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Abc book of us history PowerPoint Presentation
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Abc book of us history

Abc book of us history

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Abc book of us history

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  1. Abc book ofus history Nick kokko 5th period 5/16/11

  2. A Abolitionist-a person who strongly favors doing away with slavery Affluence- the state of having much wealth Adams Abigail- married to john Adams

  3. B Boycott-to refuse to buy items from a particular country Burgesses-elected representatives to a assembly Barton Clara- organized the Americans red cross and helped nurse soldiers on the battlefield

  4. C Cabinet- a group of advisors to the president Cede- to give up by treaty Calhoun john- opposed to antislavery

  5. D Draft- the section of persons for required military service Drought- a long period of time with little rain fall Desert- to leave without permission

  6. E Entrenched- occupying a strong defensive position Export- to sell goods abroad Emancipate- to free from slavery

  7. F Famine- an extreme shortage of food Federalists – supporters of the constitution Henry ford- made gas powered automobiles

  8. G Global warming- a steady increase in average world temperatures Genocide -the deliberates destruction of a racial, political or cultural group Garrison William – a major abolitionist who made a big impact toward antislavery

  9. H Horizontal integration- the combining of competing firms into one corporations Hamilton Alexander – helped revise articles of confederation died in a duel with arron burr Habeas corpus- a legal order for an inquiry to determined whether a person has been lawfully in prison

  10. I Import- to buy goods from foreign markets Impressment- forcing people into service as in the navy Internet- a world wide linking of computer networks

  11. J Judicial review- the right of the supreme court to determine if a law violates the constitution Joint occupation the possession and settling of an area shared by two or more countries