint, the hotel operated by the enterprise in GuraHumorului is part of the famous hotel chain Best Western. The Best Western hotel chain has more than 4,000 hotels in 80 countries

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  • Currently, the activities developed by the company is related to the operation of hotel Best Western Bucovina - Club de MunteGuraHumorului resort. Best Western Bucovina - Club de Munte is located in the vicinity of the famous painted monasteries of Bukovina, Humor Monastery 5 km and 6 km to Voronet Monastery. The hotel is also the best starting point for the so-called "tour of the monasteries" - with many tourist attractions: the church of salt from Cacica Catholic Cathedral, Marginea (the famous black pottery) , PutnaSucevitaMoldovita Monastery Humor Monastery Voronet. Moreover, the hotel is located in an area filled with history and tradition and the specific landscape Bucovina add benefits to the tourist may have when choosing the Best Western Bucovina - Club de Munte.

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company background and persons engaged in managing the enterprise
Company background and persons engaged in managing the enterprise
  • It was founded in March 1998 the trading company Casa de Bucovina - Club de MunteS.A. as a joint stock company with private capital, with six founding shareholders, Romanian legal entities. 
  • When the company was founded, the shareholders pursue the following objectives:

-identification of new partners interested in developing such a project; - further promote and manage tourism complex

  • In 2002 it has been decided the affiliation to the hotel chain Best Western International. The affiliation agreement was signed in April that year.

Current composition of the Board is as follows:

Name Surname / Name of FunctionPresident Rose FloricaTheodore mihaescuHoria AdministratorHOSPITALITY CONCEPT srl AdministratorGeorge Gemanar AdministratorPotter Iosefina Administrator

shareholding structure
Shareholding Structure

Subscribed and paid up capital amounts to 12,183,960 lei, divided into 121,839,600 shares, equal and indivisible, with a nominal value of 0.1 lei / share.

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best western bucovina club de munte bwb
Best Western Bucovina - Club de Munte(BWB)

Accommodation: 130 rooms 24 double bedded rooms 60 twin rooms 38 single rooms 4 Junior Suites Executive floor: 2 apartments, 2 VIP double twinAll rooms are equipped with minibar, cable TV, radio, telephone.Food & Beverage Services Restaurant Casa de Bucovina - 180 seats Porch House Restaurant - 70 seats Terrace - 40 seats Lobby Bar - 60 seatsOther services 7 conference rooms with a total capacity of 550 seats Spa area (sauna, Jacuzzi, Hamam) and fitness Billiards Parking for cars - 60 seats Parking for coaches

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structure of the services
Structure of the services

As owner and operator of the Hotel Best Western Bucovina - Club de Munte, services with the highest share in the company's revenues are accommodation and catering.Given that the hotel has the facilities, the company is able to offer clients a diverse package of services. Besides the accommodation and catering, the hotel offers:I) services on the activities carried out in the hotel (indoors)for individual customers: package mise-en-form: whirlpool, sauna, hammam, massage, fitness and spa areafor corporate clients: the organization of events (conferences, trainings, seminars, symposia) in the July conference.II) services for activities conducted outside the hotel (outdoors)At the request of customers, the company can undertake the task of organizing a large number of cultural and sporting activities, such as visits to monasteries, visits to craft workshops of Bukovina, with fiddlers rustic tables, campfire, ram / calves on skewer, lamb to pot, etc. , trips to "green grass", paragliding, mountain climbing, mountain biking, river rafting, climbing, free ride skiing, horse riding, tennis, football, handball, basketball ...

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market position competition
Market position. Competition
  • Best Western Bucovina - Club de Munte 4-stars hotel is the biggest in the area.Good position compared to the historical, modern facilities, conference facilities, and a new concept of hospitality that combines modern living facilities and welcoming atmosphere of a house Bucovina,are essential characteristics of the tourist product.
  • Regional competition comprises two categories of accommodation units: hotels and, respectively, hostels of 3-4 stars, positioned mainly in Suceava, but also in GuraHumorului, CampulungMoldovenesc, VatraDornei and on the travel route of the monasteries (Voronet - PutnaSucevita - Moldova).
  • In terms of hotel facilities, it is noteworthy that no competitor in the region can address to a structure so large of clients and may not match the complexity of its supply of services:• Large single tourist product area;• modern facilities;• Conference facilities in seven halls with total capacity of 550 seats;• wide range of services, high quality services;• membership of an international chain hotel (only 4 star hotel affiliated to a chainInternational);• ensure the quality standard requirements of international customers and business.
development strategy
Development Strategy
  • Development Strategy SC House of Bukovina was thought to be composed of two phases:
  • The first phase, completed in 2005, has meant expanding the tourism product Best Western Bucovina Mountain Club, consisting of: the structure of accommodation, restaurant, leisure facilities (spa, fitness center), with a conference center built to satisfy our corporate customers.
  • Phase 2, estimated to run in the next years, will focus on the one hand, strengthening the company's position on 3-4 star hotel market in Bukovina and, on the other hand, diversification of tourism by launching a new product called "Travel Inn", for traveling and corporate clients looking for tradition and cultural values in the area.
  • Development strategy was conceived in conjunction with local government concerns on increasing the attractiveness of the area and hence the flow of tourists on the component of sport tourism and recreation. GuraHumorului Local Council requested and received a grant from the European Union for the project investment POPASULLocated in the town of GuraHumorului, in Ariniş area, the project POPASUL will turn the town into a tourist destination dedicated to sport and reacreation tourism.

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thank you
Thank you

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