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Personal Success PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Success

Personal Success

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Personal Success

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  1. Personal Success Shaping a Career

  2. Objectives By the end of this workshop you will be able to: State the 6 questions you need to know in order to shape your career Describe the process for identifying the skills you need to develop Define your career driver/s Describe how to make it happen

  3. 6 Questions of Career Management Where am I now? What changes do I want? What if my plan doesn’t work out? Who am I? How satisfied am I? How do I make them happen?

  4. Where are you starting from? I’m bored and in a rut I know what I want but I don’t know how to get it I want to return to a job after bringing up my children I’m retiring soon and I don’t know what to do I don’t know what I want I’d like to learn to accept what I’ve got, to feel more at peace with myself I want to find out what’s really important to me I’m about to lose my job

  5. Where are you starting from? I want to be clearer about where I go from here in my career I’d like to know what jobs I am capable of I find it difficult to choose among the things that are important to me I’m quite satisfied with my job at the moment, but I feel I may be missing out on something

  6. Exercise – Write down where you are starting from

  7. Who am I? 7

  8. Who am I?

  9. Who am I?

  10. Who am I?Finding my transferable skills • Very Competent • Competent • Adequate for the task • Undeveloped

  11. Who am I?My transferable skills

  12. Where am I now?

  13. How satisfied am I?

  14. How satisfied am I?Drivers • Material Rewards • Power/Influence • Search for meaning • Expertise • Creativity • Affiliation • Autonomy • Security • Status

  15. What changes do I want? Exercise – Find a partner. • Introduce yourself to them as you are now. • Introduce yourself to them as you were 10 years ago. • Introduce yourself to them as 10 years from now. Try and keep it in the first person. Swap roles. • Which of the introductions did you find most difficult? • Why?

  16. How do I make it happen? Specific Measureable Achievable Realistic Timebound

  17. What if it doesn’t work out Get rid of bad feelings Have someone to talk to Talk constructively to yourself Look after yourself under stress