Progress on and status of the forward multiplicity detector
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Progress on and Status of the Forward Multiplicity Detector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Progress on and Status of the Forward Multiplicity Detector. Kristj án Gulbrandsen Niels Bohr Institute. Assembly and Transport. FMD3. FMD2. CERN. Arrival and Unpacking. Shipped and unpacked TPC cleanroom used for testing and verification. Installation.

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Presentation Transcript
Progress on and status of the forward multiplicity detector

Progress on and Status of theForward Multiplicity Detector

Kristján Gulbrandsen

Niels Bohr Institute

Kristján Gulbrandsen, NBI

Assembly and transport
Assembly and Transport




Kristján Gulbrandsen, NBI

Arrival and unpacking
Arrival and Unpacking

  • Shipped and unpacked

  • TPC cleanroom used for testing and verification

Kristján Gulbrandsen, NBI


  • Case carried to main building

  • Brought to pit via elevator

  • Crane put case on scaffolding

  • Unpacked and carried to IP

  • Installed in halves around beampipe on temporary support

  • Cabled up

Kristján Gulbrandsen, NBI


  • Some readout cables severed during packaging for shipping

  • Some fixable module damage

    • Damaged bonding wires

    • Damaged hybrid connector

  • HV patch cable connector damaged

    • Changed to different type connector for FMD2

  • Some power cable cross-sections increased

    • -2V supply for FMD3 had cross-section doubled

    • Cables for FMD1 and FMD2 quadrupled in cross-section (cables also twice as long)

Kristján Gulbrandsen, NBI


  • Commissioned using DAQ and Trigger subsystems

  • HV from CAEN power supply, LV from test power supplies (not CAEN)

  • Commissioning testing showed noise consistent with lab tests

  • Some optimization can be performed

    • Should be done after we have final LV power supplies

Kristján Gulbrandsen, NBI


  • PVSS control/monitoring of HV, LV, and detector implemented

  • Some debugging required - HV control has been used

  • Alexander Kurepin of T0 group collaborating to finish DCS work

Kristján Gulbrandsen, NBI

Remaining tasks
Remaining Tasks

  • Install FMD2 on June 24

  • Finish A-side cabling

  • FMD2 testing at service chariot - end of July after TPC is in IP

  • FMD1 is under construction, installation - early October

  • DCS integration from early August

  • Commissioning with CAEN LV power supplies (when?)

  • Install final trigger configuration

    • Final TTC fiber

    • Fan-in Fan-out

Kristján Gulbrandsen, NBI