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Effective Management and Control Systems

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Effective Management and Control Systems. By: Arin Clint Tang Tchamdja Abdulaziz Aljamaan Waleed Albuhayri Mohammad Alumair.

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effective management and control systems

Effective Management and Control Systems



Tang Tchamdja



Mohammad Alumair

“Systems that evaluate, monitor, and control different aspects and departments of an organization. Their purpose is to effectively and efficiently use resources in reaching the organizations objectives.’’ – (Prakash, Ravish)

  • Plan tasks and other organization activities
  • Coordinate tasks and the organization’s activities
  • Communicate information in an effectively
  • Evaluate information and status

Arin Clint

introduction what are some effective management control system
IntroductionWhat are some Effective Management & Control System?
  • Technology I/X/O

1. Project Management (Structures/WBS/Network Diagram) I/X

  • Management of personnel (conflict control) I/X
  • Supply Chain I/X/O
  • Product Design I
  • Facilities Planning I

2. Lean Manufacturing X/O

  • Culture Communication I
  • Scheduling Design (timing) I
  • Shipping and handling O
  • Measuring work output O
  • Responsibility matrix I
  • Reinforcement theory I
  • Team performance measurement X/O
  • Marketing Strategy I/O
  • Forecasting (decision making) I

3. Quality control (Quality assurance) O/X

  • Intensive management courses I

4. Auditing X/O

Arin Clint

supply chain
Supply Chain

A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from suppliers and customers

Tang Tchamdja

supply chain1
Supply Chain
  • In Aramark Corp a dynamic supply chain was incorporated and that
  • enable them to reach their customers
  • A supply chain also have helped them to have a quick response.
  • With an effective supply chain the companies could increase their service, by getting to customs and anticipate their needs and exceed their expectation.
  • FedEx Supply Chain also offers a portfolio of services to help turn supply chain management into a competitive strategy.
  • they are able to focus core competencies, reduce costs, and improve overall customer service.
  • Within Fedex Each program is carefully matched to the requirements of the business to gain and improved supply chain performance.
  • From services designed to optimize availability and delivery of critical inventory and components through our network of forward stocking locations

Tang Tchamdja

s cheduling

The basic steps use by many managers in Scheduling are

1. Identify the time you have available.

2. Block in the essential tasks you must carry out to succeed in your job.

3. Schedule in high priority urgent tasks and vital "housekeeping" activities.

4. Block in appropriate contingency time to handle unpredictable interruptions.

5. In the time that remains, schedule the activities that address your priorities and personal goals.

Tang Tchamdja

  • Forecasting is used by companies to determine how to allocate their budgets for an upcoming period of timeInvestors utilize forecasting to determine if events affecting a company, such as sales expectations, will increase or decrease the price of shares in that company.
  • Forecasting also provides an important benchmark for firms which have a long-term perspective of operations.

Tang Tchamdja

work break down structure wbs
Work Break Down Structure(WBS)
  • WBS is typically created early in the project and after the scope and requirements have been gathered, but before the bulk of the work is executed.
  • The project scope statement describes the scope of the project in detail. It will be used as a primary starting point from which to create WBS.

Tang Tchamdja

decision making
Decision Making
  • An action that is taken to solve a problem.
  • Lead to Achieving goals and get desired results.
  • Setting plans and controlling them are part of the decision making process.


steps to make good decision
Steps to make good decision
  • There are six steps :
  • Identify the problem.
  • Collect information
  • Analyze the problem.
  • Find multiple solutions.
  • Choose the best solution.
  • Review the results.


facilities planning
Facilities Planning
  • It is the field that deals with the coordination of space, infrastructure, people , organizations, schools, and more.
  • In planning a facility, concentrate on three items (facility location, facility design, layout).


  • Customers satisfaction
  • Reduce cost and grow supply chain
  • Utilize people , equipment, and space
  • Safety and job satisfaction for employees.


facility planning steps
Facility Planning steps
  • Define the objective of the facility.
  • Know the activities of the organization.
  • Alternatives layouts to avoid problems.
  • Evaluate the layouts and plans.
  • Apply the design


product development design and process
Product development, design, and process
  • Knowing the product kind lead to know budget, customers, and the type of facility.
  • In designing process, quality, cost, and time are very important.
  • Scheduling the design gives information about machine selection, number of machines, shifts’ number, number of workers, and etc.


quality and waste management
Quality and Waste Management

Lean Manufacturing

Quality Assurance

Quality Control


lean manufacturing
Lean Manufacturing
  • lean manufacturing is perfected customer satisfaction that simultaneously eliminates waste and excess in time, cost and delivery.
  • Technique in Lean Manufacturing
    • Value stream mapping (VSM):

chart of the flow using special symbols to display the process and materials to improve the flow of processing.

    • Work place organization (6 S’s). tools used in

workplace help to reduce waste.

    • Pull/Kanban: a method of replenishing only products,

which have been consumed.

