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Mind Control. David Romanyuk Zach Hughes. What is Mind Control. The ability to alter the way someone thinks, or to make them perform a task they would otherwise not perform. Literally take control of another person. You command everything they do or say. Who wants this power?.

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mind control

Mind Control

David Romanyuk

Zach Hughes

what is mind control
What is Mind Control
  • The ability to alter the way someone thinks, or to make them perform a task they would otherwise not perform.
  • Literally take control of another person. You command everything they do or say.
who wants this power
Who wants this power?
  • Governments. They would be able to have complete control over their enemies and even their citizens.
  • Just about any average person has wanted to mind control a parent to allow certain options, or a teacher to change a grade/delay a test.
  • Mind control would affect humans and everyday life more than people think they know.
  • It would take away a person's humanity. What shapes a person are the things he or she do in their life that are their own choices. Their own perfections. Their own flaws. Not someone else’s who is controlling them.
  • Slavery. Almost all of man could be enslaved, or at least groups of people.
  • Mind Control being known to the public could cause many riots, wars from other nations seeking that power, and secret societies set out to rule people.
known experiments methods
Known Experiments/methods
  • Television/movies
  • Advertisements
  • (Juhl, 2011)
  • After World War II the United States came across many of the German's scientific notes. The Germans had been attempting to learn the secrets of mind control.
  • This inspired the CIA. They began their own forms of testing in secret. They understood that it was inhumane and morally wrong, but they deemed it a necessary evil.
  • CIA asks for approval to begin testing.
  • http://michael-robinett.com/declass/c000.htm
mkultra goals
MKULTRA (goals)
  • Erase a mans mind, make it completely empty, and then implant their own skills or knowledge of their liking.
  • They wanted to find out ways to make a man more resilient to torture. Make people more resilient to brainwashing.
  • http://science.discovery.com/stories/mkultra.html
  • LSD fascinated the CIA the most, so LSD was used the most. Many people of all walks of life were exposed.
  • Some people went insane, some had little change and others had personality changes.
  • What works and affects some does not do the same to others.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA
  • Project was brought to light in the 70s. It was officially "closed" however many claim it is still ongoing today.
  • CIA learned quite a bit, but did not learn to control a man's mind.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA
television movies
  • Children exposed to many violent movies have a tendency to grow up being more violent. They see less wrong in killing as they have seen lots of it.
  • As people are exposed to more of these kinds of things, whether real or fake, it basically shapes someone's mind. They begin to see it more normal.
  • http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/resources/research_documents/reports/violence/tv_violence_child.cfm
  • Repeat exposure. If you keep seeing an ad on TV or keep hearing one on the radio, you eventually end up memorizing parts of it.
  • Then while at the store you se the product and the ad pops up in your head and you are tempted to buy it.
  • http://records.viu.ca/~soules/media112/zine/stephen/
  • The use of celebrities and good looking people.
  • If a very famous person uses a certain brand of lotion, many people will believe that using the same products as that celeb will give them the same rewards – Money, women, cars, etc.
  • People go out and buy products that celebs use. Most of them learn that it isn’t what they own but the actions they do that cause people to like or dislike them.
  • http://www.personal-development-coach.net/media-mind-control.html
  • -Mind control is very real and is more common than people know.
  • -More and more attempts to crack the mind have been made in recent years.
  • -As technology advances it gets easier to interact with the human body, making things like mind control easier.
  • http://educate-yourself.org/mc/
  • With so much violence and death exposed to kids in TV, violence may become more acceptable as generations grow up seeing it all of their lives.
  • Lots of people believe what they see on TV. Showing a fake broadcast may make people believe false information.
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