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Majed Abdeljaber

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Majed Abdeljaber
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Majed Abdeljaber

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  1. Majed Abdeljaber CEO Sahara’s Holding Company

  2. Majed Abdeljaber Sets An Example For Lots Of Other People Majed Abdeljaber is highly renowned and reputed as the CEO of Sahara’s Holding Company. Established in 2002, it is one of the leading firms in Texas specializing in making high quality beauty products from Dead Sea minerals. It adheres to the highest standards of purity and quality, and is therefore highly popular among people. He is responsible for managing and developing prospective business relationships and expansion of the business, as a whole. Apart from that, he owns four more companies in the United States. These include American International Staffing, American immigration Law Center, Nation Auto Group and Jaber and Associates. The credit for the successful operations of these companies goes to the hard work, determination and sincerity of the founder.

  3. Majed Abdeljaber Founder of American International Staffing He is the founder of American International Staffing. It is one of the most sought after and trusted staffing agencies. The aim of establishing this company was to provide top quality staffing solutions to employers. In addition to that, he also helps job seekers to find the most eligible jobs. Majed is responsible for designing and implementing the recruitment process

  4. He even performs extensive reviews of the works performed by staff attorneys on behalf of the clients of the firms. He also oversees the financial and future management of the company. Majed Abdeljaber

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