iso 9001 14001 certification at ibis hotels in hungary slovakia n.
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ISO 9001/14001 certification at ibis hotels in Hungary/Slovakia PowerPoint Presentation
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ISO 9001/14001 certification at ibis hotels in Hungary/Slovakia

ISO 9001/14001 certification at ibis hotels in Hungary/Slovakia

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ISO 9001/14001 certification at ibis hotels in Hungary/Slovakia

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  1. ISO 9001/14001 certification at ibis hotels in Hungary/Slovakia

  2. ISO Norms International Standards Organisation Organisation that is known and recognised over 150 countries across many professions, such as manufacturing, banks, transportation, etc ISO ISO 9001: Priority Objective: Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty SERIES of ISO Norms 9000 (Quality) 14 000 (Environment) In every Organisation there is a definition of rules set, to respect the Quality and Environment ISO 14001: Priority Objective: Respect for the Environment

  3. ISO 9001/14001 CERTIFICATION PROCESS STEP 1: Implement regulatory monitoring STEP 2: Adapt the ISO 9001/14001 Manual to the country STEP 3 Implement in the hotels STEP 4 BVQI EXTERNAL AUDITS HOW? WHAT DO WE NEED?

  4. ISO 9001/14001 CERTIFICATION PROCESS STEP 1: Implement regulatory monitoring • MONITORING AT NATIONAL/EUROPEAN LEVEL • LOCAL Bureau Veritas Consulting • Organise visit of hotel • Local legislation • To be adapted depending on the organisation within each country

  5. ISO 9001/14001 CERTIFICATION PROCESS STEP 2: Adapt the ISO 9001/14001 Manual to each country • Presentation of ISO 9001/14001 at Headquarters: origins, goals, policy, challenges • For all Operational Control procedures: formalise the country’s response to the quality/environmental legislation, in compliance with the requirements of the standard

  6. ISO 9001/14001 CERTIFICATION PROCESS STEP 3: Implement in the hotels Training of hotel teams: training available • Translate the employee awareness-raising kit • Organise auditor qualification: existing training • Conduct internal audits (hotels and Headquarters) • Consolidate the internal audit results and conduct a quality and environmental management review • Schedule audits (Hotels and Headquarters) with BVQI STEP 4: BVQI EXTERNAL AUDITS

  7. FUNDAMENTALDIFFERENCE BETWEEN ISO 9001 and 14001 The 9001 standard is a Quality standard established by ISO, an independent organisation. Each company writes its own manual in accordance with this standard. • 9001: commitment in favour of customer • The 14001 standard is an Environmental standard established by ISO. It is based on: • Compliance with freely defined undertakings. • Compliance with legislation (national or European). 14001: personal commitment to environment

  8. ISO 9001 Reasons to have our Quality certified Internal : • •To ensure the quality of service throughout the company • •To improve the communication between all: * Hotels - Hotels and Head Office - Hotels • •To get it right first time External : • •To win the confidence of our clients: show our know-how • •To satisfy the client and gain customer loyalty • •To gain competitive advantage

  9. ISO 9001 The Scope of the Certification Breakfast 06.30 to 10.00 Bar 24h/24 Snack Service 24h/24 Accommodation 24h/24 Early Bird Late riser 04.00 to 06.30 10.00 to 12.00

  10. ISO ISO 9001 Norm • ISO : International Standards Organisation • The “Norm” is established by a World-wide Organisation • The norms of ISO 9001 are the guidelines for a company wanting to implement a Quality System • This norm is known and recognised in 150 countries

  11. The BenefitsofISO 9001/1 Benefits for Ibis Guests • Guarantee of consistency of standards across the network • Strong Customer Loyalty • Improved guest satisfaction Benefits for the Team • •Mobility Facility encouraging team members to transfer from one hotel to another or throughout Ibis / Accor. • Improving satisfaction and loyalty which means low turnover. • Induction process, buddy system and formulised training

  12. The BenefitsofISO 9001/2 Benefits for the Company • Clearer standards and procedures for all means greater efficiency. • Solid and clear Customer satisfaction offer based on constantly reviewed preventative and corrective action plans. • Solidarity in and between teams as all equally responsible for maintaining the quality certification ISO 9001 for themselves and others. • Improved service support between hotels and Head Office. • Financial gains such as improved occupancy, ARR and market share.

  13. Quality system’s management review – 2006 – ibis Hungary - Slovakia Objectives and Results 2006

  14. Quality system’s management review – 2006 – ibis Hungary - Slovakia Objectives and Results 2006

  15. ISO 14001 Why have ISO 14001 certification? • Collective awareness of environmental issues in our daily lives. Goal: preserving the planet, preserving future generations •Increasing importance of the notion of sustainable development in companies (social issues, humanitarian, environment) – environment taken into account as a performance indicator • Existence of an environmental approach at Accor (Accor Hotels Environment Charter) Goal: ISO 14001 is a continuation of this • Ibis is already ISO 9001 certified – a similar approach Goal: stay ahead of our competitors

  16. ISO 14001 Ibis environmental policy It aims for continuous improvement of: • Compliance of hotels with LEGISLATION and the procedures described in the Environmental Management System • Control of WASTE qualified as “significant” (in terms of quantity, and subject to specific regulations) • Control of WATER and ENERGY consumption • Raising the awareness of EMPLOYEES and CUSTOMERS of environmental protection • Involvement of our SUPPLIERS and subcontractors in environment-related projects MEASURABLE THANKS TO ANNUAL GOALS…

  17. IMPORTANCY OF ISO 14001/1 WASTE •Continuous growth of waste production • Waste valorisation: an environmental and economic challenge ENERGY •Careful use, both at work and at home •Fossil fuels represent 54% of consumption but originate from sources for which world-wide reserves are not inexhaustible •Electricity represents 40% of consumption and has several origins •Other renewable energy sources representing 5% of consumption • Be aware of the distribution of energy consumption WATER •Water is a commodity that is essential for life on earth and in our daily lives. •Water reserves are not inexhaustible •Careful use, both at work and at home •The issues in our own sectors

  18. ISO 14001 Founding principles and benefits of oursystem • A SINGLE CERTIFICATE FOR ALL OUR HOTELS: • Co-solidarity and co-responsibility in maintaining certification • SAME POLICY FOR ALL • Based on the simplest and most operational approach • MANDATORY CHANGES FOR EACH HOTEL • • To comply with its local context (for example, swimming pool, hotels on sites protected by specific regulations,…) • STRONG COMMITMENT TO COMPLIANCE WITH ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION

  19. FUTURE STEPS • 5 ibis hotels will be involved to ISO 14001 certification in november 2007 • 2 new ibis hotels (Heroes Square, Győr) will be involved to the ISO 9001/14001 certification in 2008 • Countinous development of both system