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Introduction to Simulation

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Introduction to Simulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Simulation. Dr. Margaret hindman. There cannot be a stressful crisis next week, my schedule is already full. Henry Kissinger. What is simulation?.

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introduction to simulation

Introduction to Simulation

Dr. Margaret hindman

what is simulation
What is simulation?
  • Simulations are defined as activities that mimic the reality of a clinical environment and are designed to demonstrate procedures, decision-making, and critical thinking through techniques such as role playing and the use of devises such as interactive videos or mannequins. (Jeffries, 2007)
  • A simulation may be very detailed and closely simulate reality, or it can be a grouping of components that are combined to provide some semblance of reality.
a comment on philosophy of simulation
A Comment on Philosophy of Simulation

There are philosophical issues raised by simulations, which have roots in the context of modeling, experimenting or even thought-experimenting.

An institution needs to identify its philosophy.

An identified framework that is consistent with the philosophy of the institution can give rise to structure and new realizations.

As nurse scientists we are striving to explain out world and new idealizations can provide the innovation for our future path of conceptualizing and implementation.

curriculum integration of simulation
Curriculum Integration of Simulation

There is a need for a consistent and empirically guided framework to guide the design and implementation of simulations and assessment of outcomes. (Cioffi, 2001)

A framework that specifies relevant variables and their relationships can provide a valuable foundation for scientific inquiry.

model of clinical education
Model of Clinical Education Model%5B1%5D(2).pdf

simulation framework based on caputi
Simulation Framework Based on Caputi

An example of a simulation framework based on Caputi’s Model for Clinical Teaching:

Course Student Learning Outcomes come from student learning objectives written for simulation

Identified competencies are measureable behaviors.

Simulation assignments are based on pre-identified competencies.

Evaluation is evidenced based where performance is measured on assignments tied to SLO.

putting simulation into practice
Putting Simulation into Practice

Once SLOs have been identified, then it is time to decide the approach that is consistent with meeting those objectives.

delivery of simulation
Delivery of Simulation

1. demonstration simulation

2. module simulation

3. course simulation

approaches to simulation
Approaches to Simulation

1. Reliant learner/Skilled instructor (facilitator)




2 major types of reliant learner
2 Major types of Reliant Learner

1. expert instructor/expert simulator (HSSC)

2. expert scenario/competent facilitator (HSSC)

support structures
Support Structures

1. curriculum

2. training tools

3. performance and evaluation

4. feedback to participants

5. data collection