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David Lloyd George

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David Lloyd George - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Robert Borden. David Lloyd George. Jan Christian Smuts. Leaders of World War 1. Archduke Ferdinand. Robert Nivelle. Kaiser Wihelm II. David Lloyd George. Prime minter of Britian during world war 1 . His time was focus of combating the growing of germany

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Robert Borden

David Lloyd George

Jan Christian Smuts

Leaders of World War 1

Archduke Ferdinand

Robert Nivelle

Kaiser Wihelm II


David Lloyd George

Prime minter of Britian during world war 1 .

His time was focus of combating the growing of germany

Submarine that it was destroying their ships and people by that

he convince “ The Royal Navy “ to introduce convey system,

which took over the german arm coming to Brittany .

archduke ferdinand
Archduke Ferdinand
  • He was captain (1885), major (1888), colonel (1890) and general (1896).
  • As the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire his assassination on 28 June 1914
  • He envisioned the death of the Archduke as the key that would unlock the shackles binding his people to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • His military career included service with an infantry regiment in Prague and with the hussars in Hungary.
robert borden
Robert Borden
  • Served as Canada's wartime Prime Minister from 1911-20.
  • Prime Minister - Canada's eighth - throughout the war, Borden (who was knighted in 1914) practised a policy of complete support for the British war effort.
  • Borden was a firm supporter of U.S. President Wilson's Fourteen Points and was clear in believing that Canada's interests lay in a close alliance between the British Empire and the United States.
jan christian smuts
Jan Christian Smuts
  • He was leading South Africa during the war.
  • Holds the unique distinction of being the only individual to sign both peace settlements reached after the First and Second World Wars of Afrikaner.
  • Fought in the Second Boer War of 1899-1902 against the British.
  • In the years preceding the First World War Smuts continued to argue the benefits of South Africa's place within the wider British Imperial strategy
  • July 1915 ,he was military command of the invasion of German Southwest Africa
k aiser wilhelm ii
Kaiser Wilhelm II
  • He became emperor of Germany in 1888 following the death of Frederick II.
  • He was an overtly militaristic man, and believed fervently in increasing the strength of Germany's armed forces
  • He held a senior position within the British armed forces
  • Even after war was declared in August 1914 he wrote that war would never have occurred had Queen Victoria, who died in 1901, still held the British throne.
robert nivelle
Robert Nivelle
  • He was leading French in 1916 and got replace by Henri-Philippe Petain.
  • Began the war as a regimental colonel.
  • December 1916 he became Commander-in-Chief of the French army.
  • Nivelle was an exponent of aggressive tactics, unrealistically believing that he could win the war on the Western Front in 48 hours by the use of his innovative creeping barrage attacks.