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Senior Writing

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Senior Writing. Week 9. Monday. Lesson 3 – Dangling Modifiers – need to add subject Journal 7 – comparison of the two employability skills chart Journal 8 – Promotion for an activity Prepare for retake of Unit 2 Test on Thursday. Senior Writing.

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  • Lesson 3 – Dangling Modifiers – need to add subject
  • Journal 7 – comparison of the two employability skills chart
  • Journal 8 – Promotion for an activity
  • Prepare for retake of Unit 2 Test on Thursday.
senior writing1

Senior Writing

Learning Target: I will find and organize images of myself and my activities and/or skills into a representative collage.

  • Work time on collage
  • Follow up for retake of test on Thursday
  • After finish Collage –
    • Find quotes you like
    • Finish Journals 7, 8
    • Prepare for retake
synthesis arguments

Synthesis Arguments

Wednesday, Feb. 13

Please pick up a COW on your way in and open up a document in googledrive.

learning targets
Learning Targets
  • Demonstrate ability to synthesize
  • Show understanding and ability to properly document
  • Create a new argument of your own using research that includes a claim, logical reasoning, use of evidence, and addresses counterarguments
argument topic selection and response
Argument topic selection and response
  • Look over your seven choices. Select one.
  • Carefully read what is written there.
  • Type a response
    • Think on paper about the topic.
    • What position would you take?
    • What are your thoughts and/or connections to the topic?
    • Save it and print it.
    • Once you have done this – you have free time until all are finished. Be sure collage is finished and that Journals up through 8 are complete.
    • If you have the Retake review finished, please let one of us check it. Part B: 2 and 3 have two different types of errors.
claims and reasons
Claims and REASONS
  • Claim is your position on the topic. It may include a list of your reasons in it.
    • Schools should encourage the celebration of Halloween.
  • Solid, Defensible Reasons
    • Halloween is a fun celebration
    • Halloween costumes can be inappropriate and dangerous
    • The celebration of Halloween causes some to be excluded
  • Non-reasons; Not defensible
    • Candy sales are higher at Halloween than at any other time of the year.
    • (Reason could be – Halloween is economically beneficial or The sugar consumption at Halloween is harmful to children’s health.)
    • It is my opinion.
    • I wore a witch costume last year
  • What kinds of evidence might you find in research?
  • Examples
  • Be careful of generalizations
  • Be careful to understand what you use.
  • You may “know” evidence you may use?
  • Evidence from your own life, observation, or reading.
revisit response
  • Highlight in blue – claim/thesis/position statement AND transfer to your plan sheet.
  • Highlight in yellow – 1st reason you give – transfer to your plan sheet.
  • Highlight in pink – 2nd reason you give – transfer to your plan sheet.
  • Highlight in green any counterargument information you might use.
move to outline
MOVE to Outline
  • Claim/Thesis
    • If you did not have one to transfer – write one in.
  • Move to Reason 1 section – write in a reason
    • Jot down any ideas you have for evidence – next to the boxes
  • Move to Reason 2 – write in a reason
    • Jot down any ideas you have for evidence.
read opening article
  • Consider your position
  • Review your reasons
  • Read carefully for any ideas
  • Read specifically for evidence.
  • E1 – yellow – detail, sentence, statistic support reason 1
  • E2 – pink – detail, sentence, statistic support reason 2
  • R – orange – any new reasons you like
  • C – green – anything useful for discussing counterargument
  • ? Put a ?– anything confusing
  • Intro – blue – ideas for intro
  • Mark any other info you think might be useful for counterarguments – underline it, star it.
return to outline
Return to outline
  • Record any research you could use
  • Label it as Source A
  • Keep track of quotes – put “ “ around.
  • Be careful to note source – Source A.
  • If you find items for counterargument, makes notes in the box or at end of reasons.
  • If you find ideas for conclusion, note under C.A section.
  • Look at plan sheet.
  • What did you find to help you?
  • What are you still looking for?
  • Where can you tie in personal experience or observation?
  • Revisit topic– review opening audience and purpose.
plan process
  • Thursday (2/14)
    • Review additional research – look at what you have. Read selectively.
    • Read and annotate – suggest you follow same pattern
    • Note – need to use at least three sources
    • Need to have at least 2 pieces of evidence in each body paragraph
  • Tuesday (2/19)
    • Review your research
    • Complete your plan
    • Type up argument
    • Add Works Cited.
    • Share via Googledrive
  • Wednesday (2/20)
    • Finish typing argument if needed
    • Share via Googledrive
    • Begin Portfolio
  • Monday, Feb. 25 – submit to
critically think
  • Keep your claim in mind. Be sure you stated it clearly. I shouldn’t have to look at which topic you selected to understand it.
  • Focus on your reasons.
  • Make sure you understand evidence AND the evidence you find supports your point.
  • Learning Targets
    • Demonstrate an improved understanding of Unit 2
    • Read critically for useful research for your topic.
    • End of Class – please turn in Journals 4-8 unless I have already read through some.
    • If you did not already give me your collage – please do so – basket next to “Bob.”
    • (I am going to wait until Monday to collect Unit 2 Homework)
handouts and info given this week
Handouts and info given this week
  • Journal 8
  • Synthesis instructions, plan sheet, topic sheet, retake review, and research for essay.
  • Submitted this week Collage and Journals 4-8