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Academic and Career Counseling

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Academic and Career Counseling. Professional Development Training. Day 1 Objectives. Conduct self-evaluations based on underlying ACC core competencies to improve personal performance Create effective solutions to counseling situations by drawing upon critical counseling theories

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academic and career counseling

Academic and Career Counseling

Professional Development Training

day 1 objectives
Day 1 Objectives
  • Conduct self-evaluations based on underlying ACC core competencies to improve personal performance
  • Create effective solutions to counseling situations by drawing upon critical counseling theories
  • Facilitate customer decision making by analyzing potential problems and generating unique solutions
  • Evaluate WorkKeys and TABE scores to create customized training solutions that meet individual customer’s needs
  • Effectively use constructive confrontation and effective communication to have difficult conversations with customers when relaying assessment results

Counseling is the process of actively listening to an individual’s story and communicating understanding, respect, and empathy, clarifying goals and assisting individuals with the decision-making process. Counseling is a mutual relationship between a counselor and a customer.

(Handbook on Career Counseling, 1998)

purpose of training
Purpose of Training

To provide you with tools and resources to enhance your current skill set to provide outstanding counseling services to WorkOne customers.

What are your expectations for the training?

key training concepts
Key Training Concepts
  • Career Minded Goals
  • Right Fit/Right Placement
  • High School Diploma/GED Plus
  • Individualized Services
what does an acc do
What does an ACC do?

Provide Educational Guidance

Interpret Assessments

Conduct Individualized Counseling Sessions

Provide Occupational Information

Complete Referrals & ACP

Facilitate Goal Setting

academic and career plan individual service strategy
Academic and Career Plan/Individual Service Strategy
  • All WIA clients (Adult and Youth), regardless of track, use this plan
  • Acts as a roadmap for the ACCs and Customers
  • This plan encompasses what was historically the IEP and training plan
  • Is a living document that changes with the customer
  • Is a centralized place where key information about the customer can be recorded and referred to
  • Is a tool to help staff service customers more completely and accurately
  • It should be written in the customer’s voice
    • Exception: Notes should be written according to case note standards and should NOT be written in the customer’s voice
academic and career plan
  • ACP should record customer long term and short term career and educational goals with appropriate action steps
  • All goals should adhere to the S.M.A.R.T criteria and be written in the first person/ customer’s voice. (“I…”)
  • Use notes sections to fully elaborate and include as much detail as possible
  • Review progress and update or clarify information using the ACP at every counseling session
digging deeper
Digging Deeper

Principles and Core Competencies

acc guiding principles
ACC Guiding Principles
  • Choosing and maintaining a career is a lifelong process.
  • The career decision-making process incorporates knowledge of one’s self, information about educational opportunities, and facts about the work world.
  • Career decisions are value based.
  • Effective career decision-making skills are used over a lifetime and can be learned.
  • There are no right or wrong decisions, only satisfying and unsatisfying ones.
  • Sex, race, or age should never be a barrier to exploring any and all possible career options.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service

competencies and theories
Competencies and Theories

Combining competencies with theories fosters self-discovery and strong problem-solving skills, which are transferable to all aspects of the customer’s experience.

How can learning about counseling theories be beneficial for an ACC?

why theory
Why Theory?
  • Foster a deeper understanding of the relevance and practical application of theories in counseling sessions
  • Develop an increased sense of confidence, awareness, and ability to describe ways of thinking about the work that ACCs perform in WorkOne Centers
  • Combine the practical application of the theories presented with personal counseling styles to meet the needs of each unique customer that enters a WorkOne Center
case study lauren
Case Study: Lauren

O’Banion Approach

O’Banion Revised

activity time
Activity Time!

Refer to the Scenario with John and in small groups, answer the questions following the scenario.


Kathy meets with you to discuss a change in careers and possible pursuit of training in the field of Information Technology. Kathy has 15 years experience as a retail associate, but has no desire to do that type of work anymore.

