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Majed Abdeljaber - Business Entrepreneur PowerPoint Presentation
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Majed Abdeljaber - Business Entrepreneur

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Majed Abdeljaber - Business Entrepreneur
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Majed Abdeljaber - Business Entrepreneur

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  1. Majed Abdeljaber A Great Business Entrepreneur

  2. Majed Abdeljaber Is The Most Well-Known Entrepreneur Today • Majed Abdeljaber is a great business entrepreneur and has reached the peaks of success today. In fact, he has set the perfect example for many upcoming entrepreneurs who are willing to make it to the peak with hard work and determination. Today, he has established numerous professional companies in the US. He is also the CEO of the reputed company Sahara Secrets that was established way back in 2002 and is highly renowned all over the world. His professional journey began in 1982 when he established the American International Staffing Inc. This organization is also counted as one of the most reputed staffing organizations in the USA.

  3. Before The Professional Career Before beginning his professional career, he completed his education in Jordan successfully. He earned his Associate and Business degree along with Pre-law B.S Law and Juris Doctorate Law. He has a license in Federal law in many states not only in the US, but also in many countries of the world. His recruitment staffing agency is aimed at providing talented candidates to employers ensuring some of the best career boosting opportunities for eligible and prospective job seekers. In addition to that, he also looks after the financial management, expansion plans and future growth of his organizations.

  4. Owning Other Companies As mentioned, Mr.Majed Abdeljaber has established many successful companies till date. He is the executive director of Nation Auto Group. This is a Texas based company that offers wide range of new and used cars to interested buyers. He is also the founder of AILC, Inc where he consults with legal staffs for immigration requirements and employment authorization for international travels in the case of foreign nationals. Jabber and Associates is intended to assist refugees by providing reliable and helpful immigration services

  5. The Most Renowned Company Among all his companies, the company Sahara Secrets is the best. It manufactures pure Dead Sea products. These products are highly beneficial for the skin and improve blood circulation because of its detoxifying properties. Mr.Majed Abdeljaberhas a factory in Jordan for producing these products. In 2006, he also established his factory in the United States in Texas. The minerals and mud is imported from Dead Sea to the US to develop the natural products for US consumer. The company is successfully running with large numbers of clients for these products. He is also responsible for prospecting new relationships for businesses and targeting new potential customers

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