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Helping your child with Reading Fluency

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Helping your child with Reading Fluency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Helping your child with Reading Fluency . Presented by: Mr. Koga F.D.Roosevelt Elementary TIIP. Five Big Ideas in Reading. Each idea is essential but NOT sufficient ALONE to achieve reading mastery Phonemic awareness Alphabetic principle Fluency Vocabulary

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helping your child with reading fluency

Helping your child with Reading Fluency

Presented by:

Mr. Koga

F.D.Roosevelt Elementary


five big ideas in reading
Five Big Ideas in Reading

Each idea is essentialbut NOT sufficientALONE to achieve reading mastery

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Alphabetic principle
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
what is fluency
What is fluency?

Ability to read text smoothly, easily, and quickly

  • Automatically read words accurately and understand meaning rapidly
comprehension and fluency
Without reading fluency, readers place so much mental energy on “how to read” that those energies are not available for comprehension or making meaning of “whatthey have read.”Comprehension and Fluency
strong readers
Read words quickly, correctly, and without hesitation.

Reading is a pleasurable activity, so they read more.

Spend more time independent reading, which not only increases comprehension, but also their vocabulary, background knowledge, decoding, and fluency skills.

Strong Readers
struggling readers
Struggling Readers
  • Plod slowly through each sentence without experiencing the joy of quick, automatic, fluent reading
  • Find reading laborious, so they may lose motivation in reading
  • Poor reading fluency may result in poor reading comprehension with material that could easily be understood if it was read aloud to them.
fluency practice
Fluency Practice
  • Both struggling readers and strong readers benefit from fluency practice
  • Readers are challenged to read more difficult and sophisticated text expressively with good phrasing and intonation.
three types of reading that build fluency
Three Types of Reading that build fluency
  • Read Aloud-Nurture the LOVE of reading. A reader models great reading with fluency and expression. The reader shares his thinking with the listener throughout the text to model how meaning is gained.
  • Independent Reading-The reader actively reads by himself from a “just right” book. Fluency skills and comprehension are easily accessible.
  • Coached Reading- Side-by-side with the reader encouraging and supporting to build fluency when the reader gets stuck on a word.
ways to support fluency
Ways to support fluency
  • Vary the three types of reading
  • Make sure child has “just right” text when reading independently. Remember 5 finger rule.
  • Choral Reading- reading together at the same time.
  • Echo Reading- model reader reads, the student repeats the expressiveness and phrasing.
  • Repeated readings- the reader practices rereading the same passage for fluency.
reading rate
Reading Rate
  • Words correct per minute (WCPM)
  • Students cannot receive a “4” for rate alone. They must have good phrasing, expression, and attend to punctuation.
phrasing expression and punctuation
3 - Meets standard

three or four word phrases

Some expression

Attends to most punctuation.

4 - Exceeds standard

Longer, meaningful phrases


Guided by meaning and punctuation.

Phrasing, Expression, and Punctuation
fluency cwpm correct words per minute let s try it
Fluency CWPM (correct words per minute). Let’s try it!
  • Choose a partner.
  • Decide who will be the reader and who will be the listener.
  • The listener will follow the reading and listen for errors.