    • One-piece flow: a method to product on single components and moves them to next machine when requested.


lean manufacturing1
Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing can be effective because:
    • Use vision systems that create mistake free tools
    • Increase usage of machines for greater work organization 
    • Improve global/local and personal/business lines of communication through various mediums of technology
    • Use lean manufacturing based software to increase efficiency of designs and information exchange as well as of manufacturing, enterprise and material planning. 


quality assurance
Quality Assurance
  • Quality assurance devises a plan to both prevent problems while assuring product quality. This task calls for an organized three-step system:
    • First: development
    • Second:documentation.
    • Third: formal instruction of staff to implement and use system.
  • Quality of services such as administration and sales, separate from solely products, becomes a prime factor in the various systems of organizations through quality assurance


the purpose of quality assurance
The Purpose of Quality Assurance
  • Quality Assurance is an essential principle when procedure is complicated leads to further procedures or plans on being repeated. Preparation for Quality Assurance is needed, to communicate trustworthy answersto those concerned.
  • Quality Assurance system is to reduce in
      • Number of errors.
      • Waste of time.
      • Materials.
      • Customer complaints.
      • Problems to fix.
      • Time to give instructions.
      • Time to improve processes and systems.


strategies for m aximum e ffectiveness
Strategies for Maximum Effectiveness
  • First Step: Rules detailing procedures for tasks, systems and processes.
      • These instructions allow for detailed notes on results, greater flow in improvement and better-managed time and materials.
  • Second Step: Creating set guidelines for Quality Assurance
      • provides greater jurisdiction of systems, certified recognition from outsides sources as well as exposure of superior qualifications.
  • Third Step: Present to professionals improved, comprehensive written and structured guidelines.
      • Similar to the first steps, management in time and materials because more accessible.
  • Fourth Step: Making materials digitally accessible
      • saves money and time in paperwork and improvements, as information is more readily available.
  • Fifth Step: Assimilating electronic systems.
      • that depict work flow integrates greater interactivity with information.


cisco case study
CiSCO Case Study

Cisco Auto-test Transforms Quality Assurance for Global Manufacturing

Mohammad Alumair


Mohammad Alumair

Producing thousands of contra-distinct appliances such as routers, switches, IP telephones, video devices, interfaces & gateways.

Supplying services: generating close to $40 billion in annual sales.

30 EMF sites worldwide. Assembling 35000 stock units containing 77,000 unique part numbers, utilising 1000 suppliers.


Mohammad Alumair

Control points in the production process = X2

Number of different products = X4

Number of production test engineers = Same

Cisco product yields improvement = 13.2%

Carrier Routing System improvement =13.4 %

Auto-test generates 10.3 mil. Records daily: an increase of 20% from last year.

Auto-test overseen by a team of only 25 engineers.

quality control
Quality Control

Mohammad Alumair

Such effective control systems tend to have following qualities in common

Focus on critical point

Controls are applied when failure/cost can not exceed a certain level

Integration into Established Process

Operations and processes should work smoothly with controls

Acceptance by Employees

Controls designed with employees involvement increase acceptance

Availability of Information When needed

Costs are frequently attributed to time (deadlines etc.) shortcomings or failures

Economic Feasibility

How much will it cost? What will it serve? What are the returns?


It provide factual information which is useful, reliable, valid and consistent.

effective control system engineering
Effective Control System-Engineering

Mohammad Alumair

  • Modern industries use control systems which are a blend of various technologies including electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanics. The quality of this blend determine factors like: functionality, reliability and price.
  • There are various types of Industrial Quality Control systems such as
    • SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition)
    • DCS (Distributed controls systems)
    • PLC (programmable logic controllers)
effective control system engineering1
Effective Control System-Engineering

Mohammad Alumair

Each control system has its own effectiveness in each company.

It is the choice of these control systems on which the entire success of a company is dependent

To present this idea lets talk on PLCs

  • What is an audit? – “audit is an evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, project or product. Audits are performed to ascertain the validity and reliability of information, and also provide an assessment of a system's internal control.”- (askdefine)
  • Why Audits are done:
    • Verify Data of processes or operations
    • Judge effectiveness of the current processes
    • Judge effectiveness of meeting standard requirements
    • Provide information about problem areas

Arin Clint

types of audits
Types of Audits:
  • Financial
    • Examine the accuracy of financial statements
    • Ensure accounts/statements meet organizations standards and policy requirements of how there conducted
  • Internal
    • Is done with in an organization to examine and evaluate their own activities and records
  • Project Management
    • Health of the Project to see if its on track and meeting demand
    • To see if the project can be enhanced
  • Quality
    • Ensure that procedural activities are met
    • Current (QMS) meets national or organizational standards
    • Regulatory req. (ex: FDA or Higher Education)

Arin Clint

benefits of audits
Benefits of Audits:
  • Show possible areas for improvement
  • Show possible methods and processes that are outdated an need to be revised
  • Increase reaction time to address problems or possible problems
  • Gives the organization a sense of what's “really” going on and where the organization stands

Arin Clint


Overall: Management and control systems are effective when their functions are carried out correctly and that the people implementing their functions are aware of their limitations.

Arin Clint

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