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My Hometown

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My Hometown
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My Hometown

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  1. My Hometown

  2. I’m Alice, I’m 15 years Old And this is my story......................

  3. “Bang! Bang! BANG!” It’s the mail man! I opened the door and took my letter! It said Dear Miss Donald Your Mother, Ming has been confirmed as Guilty and is in jail for 8 years! Your sincerely, The High Courts Once I had finished reading the letter, I nearly fainted! Nooooooooooooo!

  4. I live on my own, in this rented flat in Glasgow. My Mother is in jail for stealing food for us and a 5 carrot gold necklace and a 3 carrot gold pair of earrings! She had reasons for the food, we could of starved! My Dad, John, died last Christmas of a heart attack! Ming wanted me to live with my Auntie Fern, but we don’t get along! So I rented this flat but I thought Ming would only be on trail and then released! I thought wrong!

  5. I curled up into a small ball and pulled out my ba-xi player. This is Alex, my best friend. I created her when I was 5 and she has be developed! I have also created puzzles. I have also created someone else on my ba-xi player.... My Penguin, Fizzles.

  6. Would you like to play one of my puzzles, I showed it to mum when I visited her but she just cried and said she didn’t have time for my silly games. It’s called Peepers. The rules are simple, just click the Peeper with your stylus, when he appears! Gook Luck.

  7. End of Game! You won!

  8. Wow! I just had a flash back of Russia... All of us... Me.... Dad.... Mum... Happy…. I want feeling back!

  9. I’ve took some photos of all the places I’ve been! To show Mum Glasgow’s lovely! I especially loved The Botanic Gardens!

  10. I suddenly remembered Ming! Did I dare try and bust her out of jail, so we could be together!? Then I hear Alex’s voice saying “Don’t! You’ll just get yourself in trouble! You will be caught even if you get away unnoticed! “Don’t! You’ll just get yourself in trouble! You will be caught even if you get away unnoticed!

  11. I set off, to get my mum! I got a bus up to the High Street and walked to the jail from there! I had sudden regrets! I pulled out my ba-xi player and there was Alex screaming at me not to! I ignored her and shoved her out of sight! I’m doing this for you mum, I thought. Scared, I walked up to the guards and asked to see Ming Donald in her cells, alone! When we were alone, I whispered in Ming’s ear, We’re getting you out of ere now! She looked startled but understood!

  12. We crept passed the guards, but if they turned around they would see us! I panicked and threw my ba-xi player at them so they would be distracted and we ran for it! I regretted it immediately and begged mum to let me go get it! But she argued back and said No! I obeyed and we set off again!

  13. Mum suddenly gasped and told me to hide! I stumble and landed on my face in front of a pair of shoes! I looked up and saw a very large guard! My plan had failed!

  14. They took us back to the station, I wasn’t in trouble but I felt ever so guilty! And I got my ba-xi player back and Alex was shouting, “I told you so! I told you so!” I wanted to smash my player! I told you so! I told you so!

  15. I tried to forget mum! I took out my ba-xi player and created a new character!

  16. I started off sketching a basic shape It finally developed………………..

  17. Into this…………. I also created a new game Called Odd One Out! I call him Jonah! Isn’t he cute?

  18. Which one is the Odd One Out?

  19. Which one is the Odd One Out?

  20. Two months later and I’m still living here. Ming is still in jail but that is my only worry! I visited her everyday! I think Glasgow is my final home!

  21. The End! Created by Amy F, Tommy W andAnna D Hope you enjoyed it!