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MMRSS Automotive Marketing Research Company

Majestic MMRSS Automotive Marketing Research Provides consulting services for Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers, Automotive Suppliers, Retailers, Commercial, Off-Road & Construction Equipment.

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MMRSS Automotive Marketing Research Company

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  1. MMRSS Automotive Research

  2. We covered all major areas of mobility industries, including : • Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers • Automotive Suppliers • Automotive Retail • Medium-Heavy Duty Trucks • Motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) & Snowmobiles • Commercial, Off-Road & Construction Equipment • Agricultural & Farm Equipment Agricultural & Farm Equipment • Recreational Vehicles (RV)

  3. Aerospace & Aviation Manufacturers • Oil & Gas • Shipping, Freight & Logistics • Mass Transit • Marine & Personal Watercraft (PWC)

  4. Services • Specialized surveys in all industries include... • Customer satisfaction • Brand loyalty • Product assessment • Future planning issues • Mystery shopping • Consumer shopping patterns • New product buyers • Product testing

  5. Proprietary vehicle clinic research includes… • Pre and post launch • Static only • Static and dynamic • Ride and drives • Focus group research includes: • Male and female moderators • Regular length sessions and mini-sessions • Product workshops • Dealership Development and Design Surveys • Building and Community Development • Employee Surveys  

  6. Clinic Tests • A consolidated management of all our applications: • Design and positioning tests • Drive tests • Fly in Targets from foreign Countries • Fly-out • Respecting the targets requested, logistic organization, data processing in real-time and a thorough analysis of the results obtained, establishing the steps which guarantee the best results in the short period of time necessary to realize a Clinic.

  7. Creative sessions, workshops The use of heuristic techniques, applied to the development of products, services and advertising campaigns (ADV Test)Valid integration between specialists and consumers.

  8. Qualitative research (focus groups and in-depth) The exciting participation of the interviewees is fundamentally important for the success of the focus groups, to render their contribution dynamic, precise and perceptively constructive.

  9. Customer satisfaction test • The organization of Customer satisfaction privileges quantitative methods in gathering and studying information. The choice of the best method - by mail or by phone - is decided together with the client taking in consideration the following key points: • The target of consumers. • The adopted samples. • The comparison with other surveys

  10. Mystery shopping and service • A network of "specialized mysterious clients" spread throughout our National territory and our continuous monitoring allow us to manage complex projects from a logistic point of view and fulfill the goals. • These Research tools are an efficient complement to the process of managing the overall quality.

  11. C.A.P.I. (Computer Assisted PersonalInterview)Here is what we can offer: • A light structure of 35 LapTop and 120 interviewers spread all over India • Every LapTop has multimedia features, this allows us to offer multimedia stimulus to the respondents: Picture, Audio, Video clips; Voice Recording System. • We have the possibility to include in our Hardware network some Pen Top to allow a self compiled questionnaire. • A Fieldwork network with a history in Automotive marketing. Involved B2B, high class services and goods. Our net of interviewers works also on traditional paper support (P.A.P.I,)   

  12. C.A.T.I.(Computer Assisted Telephone interview) A clear definition of roles and responsibilities, a transparent management of the steps of the project, a constant monitoring on the activities, a sharing of intermediate output and performance index, let the partnership of the two Companies be winning in many international projects.

  13. Differentiators • In-depth global and regional industry knowledge • Rapid industry consumer and business-to-business research capabilities • Special consumer panels focused on unique transportation products • Experience in migrating phone and mail tracking studies to Internet methodologies • In-house marketing sciences and advanced analytics experts • Knowledge of key market drivers and extensive industry knowledgebase

  14. Panels This exclusive, proprietary market research sample resource includes each consumer’s vehicle fleet by brand, nameplate, transaction type and purchase intention timing for two vehicles within their household. It serves as an excellent source for targeted sample and is projectable to the Indian population. This specialty panel is a subset of the Regional Transport Office database and is used to conduct some of today’s most advanced market research.

  15. Representative Assignments • Market Research and Industry Trends Analysis • Market Analysis of Aftermarket HVAC Components • Market Assessment of Standard Electrical Components in the Automotive Industry • Climatic Conditions and the Impact on Electric Vehicle • CFC-12 Phase-Out Analysis and Projected Rate of R-134a Retrofits • An Analysis of the North American Diesel Engine Market • An Evaluation of Automotive Related Engineering Research at U.S. Universities • Trends in Automotive Audio Systems • Trends in On-board Vehicle Communication Systems • A Strategic Analysis of Computerized Diagnostic Equipment

  16. Child Restraint Systems: Trends and Technology • Trends In Automotive Glass Technology • An Analysis of the Automotive Switch Market • The Effect of the Gulf Crisis on Material Cost and Availability • A Market Assessment of the North American Catalyst Business • Strategic Planning • An Analysis of Business Performance Trends among Automotive Suppliers: A Strategic Perspective • Strategic Positioning for the 21st Century: Industry Dynamics and Systems Integration • Supplier Opportunities into the 21st Century • Supplier-Supplier Partnering: Opportunities and Trends

  17. Winning Strategies for Supplier Partnering • Corporate Image and Capabilities Assessment • The Development of a Strategic Supplier Alliance Program • Sales Force Effectiveness Audits • Market Entry Strategy for a Luxury Vehicle Division • Automotive Dealership Strategic Business Plan • Strategic Dealership Issues: A Battle Plan For Survival In The 90's • Automotive Service 2000: Challenges and Opportunities • A Strategic Assessment of Dealer Computer Systems • A Strategic Assessment of the Indian Supplier Industry

  18. OurClients

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