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Courtney Park Tenants and Residents Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Courtney Park Tenants and Residents Association

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Courtney Park Tenants and Residents Association - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Courtney Park Tenants and Residents Association

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  1. Courtney Park Tenants and Residents Association Netty – Secretary Carmel – Treasurer Sandra – Chairperson Jackie – Vice Chair And all our dedicated volunteers

  2. History of Estate • Built in 1929 on part of disused clay quarry • Built on the land of Lord Derby and known as the Derby park estate • The houses were built to reduce overcrowding and create a better quality of life

  3. History of our group • We formed 3 years ago as a new tenants group • Grown as a group with much more volunteers • We work with Pam Mullen and Julie Cearns to clean up the estate and make it a better place to live • The group has seen much improvement in the estate over the last few years with the help of LCT and WPH

  4. Working with WPH • We have regular contact with the Tenant and Resident Involvement team. • We also work well with our Estate Management Team who have been a great help in cleaning up the estate and a support to the community.

  5. Halloween • Running Halloween parties for last 3 years • We regularly invite 40 - 50 children and parents to these events • We set up a haunted room manned by local ghosts and ghouls

  6. Cook and Taste • We have run 4 six week courses over the last couple of years. • Cook and Taste is a way of teaching parents and children how to prepare and cook tasty healthy meals from scratch • This has been very popular with both children and adults

  7. Jubilee • We held a Jubilee party this year for people in our community • We worked with Bramalls who supported us by providing Jubilee medals for the children • It was held in the community garden and provided an opportunity for families and children’s to have some fun and celebrate the Queens Jubilee

  8. Hype • In partnership with WPH and Hype we provided a 12 week programme of football for young people on the estate • It was well attended by up to 20 youths each week • The feedback from the young people was very good and it gave them something to look forward to each week

  9. After School Club • This is run solely by volunteers • The club runs for 3 nights a week with the occasional disco at the weekend • Children can get involved in craft and art, games indoor and outdoor • Children have an input

  10. Building and Estate Rennovation • At the centre of the estate, the community house has been transformed by a Low Carbon Retrofit. This revitalisation has made the centre a valued community asset. 

  11. Building and Estate Renovation The rest of the estate has also seen a great improvement including; • New energy efficient measures including state of the thermal cladding which has improved the appearance of our homes. • New central heating

  12. Other Activities • The local Narcotics Anonymous group use the building • Open everyday for people to discuss any issues they have and make use of the phone and internet • Courses arranged by Lyn Ryder

  13. The Future • We want to continue to improve the local area and work with WPH to make our estate a better place to live • Working with Adam we have submitted a funding bid to run a children's gardening group and dance workshops.

  14. Thanks to everybody that helped us with our work!