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Majed Abdeljaber - A Great Philanthropist PowerPoint Presentation
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Majed Abdeljaber - A Great Philanthropist

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Majed Abdeljaber - A Great Philanthropist
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Majed Abdeljaber - A Great Philanthropist

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  1. Majed Abdeljaber A Great Philanthropist

  2. Remarkable Success For Majed Abdeljaber Is The Combination Of Skill And Hardwork • Majed Abdeljaber is a reputed business entrepreneur who is responsible for establishing many companies reputed all over the world. He completed his education successfully and the combination of education and hard work made him achieve success and recognition today. He takes huge pride in the companies that he established and manages even till date. He looks after the future expansion programs of each of these companies and enhancing the scopes of target customers. There is no denying that each company holds a commanding position in their individual sectors. The best part is that these companies acquire fame and recognition within a short time of its establishment.

  3. Majed Abdeljaber A Great Philanthropist Apart from being a hard core business professional, he is also a great philanthropist that believes in the welfare of humanity. In fact, it is not surprising to find that he had always involved himself in different human welfare works by donating money or time to needy. It is because of these humanitarian works that the government of Jordan has given him the opportunity to become the Honorary Counselor in the US. This is indeed a great honor and position, and he has protected his position to a great extent.

  4. Establishing Successful Companies The well-known and renowned professional has established many successful companies one after the other. Moreover, these companies operate on different sectors ranging from legal services to recruitment services to cars and beauty products. He started with the American International Staffing. Following its success, he established Nation Auto Group, American Immigration Law Center, Jaber and Associates and Sahara’s Holding Company. Apart from that, he also looks into the financial and management aspects of other companies. He does not forget to give his time to the valuable works of charity. It is the combination of these things that makes him so popular today.

  5. Standing Out In The Crowd Among the various companies that Majed Abdeljaber owns, it is the American International Staffing Inc that has given him utmost fame. He is the director of this agency, and it is one of the most sought after agency in Dallas. Employers looking for diligent and intelligent candidates can easily find prospective candidates from this agency. In fact, today, it is the trusted choice of many employers in Texas as well as across the entire United States. In fact, he strives to handle the entire staffing needs with utmost care, perfection and professionalism. It also sponsors foreign nationals that have advanced degrees in various disciplines.

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