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COEHD Field Experiences

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COEHD Field Experiences. Your Key to Success!. Why are field experiences important? . This is an opportunity for you to gain information that will help you make a decision that can affect the rest of your life.

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coehd field experiences

COEHDField Experiences

Your Key to Success!

why are field experiences important
Why are field experiences important?

This is an opportunity for you to gain information that will help you make a decision that can affect the rest of your life.

This is your first impression of education, and education’s first impression of you.

why are field experiences important3
Why are field experiences important?

This is an opportunity for you to begin your personal professional development in teaching.

This is your opportunity to begin developing your skills and talents as a teacher.

there are two major goals for school university partnerships
There are Two Major Goals for School-University Partnerships
  • To provide professional development opportunities for pre-service teachers
  • Through your participation, to support learning and teaching in the public schools
guidelines for a successful field experience
Guidelines for a Successful Field Experience
  • UTSA pre-service teachers are special guests in the schools. Remember to act like a guest.
  • It is important to portray a responsible and professional attitude.
  • Use the information in the following slides as a guide.


  • Have good attendance
  • Be on time! People are depending on you.
  • Show respect. Communicate with your mentor teacher if you do have to be absent.
research your school and district
Research Your School and District
  • Go to the district/school website. Learn about the:
  • Principal and other personnel
  • Teachers/teams
  • Location of the school
  • Demographics of the students
  • Other relevant information
school rules

School Rules

  • Ask for a copy of the school handbook.
  • Follow policies and procedures of the school and the district.
  • Become a responsible member of the school.
be professional

Be Professional

  • Consider this a semester long interview.
  • Everyone will be observing you from the children to the school custodians.
  • Put on a professional attitude.
appropriate dress
Appropriate Dress
  • Impressions are formed from the outside in. People will judge you by your appearance before they get to know you as an individual.
  • Dress appropriately for the school setting.
  • Observe those around you and take your cues from them as to how to dress.
  • Look like the teacher you are becoming.
appropriate dress11


No unconventional piercing or hair color, hide your tattoos.

Business Casual is usually very appropriate.

wear your picture id
Wear your Picture ID
  • Most school districts require some form of ID while you are on the campus. Your UTSA ID will identify you as someone who is legitimately on the school grounds.
cell phones
Cell Phones
  • Cell phones should be turned off while you are in a classroom.
  • Do not leave your field work to answer cell phones.
  • Your attention should be focused on your field work.


  • Mentoring is an important component of your field work.
  • Develop a positive working relationship with your mentor teacher and the students.
  • During the course of any field placement you will learn confidential information about students.
  • Do not discuss this information outside of the classroom setting.
  • Maintaining confidentiality is part of being a professional.
getting the best experience

Getting the Best Experience

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from mentor teachers.
  • Be actively involved in the classroom and school – not just an observer.
  • Go above and beyond the minimum expectations.
go beyond the classroom

Look for opportunities to involve yourself in:

  • Tutoring or Mentoring
  • Student activities
  • Parent involvement activities
  • Faculty meetings
  • Grade-level/departmental meetings
  • Staff development sessions

Go Beyond the Classroom

utsa office of p 20 initiatives
UTSA Office of P-20 Initiatives
  • America Reads/America Counts Tutoring Program in SAISD Elementary/Middle Schools – $8.45/hour – Contact Roseann San Martin at or 458-2767
  • Mentor – Contact Ron Thomas, Director of School Partnerships, at or 458-2769

UTSA – Career Services

  • Job Bank – Look for positions posted by various

school districts

various school districts
Various School Districts
  • Check Websites for part-time positions, including tutoring, after school program staff and substitute teaching
  • Check websites for mentoring and school volunteer work

Communities in

  • Check Website for opportunities to become a mentor, tutor, intern/practicum student, or other volunteer – Contact Ilsa Garcia at or 520-8440 ext. 225
  • Questions? Attend Informational Meeting – Friday, Sept 7 – MB 0.410 - 4:00 PM
be a winner

Be a Winner!

Remember:You will get out of the field experience what you put into it.Your success depends on YOU!

be smart

Get the most out of every

field experience.

Use your time wisely.

These are your first steps towards your

goal of becoming a teacher!

Congratulations and Good Luck!

covering the cost of field experiences


    • Must apply early. Deadlines tend to occur months before funds are
    • needed.
  • Ethel Weiner Bloom/Crawford Loans
    • $500 need based loans available during the semester to help with
    • transportation costs.
  • UTSA Interest Free Loan-Student Teaching
  • Contact:Pam Wood for an appointment to discuss these and other financial resources.
  • or (210)-458-4021

Covering the Cost of Field Experiences