  • Work Values Most Important to Kathy:
  • Income
  • Independence
  • Variety
  • Work Values Least Important to Kathy:
  • Coworkers
  • Lifestyle
  • Creativity
step 1 inquiry
Step 1: Inquiry
  • Identify academic and career concerns
  • Clarify customer needs
  • Review and interpret assessments
  • Uncover customer’s strengths, skills, interests, and values
step 2 inform
Step 2: Inform

3 Areas for Information Gathering

  • Personal Attributes
  • Educational Information
  • Occupational Information

Fully Informed Career Decisions

step 3 integrate
Step 3: Integrate

During this phase the ACC helps the customer organize and make meaningful connections between the information they collected about themselves and the academic and occupational information gathered jointly between the ACC and customer

  • Verify information from the informational interview
  • Use open-ended questions to clarify customer needs, strengths and motivations
  • Identify academic and career concerns
  • Explore preliminary long term and short term career goals
  • Record progress notes and document counseling session appropriately
required acp sections
Required ACP Sections

SECTION I: Identification

Customer Name

Name: Keith Peiffer

Last Four Digits SSN:1234


SECTION II: Informational Interview

Purpose for Visit

Laid off from job in Factory XYZ and need to get a new job.

Educational Background

H.S. Diploma, Welding certification

Work History

Worked for 20 years in Factory XYZ on the assembly line.

Career Interests

I would like to do something where I can work with my hands in a field that I am going to be able to find and retain employment long term.

Needs and Barriers

I understand that it will be difficult to find another job without some type of training or certification. I am willing to explore all possible career options.



Next Steps

Take all three assessments on ICE and the TABE prior to meeting next with week with the AC  he CM met with Keith and came up with the following information through discussion with Keith.


SECTION III: Employment Plan

Field of Interest

Career Goal:

CarpenterStrengths and Weaknesses

Strength:Transferable Skills

Notes:Keith has skills such as attention to detail and extensive experience in operating equipment, which will help him be successful in this line of work.

Strength:Work History

Notes:Keith was a reliable and responsible employee for 20 years at his previous job. This will make him an ideal candidate for future employers.


I would like to pursue carpentry training, but understand that I lack the math skills necessary for the training.


Needs and Barriers

Needs and Barriers:Dislocated Worker

Plan For Overcoming Identified Needs and Barriers:

Pursue training in Carpentry, which is in demand in my region. This should allow me to find gainful employment which will provide a steady income job security.

Action Step:

Work with Jennifer (ACC) to put together a plan that will help me successfully attain employment as a Carpenter. This plan will include some Adult Ed classes which will be outlined in the Education Plan section of this document.

Needs and Barriers:Lack of Transferable Skills

Plan For Overcoming Identified Needs and Barriers:

Pursue training in Carpentry, which will help me gain the skills that I need to obtain employment as a Carpenter.

Action Step:

Work with Jennifer (ACC) to identify local training programs, through INTraining, in the area of Carpentry.

Needs and Barriers:Education

Plan For Overcoming Identified Needs and Barriers:

Since I lack the training and skills necessary to pursue a job as a Carpenter I will pursue training in the field of Carpentry.

Action Step:

Work with Jennifer (ACC) to identify local training programs in Carpentry.

Needs and Barriers:Education

Plan For Overcoming Identified Needs and Barriers:

Raise my TABE math score to the level necessary to successfully enter and complete training in Carpentry.

Action Step:

Attend classes at Adult Ed Central to help raise my TABE math score from the 9th grade level to the 11-12.9 level.

 Keith has taken the three ICE assessments and the TABE. The ACC has looked at the results, as well as Keith’s informational interview with the CM prior to his/her mtg with Keith. Based on all of this the ACC will begin a conversation with Keith and fill out the rest of the ACP.


Employment Goals

Work History:

Employer Factory XYZ

Dates of Employment:05/01/1991 to 06/01/2011

Position Held Assembly Line Worker

Responsibilities Assembled widgets

Long Term Employment Goal:

Carpenter for a Commercial Construction Company

Short Term Employment Goal:

Carpentry Apprenticeship