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  1. Troy Richie Goulazian 3000 BCE – 1000 AD

  2. Geography • Located near the Aegean sea and and the black sea • Ten cities of Troy were built, and when they were destroyed another was built on top creating creating a human-made mound called a “tell”

  3. Food Source • They mostly hunted and fished for food • Troy I – III, lamb and pork were often eaten • Beef and horse were one of the only meats eaten in Troy VI • During the Bronze Age there was a variety of foods ranging from beef, to fish and venison Venison Beef Tuna Lamb

  4. Government • Ancient Troy was a monarchy, a government where one person rules • The monarch was limited by aristocracy, which is when a group of privileged people rule • Con: People may rebel • Pro: A king that is good has access to all power

  5. Religion • Their religion was called Theology • Religion was based on polytheism, the assumption that there were many gods and goddesses • There was a hierarchy of gods with Zeus being the king of the gods • The gods acted like humans and interacted with others • The god associated with Troy is Poseidon, the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses

  6. Architecture • They had large walls with many gates and ramps • Ancient Troy built a Temple of Athena • Most of the architecture waslost in the many cities burned down and rebuilt

  7. Social Structure • At the top was the king, and then there was a group of people called the aristocracy • People under this were not important but still had many rights like buying land

  8. The Arts • They enjoyed sculptures and statues to make their city as beautiful as it was functional • They accepted a statue of a horse from the Greeks that contained Greek warriors and led to their defeat

  9. Writing • Homer wrote the Iliad about the Trojan war • Most other written pieces were destroyed in the war and throughout the years of a new Troy being built on an old one Writing found in the ruins of Troy

  10. Technology • A large wall was built around the city with eleven large gates and paved stone ramps for easy entrance and exit • These walls were used for defense and so archers could see farther • They made a deep ditch that surrounded the city so that enemies would fall in • Layers of defense to protect people in the city

  11. Legacy • The city is still being uncovered • It was the first factual city • It was used in the creation of the Iliad