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Movie Production Companies PowerPoint Presentation
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Movie Production Companies

Movie Production Companies

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Movie Production Companies

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  1. Movie Production Companies logo design

  2. MGM has a separate version of their logo for their music division.

  3. logo – animated version

  4. Some independent film company logos…

  5. Custom Design movie logo’s • Often a company will create a custom version of its logo to help set the stage or create a mood at the beginning of a movie.

  6. The meaning of logos… • What does the Fed Ex logo mean? Obviously it’s a shortening of the name “Federal” and “Express” – each with its own connotations. • Which are? • Can anyone see the hidden or subliminal logo?

  7. The meaning of logos… Notice the hidden arrow in between the E and the X. What does the arrow say or insinuate about FedEx?

  8. Production company name The name should be fairly short (or easy to shorten) and have a catchy name recognition sound, look or mental (emotional or intellectual) association. Think easy to remember. Your first task will be to create a name for your production company. The name should have some sort of meaning to you or people who know you.

  9. Production company logo


  11. LOGO DESIGN • What is a logo? • A logo is an identification mark. It is a symbol that companies (and individuals) use so that others can quickly and easily recognize who and what the company is. • Logo’s also serve the function of giving some indication of what it is that a person or company does (most logo’s began this way even if the logo no longer shows this easily). • Logo’s can also help to establish a mood, feeling or emotional association that the company want to portray, such as…

  12. The development of the “logo” • Logos can be traced to ancient Egyptian cartouches (as early as the 12th century BC) if you want to be technical in your definition of what a logo is.

  13. The development of the “logo” • Heraldry and Coat of Arms later came to serve the same purpose on the medieval battlefields of Europe and the Middle East. • Why would easy identification be of importance on the battlefield?

  14. The development of the “logo” • The Orient saw a proliferation and refinement in personal family crests. • Logo design is still a high art in Japan and other Asian countries.

  15. The development of the “logo” • Logo design in the 20th century has developed into four basic approaches to the design. These are… • Alphagram • Pictogram • Logotype • Abstract

  16. Alphagram • Alphagrams are based on letter forms. • These usually use the first initial or a combination of letters from the name to create the logo. • This is often used when a companies name is long and/or hard to pronouce.

  17. Pictogram • Pictograms are symbols which relate to a companies name or its product. • Pictograms should be easily recognizable. • As technology advanced, these types of logos may become outdated.

  18. Logotype • A logotype is a logo created by using the name of the company in whole. • These are usually stylized or decorative and sometimes used in conjunction with a symbol (but not dependant on the symbol).