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Seatbelt Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Seatbelt Workshop

Seatbelt Workshop

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Seatbelt Workshop

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  1. Seatbelt Workshop Noel Gibbons Road Safety officer Seatbelt Workshop

  2. FACTS • Seatbelts save lives • Over 90% of people in the Ireland wear seatbelts • In a crash at 50km you will be thrown forward as if you weigh as much as an elephant! Seatbelt Workshop

  3. Going In The Car To School • ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT – front and back. Seatbelt Workshop

  4. The Seatbelt Habit Seatbelt Workshop

  5. Travelling in Cars • Which side should you get in/out of the car? • Why? • What should you do before the car sets off? • What shouldn’t you do during the journey? • What should you do before opening the door when you have arrived? Seatbelt Workshop

  6. Rules for keeping safe • Do not distract the driver • Do not play with the door handles • Do not put your head or arm out of the window • Do not throw objects out of the car Seatbelt Workshop

  7. Seatbelt Workshop

  8. BELT UP! • Why should you wear a seatbelt? • Keep yourself and others safe • Its illegal not to wear a seatbelt • Who should wear one? • Everyone! Seatbelt Workshop

  9. Excuses, Excuses! • What kind of excuses do people give for not wearing a seatbelt? • Forget • On a short journey • Uncomfortable • Can't find the buckle - especially in the back • Can't be bothered Seatbelt Workshop

  10. Airbags Airbags work WITH A seatbelt Not on their own! Seatbelt Workshop

  11. 15front seat passengers are killed each year by people sitting in the back who were not wearing seatbelts Seatbelt Workshop

  12. Meet our families – The Forgetfulls and The Smarts Seatbelt Workshop

  13. Taking The Bus To School • ·         Don’t push when you are getting off the bus. • ·         While waiting for the bus to pull away, stand well in on the footpath or the grassy verge. • ·         Wait until the bus pulls away before you cross the road. • ·         Don’t walk in front of or behind the bus - wait for it to move. Seatbelt Workshop

  14. Cycling To School • · A bicycle must have a red reflector. At night, you need a red rear lamp and a white or yellow front lamp. Reflective armbands and belts are a must. • · You should ride in single file to avoid overcrowding the road. You should not try stunt riding or giving passenger lifts. Seatbelt Workshop

  15. Cycling To School • ·         Make sure that other people on the road can easily see you. Wear a reflective belt and bright clothes. It is important to wear suitable clothing when cycling. Make sure that your shoelaces are tied correctly before you begin cycling. • ·         You should wear a helmet. Wear it correctly at all times with the chinstrap buckled. Seatbelt Workshop

  16. Walking To School 1.   Stop, look and listen. 2.   Don’t try to cross the road between parked cars. 3.Never cross at a bend. Seatbelt Workshop

  17. Walking To School 4.      If there is a footpath - use it! 5.If there is no footpath, walk on the right hand side of the road, facing on-coming traffic and keeping as close as possible to the side of the road. 6.      Walk in single file if the road is narrow or there is heavy traffic. Seatbelt Workshop